Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-25 Small Gestures of Love


It has been a couple of days since we fell into this very sweet routine…sweet…I smile at my own thought and feel my cheeks heat up. I am so glad I gave Ethan a chance to take away my pain, his hugs are something I can never get bored or tired of. Every morning before going to office he would hug me, once he is back he would hug me, before bed time he would hug me and sometimes I think he just hugs me whenever I am within his arms reach. Not that I am complaining, I love this feeling of being cared for. His lights pecks on my cheeks, temple and crown of my head make me feel like putty in his arms. The only thing which I don’t like about Ethan is the way he always tries to be on my right side so that the scar on the right side of his face is not directly visible to me. First I thought it was just a coincidence, but very soon his actions made it clear to me. He would immediately turn a little even if I am standing right in front of him. What surprises me is that he never did this when he was my boss, I wonder why he has become self- conscious now. I am planning to talk to him about this soon, in fact I thought of asking him today itself but since Aunt Daisy has invited me for dinner and a sleepover today I don’t think it will be possible.

Getting ready I recall how every day now Ethan asks me to have my lunch or how he tells me that Adam is at my service whenever I want him. I can’t deny that these thoughtful gestures of this man are making my heart melt even more with every passing day. Will it be wrong if I say I seem to sometime soon fall for my own husband? The only thing holding me back is the bitter lesson I learnt because of Victor…don’t be a fool, there is no comparison between Ethan and Victor and you know it well. A man like Ethan is hard to find…. I can’t help but agree with my inner self. Taking a deep breath I start getting ready to go meet my aunt.


Adam drives me to Jonathan and aunt Daisy’s place, I small smile permanently plastered on my face since I had a call from Ethan…

“I will join you for dinner, Jonathan invited me too.”

“I will stay with them for the night I hope its ok…”

“No problem love…whatever makes you happy…by the way don’t forget to take something for Jonathan and Daisy. This is the first time you are going to their place after we got married…I am sure a fine wine or some dessert would be a good option…”

“Ok…I will take something on my way…”

A very simple conversation it was but I don’t know why it made my heart flutter in delight. Ethan is always so thoughtful. I can’t wait to see him for dinner….so you are more excited to meet your own husband at dinner than your aunt and her husband…I shake my head and try to get rid of the giddy feeling arising within myself.


Aunt Daisy wanted to cook all my favorite dishes for dinner but thankfully Jonathan convinced her to order food instead and am I thankful to this man. Her baby bump has significantly grown and she has also got swollen feet. But the sparkle in her eyes could not be missed. She was so happy with Jonathan and I was more than happy to see her happy. She sacrificed a lot for me and finally God is giving her the happiness she always deserved. And a partner like Jonathan is all a woman can ask for…what about Ethan? Is he not that good?? He is from a rare league altogether. My eyes widened at how I almost scoffed at my subconscious’ silly question.

“Arabella…” I was snapped out of my thoughts when Aunt Daisy called out my name….

“This cake is amazing Bella….I am sorry I couldn’t wait till after dinner…it was like it was calling my name…” my dear aunt spoke with a mouthful of the chocolate cake which I took along. I laughed at her cute pout when Jonathan gave her a playful glare. He just shook his head and embraced her lovingly, I decided to let them have their sweet moment and stepped back into the living room. The love that I see in Jonathan’s eyes for my aunt is so heart- warming.

Just then the door- bell rang and I told them that I will get the door, opening the door my breath got caught at the sight of my handsome husband standing there with a bouquet of daisies in his hand. He smiled at me and without thinking twice I leaned forward and kissed his cheek. He was shocked for a moment but smiled and gave me a peck on my cheek when I blushed hard. As I walked inside with him Jonathan and Aunt Daisy came out of the kitchen, Ethan gave aunt Daisy the bouquet and she gave him a dazzling smile. Once she turned to place the flowers in a vase and Jonathan went back to the kitchen to fix a drink for himself and Ethan, my dear husband held my wrist and turned me around to take me in his embrace. I didn’t waste a single second to hug him back and felt my heart do a summersault in my chest.

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