Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-2 A Pleasant Beginning


It’s already lunch time and I must say my day so far was good. I am glad our floor has its own coffee machine and also a snack vending machine. So this means I don’t need to go down to the cafeteria to have lunch. I will grab some granola bar and make a cup of coffee for myself which will be enough for lunch. I guess I will get a sandwich or something from tomorrow onwards. Everything will be better than using the elevators again and again. Sitting on my desk right outside Mr. Jason‘s office I recall my conversation with Mrs. Johnson this morning...

“Arabella welcome to ‘Garcia and sons’. I hope your journey with us will be a pleasant one...and I really hope we will also be pleased to have you on board. As of now you will be training under me but your desk will be the one outside the head of the department Mr. Jason‘s office. He prefers to keep a close eye on the new trainees. That’s his own way of watching your work. But of course my reports will be the most important thing when it comes to deciding your future in this department.” I nodded and took in all that she had to say.

I somewhat liked our first meeting, she was neither over sweet nor too rude. She was just straight forward and her smile was a sight to behold. Yes she smiled at me once she was done giving me the basic instructions and I just loved it. I am lucky that I don’t have to deal with my department head Mr. Jason Garcia today. Mrs. Johnson told me that he was out of city for some personal reasons and will be back by tomorrow. This means I will have my first encounter with him tomorrow. Though Victor told me that he is a nice and easy going man but I am still nervous to meet him. May be the fact that he is the owner’s cousin is making me nervous. But anyway I guess it’s good in a way that I get to meet my reporting manager and department head one at a time.

After lunch I was again busy with reviewing the reports and also assisted Mrs. Johnson to a meeting. Since I will be working under her, for the first month I have to take notes of every meeting I attend with her. Then proof read and mail them to her, Mr. Jason and also our CEO Mr. Ethan. I came to know that he goes through the minutes of meeting of every meeting held by every department. My eyes were wide on hearing this piece of information, I mean c’mon one man going through the report about every damn meeting that too from each and every department. I wonder why he is always so grumpy, not that I have seen him yet but that’s what Victor described him as.

It was 5 in the evening now which means my shift ends. I go to Mrs. Johnson’s office asking her if I can leave. She told me that I can and also that I don’t need to take permission at 5pm. I am free to leave without asking or informing anyone. Mrs. Johnson said that if she needs me after 5 then she will let me know earlier. I was really happy to know this rule of the company.

Just as I gathered my things from my desk the elevator opened, the only thing that irritated me the whole day was the fact that my desk was just in front of the elevator and each time it opened I would hear its ding sound. For someone who is scared of getting in a lift the ding sound throughout the day is enough to give goose bumps. But right now the person who walked out of the lift was Victor, and I was so glad to see him. I ran to him excited like a little kid who gets to see her parents after the first day of school. In the flow I hugged him, and instantly I realized what I did. It all happened within a fraction of hugging Victor...he getting pulling away and just then him wrapping his arms around me returning my hug. The hug lasted for merely seconds but it felt amazing. After all this was the first time I got to hug my childhood crush, not to forget my only crush. Looking into Victor’s eyes suddenly I felt shy, I could feel my cheeks turning red but thankfully Victor didn’t waste time in making me comfortable...

“I am guessing someone had a nice first day...” he smiled and said. I nodded my head excitedly and replied...

“Better than nice.”

“Alright then let’s get going and you tell me about your day on our ride back home.” I say ‘ok’ and together we enter the lift. My mood drops a little because of the elevator ride from the 53rd floor to the ground floor. And to make it worst the stupid thing was stopping almost at every floor. Victor got busy with his mobile, and I had nothing else to do than just stare at the numbers flashing on top showing the floor number.

Making out of the lift alive I sent a silent prayer and took a deep breath before walking towards Victor’s car. On our way back to my home I told Victor about my day, and he was very patient with me once again. It took us a whole hour, I insisted Victor to join me and Aunt Daisy for dinner but he said he would come some other day. In fact he asked me if I will need a drive tomorrow and I thanked him saying that I will take the bus...

“See you tomorrow and good night” saying that Victor drove away to his place. A part of me was disappointed when he did not wait for me to safely enter my apartment building, not that I am scared of my surroundings or that it’s unsafe here. I don’t know why but I was expecting this small gesture, maybe he was too tired that’s why he didn’t wait…don’t be silly Arabella it’s not like you people are a couple, get a hold of yourself… I agreed with my inner voice and walked in towards my apartment.

As I entered our apartment an over excited Aunt Daisy was waiting for me. She didn’t even let me bath first or even freshen up. She wanted to know each and every detail of my day. I told her everything and she was happy to see me happy. When I got up from the living room couch to have a bath and change in my comfy pajamas she told me that she has cooked my favorite dinner, grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. I gave her a bear hug and thanked her before walking to my room. She is more than a parent to me; the woman has sacrificed almost the whole of her youth for me. Soon she will be forty years old, I feel bad that she never married because of me. She did date a few guys but none of them were ready to accept me. I never let her know about the guilt I feel for keeping her away from a happy life. She just says that if there is someone for her then sooner or later she will find him. And I wish it is sooner than later that she accepts her feelings towards Jonathan. After my dad passed away unfortunately Aunt Daisy could not claim my custody at that time; being a minor herself with no financial support. I was given away to the owners of ‘Innocent Souls Orphanage’ by Aunt Daisy while she promised herself that soon she will get me back home. The orphanage owners and caretakers Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were amazing people and took care of all kids in their orphanage till they were adopted by good and deserving families. Since Aunt Daisy requested them to not let anyone adopt me till she can adopt me, they never told anyone about me. I lived in the orphanage till the age of 8 years. It was then my aunt had a decent job and was able to be mu legal guardian. Since then us both aunt and niece have lived together.


After the bath I had dinner with Aunt Daisy and we discussed my bus route to office. It was going to be a straight and easy route. I will only have to walk a little from home to get to the bus stop. But my dear Aunt said that she will drop me there, I am planning to get myself a second hand car once I get my first salary. I am sure I will be able to manage the EMI after that.

I wonder how my day will be tomorrow. Will I meet my department head Mr. Jason and what about Victor? Will he be looking forward to meet me? Will he accompany me to the lift? Just then my mobile started ringing and looking at the caller id I have no doubt that I am in big trouble. How did I forget to call her???Urghhh...I want to hide somewhere...Oh God please save me from my best friend’s wrath. I try to calm myself and then take the call...

E- What the hell?? I have been waiting for your call since 5 in the evening. You are just a trainee right now and you forgot your best friend I wonder if you will even recognize me once you get promoted. I am going mad over here waiting for my best friend’s call and my best friend is already in bed...all set to fall asleep...enjoy her oh so good dreams.

Edna didn’t give me a chance to even say a simple ‘hello’ she just bombarded her fury in one go. Well that’s my best friend for you, always there for me. I love her for the person she is. She is so protective about me that sometimes I think if she were a boy I would have definitely married her. Once Edna paused and I heard her breathing heavily due to all the anger I dared to speak...

A- I love you too Eddy...uummuuaah

E-I am not taking this today. I want to know the actual reason why you didn’t call me.

A-Eddy please...c’mon don’t be mad at me. know how much I love you. First you say that you forgive me.

E-*sigh* Alright it’s ok. I understand and take your apology. Now spill...

Once again like an excited teenager I told Edna everything about my day. From the moment I woke up till I received her call. And my darling best friend heard everything with utmost interest. And once I was done she gave me her words of wisdom...

E-Bella I know you are a very smart girl but I also know how naive you are. Please don’t let anyone take advantage of your qualities. Take your time in giving people the gift of your trust. And you better meet me over the weekend otherwise...

A-I got it I got it. We will definitely plan something for the weekend. Now can I sleep Eddy, I need to wake up pretty early in the morning.

E-Sure sweetheart. Good night.

A-Good night.

That’s my friend, always concerned about me. I really don’t know how I got so lucky to have people like Aunt Daisy and Edna in my life. Taking a deep breath I give my mind a break and close my eyes. From all the excitement and exhaustion it didn’t take me much time to fall asleep.

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