Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-22 Finally Mine


It’s been a week today since I fired Victor. He has still not stopped approaching Ari. Because of him Ari changed her number but he tried talking to her by calling Daisy. Adam is still on duty but not discretely anymore. There was no point in asking him to work under shadows as almost everyone is aware of his job. Though Jonathan tried to assure me that Ari does not need a bodyguard while she is staying with him but I was not taking any chances. Two days back Victor came to see me again, he tried to meet me twice in the past one week but I didn’t allow him in my property. But that day when the security in charge of my office told me that Victor is insisting on meeting me, I allowed him to get in. I wanted to listen to what he had to say.

“An ugly beast like you thinks you can have that beauty as yours?? She just pities you...and that’s what you will always get...pitymark my words Mr. Ethan I will not back off so easily…”

Victor’s words played like a broken record in my mind. I know he was trying to play with my mind, but I couldn’t shrug off his words as they were true to some extent…but Ari didn’t ever pity me, she is not like others…I tried to assure myself. I don’t know what he still wants and why is he behind Ari. All I know is I will not leave any stone unturned to destroy him. For now he has only lost his job and has been blacklisted, soon I have more action packed for him. I will make him regret for all the pain he has caused my girl.


Another week has passed and mom was here. She was worried about Ari ever since I told her all that happened. Yesterday she insisted on meeting Ari and I had to take her to Jonathan’s place. What she did there took me off guard as she didn’t discuss any such thing with me. I was dumbstruck when out of nowhere mom asked Ari to marry me. Ari was equally shocked, I wanted to protest but before I could process a suitable response to handle the awkward situation Daisy held Ari’s hand and said that it was something both she and Jonathan also want. She said they want to see her happy and with someone who will always look after her and most importantly keep her safe and happy.

I did want to marry Ari but I wanted to give her sometime before confessing my feelings. She behaves like a zombie nowadays and I hate to see her so upset. If I had an idea of why mom wanted to come here I would not have brought her. Mom can be really nosy at times. I stood up and was about to tell my dear mother to stop whatever she was doing but Ari’s reply froze me...

“I will marry Mr. Ethan”

My mother and Daisy immediately hugged her one by one and expressed how happy they were with her decision. Jonathan patted my back in an appreciative manner and smiled.

I on the other hand wanted to be happy but something didn’t settle with me. The reasonable side in me asked me to make sure why Ari agreed to marry me so easily but the selfish side ordered me to stay quiet. And that’s what I did, I stayed quiet...for once I chose to be selfish.


Finally today is the day, ten days after Ari agreed to marry me. We are getting married in a very small ceremony, this was the only request Ari made and I had to give it to her. She didn’t want a lavish wedding, so I made sure our marriage ceremony is very simple. We had invited only our family and a couple of close friends. When I saw Ari walk down the aisle this was not what I had imagined. Her skin had turned pale and her otherwise bright emerald green eyes seemed dull. Though she had a small smile plastered on her face but I can easily see that it didn’t reach her eyes.

Jonathan gave her to me and for a second I saw Ari’s face lit with a genuine smile. When I looked at where she was looking I saw that her smile was for her aunt, Daisy. Daisy was glowing with happiness, her pregnancy was sitting well with her and I guess to see her happy was something which made my girl happy.

We repeated the vows after the priest and with a small peck at her cheek we were declared man and wife. Jason and his wife Nora were among our few guests. They were the first ones to congratulate us. My parents, Daisy and Jonathan seemed on top of the world.

It was difficult for me to keep my emotions on check, I felt like the luckiest man alive to have Ari, the love of my life as my wife. Though I very well know that the path ahead won’t be very smooth for us, we have not got married under normal circumstances but I know one thing for sure and that is I will do anything to make this woman happy once again. And this time I will make sure her happiness lasts forever. Ari is finally mine and I won’t let anyone tear her apart anymore. Arabella Garcia Lopez…it feels so good finally to have my name attached to her name.

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