Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 21 Her Saviour

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I punched him once, twice, thrice...I wanted to beat Victor to pulp today. If it was not Adam pulling me back I would have killed the ra*c*l. His nose was bleeding, all he did was cursing under his breath and holding his nose while trying to figure out what went wrong. Mathew on the other was continuously shouting at me to stop. Telling me that it’s his fu**ing property and I had no right to just barge in and assault his guest. Getting myself out of Adam’s grip I bolted towards the old sw*ne and screamed...
“Where is she? Where is Arabella tell me right now or else you will regret for even being born...”
Mathew was fidgeting with his mobile, trying to call the police. I grabbed his collar and was about to hit him too when once again Adam stopped me and said that it is better if I control my rage, I glared at him but what he said next made absolute sense...
“Miss Arabella needs you right now, you can’t get caught up with police issues even for a second.” He was right, I was not afraid of the cops coming up. I have enough sources to brush up the matter under a rug within minutes. But right now I need to be there for Ari, I can’t leave her with these sh*tty people for even a single second.
Taking deep breaths I left Mathew’s collar and asked him in a deadly low voice and finally this time he told me the way to the room where Ari was. I rushed in the direction of the room and opened the door to find her lying on the bed almost unconscious. Quickly walking closer to the bed I tried to shake her, her eyes were rolled up and I was sure she needed immediate medical attention. Picking her up bridal style I made my way out of the room.
Victor was having a heated argument with Adam and Mathew was on a call while pacing to and fro. The moment Victor saw Arabella in my arms he tried to walk towards us but Adam was quick to hold him back...

“Where do you think you are taking my wife?”

“Mr. Ethan you are not my boss outside the company...”

“I will press charges against you for kidnapping my wife and assaulting me...”

And he continued with his threats while I walked out and placed Ari in the backseat of my car. I drove out towards my house and called up my family doctor, Dr. Paul to reach there immediately. I am not taking Ari to even her aunt’s place today, she cannot be safer anywhere else but my house.

I was sure Adam will take care of Mathew and Victor and wind up everything with the cops. I gave a call to Jonathan informing him of what happened and asked him to reach my place with Daisy.

The whole drive I was tensed since Ari did not even stir, I wonder which sedatives Victor gave her and I don’t even want to think about the dosage he gave her.
It took me another hour to reach home, parking my car I immediately got out and once again took Ari in my arms. I carried her to the guest room and was informed by Mrs. Linda that Dr. Paul was waiting for me. I asked Mrs. Linda to bring Dr. Paul to the guest room.


It was almost midnight when Ari regained her consciousness. She was confused to be in my home, it was good that Daisy was by her side and told her everything. I stepped out of the room to give them some privacy but listening to her sobs broke my heart. I wanted to comfort her and tell her that a man like Victor is not worthy of her tears. But I am scared my affection might not touch her heart right now.

For now I am glad that Ari is safe and with me. I have already called up my HR team and asked them to fire Victor immediately. I will destroy that man for trying to harm my angel. And I think it’s time for me to man up and confess my feelings to Ari very soon. Jonathan’s words were revolving around my head...

”It is still not late you still have time to look after her and give her a relationship she truly deserves.”


The next day Arabella thanked me for everything, and insisted on leaving to her Aunt’s place. I have no rights on her, hence couldn’t stop her. She assured me that I don’t have to worry for her anymore as she got her lesson and won’t trust Victor again. How shall I tell her that to look after her has become my reason to live.

“He asked me for a final chance and messed up everything.” She said with tears brimming in her eyes. I will avenge each and every tear shed by my love. Victor will regret everything he has done. I will show him hell on earth.

After Ari and Daisy left with Jonathan I went to office, Victor has been called and I wanted to fire him in front of the whole staff. I had gathered enough evidence against him in order to prove his dishonesty towards the company. This is no regular termination from the job, I have blacklisted him. He will not get work in any reputable company now. Not just Victor but even Mathew will pay. My legal team is already working on a case to press charges against him for conspiring against my company. These men will pay the price for hurting my angel. I made a wrong decision last time by letting Ari marry Victor, but not anymore. Fate is giving me a second chance and this time I won’t hesitate to confess my love.

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