Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-28 Chaos

2 months later...


Chaos...that’s what it’s been since today morning. Literally from all directions.
Early morning I got a call from Jonathan telling me that aunt Daisy has gone into labor. It was nearly a surprise since the baby decided to make an entry almost 12 days before the due date. I woke up Ethan and now we are on our way to the hospital. Last full week I had been busy helping my best friend Edna with her wedding preparations. And to top the chaos today is supposed to be her big day. I don’t know what to do, Ethan is continuously telling me to calm down and that everything will fall in place.

I on the other hand feel stuck between two very important people in my life. I have to be with my aunt on such a big moment of her life and I also can’t miss my best friend’s big day. I informed Edna about aunt Daisy and she tried to calm me as well.

To top all of this I have to talk to Ethan and tell him about the pregnancy test I took last evening. Well yes...I missed my cycle this month and confided in best friend and she suggested that I should take up a test and clarify my doubt.

It was two nights after our little moment at Ethan’s office, when we both confessed our love for each other that we consummated our marriage. And my life has been a bliss since then. I can feel Ethan’s love for myself every moment. He always makes me feel so special. And when he makes love to me...oh God I feel like I am the luckiest. I really wished we could make love this morning but then Jonathan called aaaannnd...I don’t know why but I have been very ho*ny since the past couple of days. I wonder if it’s the pregnancy...I had planned to tell Ethan today morning but not like this. I think it is better to wait for some more time and then I can tell him.

I just hope he would be happy, what if he asks me to abort? Or says that he is not ready yet, I can’t forget how Victor behaved when I discussed about having our own kids...oh shut up and don’t you dare start comparing Ethan to that sick man know he loves you and also that he loves kids so much...don’t you think that if he didn’t wanted to start a family with you he wouldn’t have taken your permission for not using protection? And did he ever asked you to be on the pills? Don’t be stupid, Ethan will be nothing but elated to hear this wonderful news...
I think I should listen to my sub conscious and trust Ethan.

“Ari...what’s wrong?” Oh no I guess he noticed me wiping my tears. I don’t know when I started crying but Ethan has stopped and parked the car. Holding my face in between his palms he wiped my tears and asked again...

“Is it Daisy? Don’t worry love she will be fine” I nodded quickly not giving away the true reason for my sudden tears.

He held my hand when we entered the hospital and guided me outside the labor room. Jonathan was rushing to the other direction and we met him half way...
“The doctor says they have to make a surgery...something isn’t right and we can’t delay it...” not questioning him anymore we followed him and all three of us stood outside the O.R and waited. Ethan made me sit on a bench nearby and went to grab coffee for all of us. But the moment I held the coffee cup a sudden rush of nausea hit me and I couldn’t hold back and dashed to the dustbin nearby. I emptied all my dinner from last night, Ethan and Jonathan both got worried but I tried to convince them that I am fine and it’s just anxiety...

We didn’t have to wait for long and were informed about the arrival of a healthy baby boy. Jonathan was overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t hold back his tears when he took his son in his arms for the first time. My lil cousin is so cute and I must say he is a perfect combination of both his parents. The nurse took the baby away and told us that she will bring him to the room in a while. Jonathan inquired about his wife and the nurse told us that she will be shifted back to her room once she gains consciousness which will be almost after an hour.

Among all this I didn’t miss the look on Ethan’s face when he saw my lil cousin for the first time. He had this beautiful smile on his face, a smile which made me fall more deeply for him than I already am. This man will make a very good father and I think I can stop worrying myself for no reason.

I called Edna and told her that everything went well, once aunt Daisy was in her room Jonathan literally pushed me out and told me to be there for my best friend now. Ethan and I drove back home and I took a shower and got ready. Though earlier my plan was to be with Edna from morning but as my lil brother had to come today there was a change in plans and now I will join her directly at the venue.

The only thing that was bothering me was meeting Victor once again, though I was the one to convince Edna to forgive her only brother and let him be a part of her wedding but the truth was I didn’t want to be anywhere near him. What kept me strong was the fact that my husband and love of my life will be there with me.

I am eager for all this to be over soon so that tonight I can tell Ethan about the happiest news of our lives.

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