Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-24 Warming up


I woke up today feeling really good after a long time. Ari was still asleep facing my side. Her mouth was slightly open, hair a mess and light snores leaving her mouth every now and then. Though I have been waking up on the same bed with her since our marriage but never had the courage to stare at her like this. I smile thinking about last night, how she came to me for comfort and let me hold her. That mere action is the reason for me having enough courage to look at her early morning. Taking in her beauty I want to make sure that she is mine. This girl won my heart with not just her beauty; she restored my faith in beautiful people. My Arabella is one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and one of the purest and most beautiful souls I know. More than her physical beauty it was her innocence and purity that attracted me to her. I smile looking at her; I have to hold myself from caressing her cheeks and kiss her. I know I am already looking like a creep so I don’t want to scare her first thing in the morning.
Ari started fluttering her eyes and opened them to look around. She looked at me and her eyes went wide for a second, but then she relaxed when I gave her an assuring smile. I sat on the bed resting my back on the headrest and Arabella followed suit. She had her eyes cast down then I cleared my throat to catch her attention. She looked up straight into my eyes; I was once again lost in her big doe eyes. I asked her how she was feeling this morning and she said ‘fine’. A one word answer is way better than silence I guess. Taking a deep breath I decide to go and get ready for the day, as I get down from the bed I make my way to the bathroom. I notice Ari looking at me from the corner of her eyes; I just hope she won’t shut down again.

After my morning routine of freshening up I took my clothes and changed quickly. Arabella was standing in the balcony and so once I was ready I went in the balcony and stood beside her. The view from my bedroom balcony is very good as you can see my well-trimmed garden with the small fountain in its center…

“You like it here, don’t you?” I asked Ari and she nodded her head in agreement and whispered…

“I feel at peace watching nature’s beauty.” We stood there for another five minutes and then I asked her to freshen up and join me for breakfast. Thankfully she agreed and turned to leave the balcony, I couldn’t control myself anymore so I just caught her wrist and turned her to face me. I don’t know why but she had a really surprised look on her face. May be she was not expecting me to hold her hand, whatever it was I had already taken the risk and it was too late to back out on what I was about to do. Not overthinking anymore I hugged Ari and kissed the top of her head mumbling…

“Don’t take too much time.” She didn’t return my hug but did nod in agreement, as I pulled away I noticed that she was confused about something. Quickly she walked into the bathroom and I walked down to the dining room. Mrs. Linda was waiting for me with my breakfast ready, I told her that Arabella will be joining me for breakfast and she was literally jumping on her feet out of excitement. She quickly rushed into the kitchen to get some pancakes ready.

Ari was down in the next fifteen minutes, still in her baggy t shirt and leggings she wore at night. Her hair was now tied in a bun and she looked fresh. Mrs. Linda served our breakfast, or should I say I helped myself while she was busy taking care of Arabella. I could see how shy Ari was feeling right now, but no one can stop Mrs. Linda once she has taken her mama hen role. I even noticed how all the maids were also smiling; it seems everyone in the house was genuinely happy to see Arabella coping. Soon I was done with my breakfast and got up to leave for work. I have an important meeting today and was dressed in my dark grey suit with a crisp white shirt and matching grey tie. I leaned down and kissed Ari’s temple and once again she gave me a confused expression. This time I couldn’t stop myself from asking her…

“Is everything alright? Why do you look so confused Ari?”

“I was just thinking how can you kiss me and hug me in this condition?” now I am the one confused. I sit back beside her and ask her to explain what she meant by ‘condition’.

“I mean just look at me… I am dressed in this ugly and dirty t shirt…my hair probably looking like a bomb exploded somewhere… I know I am looking like a mess. Then how can you hold me and kiss me when I am in such a messy condition.” I looked at her for a few seconds, sad that she thinks it’s just her beauty which is attractive. I take a deep breath and decide to answer her…

“My darling wife even in this messy condition as you call it, you are still the most beautiful woman for me. And I don’t care if you are wearing ugly clothes or designer clothes, it’s you who matters not your clothes. And I am not an idiot to expect you to be all trim and proper early morning. So don’t overthink, now I better leave before I am late. You should relax and call me if you need anything. Adam will be available for you if you want to go out. Just tell Mrs. Linda to inform him and he will be ready with your car. I will see you in the evening, please have your lunch on time.” She nodded and gave me small smile, with a side hug and another kiss on her temple I got up and walked out of the house.

On my drive to the office I feel that I have not spoken so much ever before, in one go that is…and what do you have to say about the hugs and kisses?? I shake my head and try to get rid of this giddy feeling. My walls have been lowered for only one woman, and that’s my wife…my Ari. For everyone else I am happy to be the same person who talks less and glares more.

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