Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter-3 Winning Hearts


It has been almost two months since Arabella joined this company. I must say I was a little surprised to see her dedication and know about her quality of work. To be honest I never knew her as a person, I just knew her as my baby sister’s best friend. I was never oblivious to the fact that she has a crush on me since years. I never failed to notice the slight blush that would creep on her cheeks whenever our eyes meet. Even now that she is almost 21 years old I can see the change in her demeanor around me. But I have actually never felt anything too special for her. Definitely she is beautiful in fact there are no words to describe her beauty and if I trust my sister’s words then Arabella is even more beautiful as a person. Edna did ask me to look after Arabella in office; these girls think I have nothing else to do. I mean O.K I know Arabella since childhood, she is Edna’s best friend but I am not here to babysit. I can’t say this on my sister’s face but her best friend is grown up enough to take care of herself. Most importantly I don’t see any benefit in looking after her or shall I say taking care of her. But unfortunately I cannot tell this to my sister. For now I just tell her that since we are in different departments all this is quite impossible for me. Though I don’t fail to see the looks almost every male in the building gives her, and the fact that Arabella is totally oblivious to all those looks.

Right now my focus is on Miss Jennifer, my current reporting manager. She is a 36 years old woman, divorced almost a year ago. Now she was in need of some physical affection and I being the Lady’s man couldn’t deny her. She has been my reporting manager from the past 7 months and I know to have the best report that will get me my next promotion giving her pleasure is definitely my present priority. She needs someone to look after her, to show her she is needed and still very attractive. I am almost a decade younger to her but I don’t mind giving her some physical pleasure if it proves beneficial in climbing up another step on my success ladder. When it comes to power, success and definitely money I believe in any and every possible way, you can say by hook or by crook I just want all of it. I am not just young, smart and good looking but I am equally talented. Hard work and honesty have different definitions in my dictionary. Not everyone knows the true me, hell I think no one knows. Even my own sister doesn’t truly know me; I am damn good in keeping up with the good boy façade. Thinking about my so called good boy reputation I remember that Arabella told me yesterday that she will be assisting Jason from now onwards. Jason is not just her department head but he is also the owner’s cousin and if I am not wrong they are also very good friends.

It’s impressive to see how Arabella is winning hearts with her hard work, on second thoughts I think I should keep an eye on her. You never know when she can be of use to me, though I have to be very careful with her because of Edna. I know how protective my little sister is of her best friend. Still it’s a long way; I will just watch her for now. A few things that I have noticed about Arabella in the last couple of months are that she is a very easy going person. I have seen her communicate with everyone easily; she has this positive aura around her. Anyway why am I stuck in my bed early in the morning thinking about all this? Today we have our meeting with the big boss Mr. Ethan and I need to be prepared for it. No matter how much Miss Jennifer reports good stuff about me I have to be alert around him. I don’t really get that guy, always ruthless and angry. It seems he knows no other emotions; he has the ability to crumble one’s confidence with just a glare. In fact that’s what he does…glare…in fact I don’t think he also needs to glare, he can just show his creepy side and people will simply shut up and some might also want to throw up. Arabella was nervous about today’s meeting as well. Mr. Ethan has meetings with three departments today, finance, marketing and customer care. I am glad that our department has the first meeting with him. At least he will be a little less pissed off, because last time I clearly remember ours was the last and we had to face his frustration built up due to the other departments. I pity Arabella as marketing department has the last meeting, this will be the first time she will be in the same room with Mr. Ethan. She was damn nervous last evening when she asked me about the dos and don’ts in Mr. Ethan’s presence. Well I didn’t scare her more but the fact is there are no set of rules you can follow around the big boss. I told her to just follow Jason’s instruction and be herself. The fact that in only two months Jason asked her to assist him means a lot. These guys are damn strict when it comes to work, and if Jason has approved Arabella’s work then I can say there are 50% chances that Mr. Ethan will also like her work.

Getting out of bed I quickly head to shower and get ready, I can’t afford to be even a minute late today as I very well know that the first thing Mr. Ethan checks is about how punctual his employees are. As far as I remember he was visiting the other branches since the last few months so he will definitely check on all the minute details. Sometimes I really think he is crazy, I mean which owner has time to go through this trivial matter of all employees. He definitely has OCD or some other psychological problem I guess. I am sure there will be a medical or psychological term used for his kind of people.

Once I get ready, I have my breakfast and reach office in record time. I can’t wait to accompany Arabella in the elevator today as I need to punch in my attendance before time. I am sure she will find someone or the other to accompany her. I quickly type an apology message to Arabella and head straight to my floor. It’s not like I accompany her every day but since she specially asked me yesterday I had to inform her.

Third Person’s POV

Arabella could not believe that out of any other day she had to wake up late today. She was so nervous about her meeting with the big boss today that she could hardly get any sleep last night. And when she finally slept in the early morning hours she didn’t wake up on her usual time. And now she is driving to her office after getting ready within fifteen minutes. The only good thing that happened since last night was that she had already decided her clothes for today. She wore a simple black pencil skirt that reached just below her knees with a purple formal shirt. With her hair tied in a high ponytail, minimal make up and black heels she was ready for work. Arabella tried her best to calm her nerves and decided to distract her mind and think about the good things in life. Her second hand Toyota Corolla was her new found love, Arabella was able to buy it on installments after her first month salary. She was glad that she got it in her favorite color, black. Thinking about the day she bought home her car Arabella could not stop the smile gracing her beautiful lips. Aunt Daisy was delighted and they went to celebrate that night. Glancing at her wrist watch Arabella was glad that she is still on time and there are twenty minutes for the office hours to start. But as she parked she received a message from Victor telling her that he won’t be able to accompany her in the lift. Arabella took a deep breath and reminded herself that she will definitely find someone or the other and that she will not have to be alone in the lift. A part of her was upset that Victor didn’t wait for her even after she had requested him last evening. She convinced herself that he might have something urgent to do because of which he couldn’t wait.

Arabella got out from her car after parking it right beside Jason’s car, picked her bag and made her way inside the building. To her shock after waiting for almost seven minutes no one was there who could accompany her to her floor. Rather with whom Arabella can just hang in and not get a panic attack due to her phobia. Sometimes she gets really p**sed about her more than one phobia, she shakes her head and tries not to think about her various phobias. After waiting for another five minutes Arabella decides to call Jason and tell him about her situation. She recently started working directly under Jason and he was aware of her phobia of getting into lifts. Just when she was about to call while pacing right in front of the lift door she heard footsteps and turned around to see a very-very handsome man beside her. Arabella could not be more thankful right now, as the gorgeous man pressed the lift button the door opened and he entered with Arabella right behind him. Holding on her breath she pressed the button to her floor. The man just looked at her once and then he stood facing the lift door. Suddenly her mobile started ringing and she noticed it was Jason; she quickly took the call and somehow told Jason that she was in the lift. Jason knew her problem and decided to wait for her just in front of the lift. The handsome stranger did notice the shiver in Arabella’s voice when she took the call, his expressions didn’t change but he definitely felt a strange concern towards the beautiful girl accompanying him. As the lift door opened on the 53rd floor Arabella dashed out of the lift. The man inside noticed Jason waiting for her with worry written all over his face. Jason nodded as his eyes met the stranger’s eyes just before the lift door closed again.

Arabella was a nice human being and Jason respected her for her work ethics. Now that she is directly working under him he got to know more about her as a person. He never told her but he sees a younger sister in Arabella. A sister he never had, and this was just another reason why he was so worried about her being in the lift almost alone. The way she spoke to him mere minutes before he felt that she was all alone in the lift. But the moment he saw that guy in the lift he was somewhat relieved that Arabella was actually not alone after all. Jason quickly made her sit and grabbed a glass of water for her. He was glad that Arabella still made it on time, the last thing he wants is her coming under the negative radius of his cousin/ BOSS Ethan.

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