Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-20 Her Safety

I couldn’t sleep from the last two nights. How could I when I know Ari is back with that b*s*a*d. Yes, once again she believed in his lies and went back with Victor. The f****r visited her aunt’s place every day and manipulated her as before. He made her believe how ashamed and sorry he felt for his behavior. I came to know from Jonathan that even his sister Edna came and stayed with Ari for a couple of days. She convinced Ari to give Victor one more chance. Though I don’t doubt her love and concern for Ari but I still don’t trust Victor. Edna has warned Victor that if he messes up one more time then he has to deal with her and that she won’t hesitate like Ari to press charges against her own brother.

That evening when Jonathan informed me about Ari’s decision I didn’t know what to do. Finally I decided to call up mom and ask for her advice. My mom, Samantha Eva Lopez has always given me the best advice in life, she knows just how to clear the path for me whenever I am confused. She always stood by every decision I made. There was a time when she blamed herself for my accident. I know she still feels responsible but at least seeing me strong and successful has put some of her worries away.

It’s been quite a few months since I met her and she assured me that she will visit me soon.

“She took the right decision Ethan, after all she should make sure that she tried everything possible to save her marriage. And if this boy Victor is as you have described him, which I don’t doubt even a bit then you also have to be extra cautious. Try to keep a check on them, let someone guard Arabella so that if anything seems out of place you can be there for her on time.”

Keeping mom’s advice in mind I have placed a personal guard for Ari. I just can’t take any risk, also when I know that Victor is still in touch with Mathew. Well I have my sources and getting a detailed report of his phone records is nothing unachievable. From the past fifteen days there has not been a single day when Victor and Mathew didn’t talk. I wonder what they are still planning.


It’s six in the evening and I have just received a call from Adam who is Ari’s personal guard. He informed me that Victor is taking Ari somewhere. What got my attention was that Ari seemed sedated. Adam said she walked on wobbly legs and that Victor was supporting her. Adam was following them and I too drove out immediately. I have to catch up with them, right now the only positive thought in my mind is about mom’s advice. It’s good I appointed Adam and more good that he has been working discreetly till now. I called up Jonathan and informed him to be ready and reach at the location once I send it to him. I wonder where is Victor taking her, Adam has shared his live location with me so it’s easy for me to catch up.
With my Ari’s safety in mind I drove fast in her direction, I have to be there on time. If Victor harmed even a single hair on her body this time I won’t spare him. Please be safe my love…


I hope today a part of the deal will be closed. I know Mathew will be there just on time, he has asked me to bring Arabella to his farmhouse which is at the outskirt of the city. After a lot of argument he agreed to be with a sedated Arabella. It took me sometime to convince him, all he needed was Arabella’s body. Not that he was interested in having a good evening chat with her. He will get what he wants and without any fuss, Arabella won’t know what’s happening with her and Mathew can enjoy himself. This way he can be with her as many times as he wants to.

I got hold of this drug from a guy who works in a pharmacy, though I had to pay him extra since it’s illegal to sell this without proper paper work which obviously I didn’t have. I don’t care about the money anyway, since Mathew will be refunding all these expenses. Now I just want to reach at the farmhouse and get done with this.

After an hour’s drive we are here finally, Arabella is asleep which makes things very easy for me. I check with Mathew and the old pr**k is already inside. I get out and walk towards Arabella’s side. Picking her up I walk inside and see Mathew at the entrance with a huge smile on his face. He shows me the way to a bedroom and I carry Arabella in the room. I place her on the bed and walk out. Mathew walks me to the living room and offers me a drink. In a while I get a notification on my mobile and when I check I come to know that Mathew has transferred my first installment. I smirk and raise my glass and thank Mathew. Before I even finish my drink we hear some loud sounds coming from outside, just then Mathew gets a call from his security guard at the main gate that two cars have barged into his property and two men are making their way inside. I heard the conversation since Mathew took the call on speaker and before we can comprehend on what’s happening I see a raging Ethan Garcia storming in the living room with a bulky guy behind him. I was shocked to see him here and within a blink of an eye he was standing right in front of me and punched me square in the face.

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