Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 4 First Meeting

Third Person POV

The handsome young man who accompanied Arabella in the lift was none other than Ethan Garcia Lopez, the owner of the company. He stood there like always, without any expressions or emotions visible on his face. Since he recognizes almost each and every employee in the company he could make out that the girl with him in the lift was a new employee. Plus the way Jason was waiting for her outside the lift it was no rocket science for Ethan to understand that this girl works with Jason. He was definitely surprised to see Jason so worried. He knew his cousin very well, the girl must be important to him but Ethan wondered what could be the reason.

Ethan Garcia Lopez was the 29 years old CEO of ‘Garcia & Sons’. He was a dark and brooding personality. A man with fewer words and more glares, he always wore a hard façade around him. With sparkling blue eyes as cold as ice, he held no emotions at all. But in case of good looks he was truly God Gifted until you see the other side of him. His father Mr. Andrew Garcia Perez was equally handsome even now.

One look towards Arabella was enough for Ethan to take in her immense beauty, but as always he didn’t show any emotions. He could surely make out that the young girl was scared, surprisingly rather shockingly Ethan had a thought of asking her the reason behind her behavior. Chasing his thoughts away he decided to just be him, not showing any concern. Ethan was not in town since almost three months, he has been busy visiting the other city branches. But now he is back and will be around for almost the rest of the year. As he settles in his office on the 56th floor he is greeted by his personal assistant Miss Lillian Jones and personal accountant Mrs. Sara James. Both the ladies are the best in their work and respect their boss a lot. Lillian is a young girl around 25 years old and Sara is a middle age woman of 35 expecting her first baby and very soon she will be taking leave from work. Sara has already discussed her break with Ethan; she will be working only till the 2nd trimester and then quit her job. She wants to be a full time mom and look after her baby, her husband is totally supporting her decision and Ethan respects her decision as well. The only thing that is bothering him is the fact that where will he find an equally competent personal accountant as Sara. He remembers Jason assuring to hire one before Sara leaves. They don’t have much time, in the next two months Sara will leave. Ethan wants to have a new accountant latest by next month so that she or he can be trained by Sara.

Thinking of Jason the beautiful girl’s face flashed in front of his eyes. Perhaps it is just her beauty that is attracting Ethan, he thinks to himself. After drinking his steaming hot cup of black coffee without sugar, Ethan goes through his schedule for the day along with Lillian. He has his first meeting with the Finance Department which is about to start in the next half an hour. Before going into the conference room Ethan decides to look on today’s check in time of all employees. The man is definitely obsessed with the concept of punctuality. To his delight everybody and that is every single employee checked in before time, a particular Arabella Grace Adams was actually the last employee to check in. She punched just a minute before 9 am.


My first meeting with the finance department is not actually working out. So many loopholes, I don’t know how I am holding myself from lashing out at every single person in here. I mean what is wrong with these people, the reports of the last quarter are simply bu*l sh*t. And I don’t think I even want to think about their vision and planning about the next quarter. Miss Jennifer is still going through heartbreak because of her recent divorce. But in all honesty it is no more a recent matter. The only person to talk a little sense is this guy Victor. I like his confidence and also the fact that he is sure of what he is doing. But still there is something off about his personality. He is giving me the vibes that I can’t trust him. I am no fool and even at a young age I own the ability to understand people. Anyway this guy’s personal matter is none of my concern until he is good at his work.

The finance department was enough to eat my head but I still have to deal with two more departments. Well I am not complaining to anyone this is my own decision and I am the one to decide on my meetings. I like to work like this.

The customer care department was in some better condition as compared to finance. I appreciated their team work, a strong team is important. When we work in coordination that’s when we move towards success. The department head Mr. Reddy has been with us since almost two decades now. He has worked with my father and now works with me. I have always liked his ways of grooming his team members. All in all this meeting was way better than the one with the finance department. It’s almost 3 pm and my final meeting for today starts in half an hour. I go back to my office and relax for ten minutes, in between sipping my black coffee. I like it black and sugar free, the bitter taste helps me to stay alert. People have often asked why I like my coffee this way and I just shrug in reply. I don’t find it necessary to answer everyone.

It’s just 5 minutes to the meeting so I get up and head back towards the conference room. On my way I notice the marketing department already assembled outside with Jason having a word with his team. What catches my eyes rather who catches my eyes is the girl from the lift this morning. She is standing at a corner, a little away from the group and is on a call. She seems irritated with the person she is talking to, I don’t know why but I want to watch her. I shake my head and assure myself that it’s just the girl’s extreme physical beauty that is attracting me. As I am almost about to enter the conference room I hear a loud squeal and I immediately turn around to see the same girl with her already big eyes turned into saucers, a hand covering her mouth with an amused look on her face. The moment she realized what she has done she quickly disconnects the call and turns to Jason and mouths a ‘sorry’. What shocked me was that Jason just glared and did not lash out. I better need to check with my brother what is going on between the two of them. First I find him worriedly waiting for this girl outside the lift in the morning. And now I see how he is fine with her immature behavior, yes Jason ONLY glaring at such behavior from his team member is something new. Once again I shake my head and walk in nodding at the greetings I get. Of course everyone else has acknowledged my presence except the beauty back there. The moment I enter the conference room I hear a girl say...

“Hey it’s almost time where is the big boss??”

I didn’t recognize the voice but I am pretty sure it is the same beauty back there as she was the only one oblivious to my presence. I smile a little and shake my head while I finally enter the conference room with Jason’s team right behind me. No one has actually caught my eyes since years now and I can’t deny that this girl is breathtaking beautiful. No one knows better than me that not every person who is beautiful outside holds the same beauty within themselves. I am surprised that this girl’s action brought a smile on my face but I know better not to judge people based on their looks. Because it is these beautiful people who look at me with disgust filled in their eyes.


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