Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 6 Jonathan


Yesterday I finally completed 6 months in this company and I don’t think my experience could have been any better. I could not have asked for a better manager, Jason is grooming me to perfection. He is a very nice human being; just a little strict when it comes to work but I think it is just normal and also necessary. At his position if he becomes lenient then the employees will not take up their job seriously. I was more than happy to know that he is getting married next month to his childhood love. Oh it feels so good to hear someone getting married to the one they have always loved. I did meet Jason’s fiancée Nora last month. She lives in New York and will be moving with Jason soon after their marriage. Nora is a gynecologist in one of the best hospitals in New York and the good thing is that she has already got a placement for herself here in San Francisco at the UCSF Medical Center. She will be joining here two months from now, and yes I know all this because Jason told me himself. He does share a little bit of his personal life whenever we have some free time or grab lunch together. Jason is such an easy going person and I am sure he will be one of the best husbands. In fact Nora also seemed to be a wonderful person; I wonder when I will get my perfect happily ever after.

Thinking about my happily ever after the only face that flashes in front of my eyes is none other than Victor. We hardly get to spent time but whenever I see him I feel excited like a little kid who has just entered a toy store. I don’t know if my feelings for Victor will ever change, but I know one thing for sure that I don’t feel that way for anyone else. Victor was very upset to know that I was not selected to be Mr. Ethan’s personal accountant. I on the other hand was somehow relieved. According to Victor it was a golden opportunity that slipped out of my hands, I wonder why he made such an issue out of the whole thing. It was weird to see Victor like that, he was almost angry at me for not proving to be more mature and professional. He gave me a good half an hour lecture about how I should step up the success ladder etc. etc. To be honest I did not like the way he spoke to me that day, the rage in his eyes was something I couldn’t understand and also something I don’t want to see ever again. By the time he was done with his lecture I was in tears and without saying anything I just ran off to my room. Oh yes he came all the way to my place to pour his harsh words on me, till now I can’t understand what came over him to behave like that. I have always seen him as a very calm and gentle person, especially with ladies but that day he was someone else. Though the next morning he was back to normal and came to apologize for his behavior, he tried to explain me once again the reason behind his reaction. According to him to work directly under a person like Mr. Ethan would do wonders to my professional growth. Anyway the hurt I felt is still there somewhere however I decided not to stretch the matter and accepted his apology.

Today being a Sunday I don’t actually feel like doing anything, but anyway I drag myself out of my bed and cut my chain of thoughts to get ready for the day and help Aunt Daisy with breakfast. It’s already 10 in the morning and I just remembered her best friend Jonathan is joining us for breakfast and lunch. I hurry up and quickly change into a black jeans and yellow t shirt after doing my morning business. As I walk towards the kitchen I can hear both the friends laughing at something. Jonathan sees me first as I enter the kitchen and he takes me in a bear hug and ruffles my hair as if I am still a damn 5 year old…

“Argghhhh!! Jonathan, stop it! You know how much I hate it when you spoil my hair, I am not a kid anymore for God’s sake” I huff and cross my arms across my chest, my dear aunt just says a sweet good morning and I go and hug her asking for my cup of coffee. After having my coffee and breakfast which Aunt Daisy had already prepared for me I just sit and eat while enjoying a light chat with both the friends. I know very well that Jonathan has a thing for my aunt but he never expressed his feelings for her. He is around 43 years old and a widower, his wife passed away around fifteen years back. They had married at a young age and were married for almost five years after which his wife passed away due to acute pneumonia. He has been friends with aunt Daisy for almost twelve years now, they both met at aunt Daisy’s first job. First they were colleagues but then became best friend, Jonathan has always stood by her even when she dated some shit*y men. I still remember the day when I confronted him about his feelings towards my aunt….


“Jonathan you know I am not a fool not to understand how much you love my aunt… why don’t you tell her?”

“Oh my little Arabella has become so smart at the age of fifteen…but I thought it is an open fact that I love Daisy, after all she is my best friend.”

“You know I am not talking about the friend love…I know you love her as in really love her and more than just a friend. I just don’t understand what is stopping you?”

“Come here and sit down first of all…” he held my hands and made me sit beside him then continued…” Daisy is the most amazing woman I have met after my Lily passed away. But she only sees me as her best friend and I am scared if I tell her about my true feelings I might lose this beautiful relationship as well. You are correct and I do love her more than anyone else, but more than expressing my love to her it is important for me to always be a part of her life. I don’t mind if it is as her best friend, as long as she allows me to look after her and also you.”

“But at least you could try, I really want to see her happy. I don’t like the crappy men she dates at times.” Jonathan chuckles…

“Well it seems someone has built up a vocabulary to use…shall I tell your aunt about the kind of words you are using?”

“No need to change the topic Jonathan; if you are scared then let me talk to her…please…”

“No way Bella…you have to promise me that you will never ever tell her about all this. If my love is true she will definitely be able to see it someday soon…come on now…promise me…”

“Alright…I promise” I cried a lot that day and Jonathan let me cry on his shoulder and the moment aunt Daisy came out of her room Jonathan made up that I am worried about her and soon I was taken in my aunt’s warms embrace.

End of Flashback

It has been almost six years to that confrontation and till date Jonathan never expressed his love openly nor did aunt Daisy see it in his actions. I really wonder sometimes if she is just being purposely ignorant or is actually oblivious about his feelings. Or maybe she has the same fear which Jonathan has, the fear of losing her best friend in case he doesn’t see her as more than a friend. I snap out of my thoughts when I hear Jonathan call me in the living room. I was so lost that I didn’t even realize when both of them walked out of the kitchen. Anyway I joined them and came to know that they are planning to go to watch a movie and then grab lunch somewhere. I readily agreed, I always enjoy with Jonathan and Aunt Daisy. Deciding the movie was almost like having a third world war, Jonathan was not ready to watch the new romantic movie that was released just last weekend and wanted to watch the animated movie instead. But I creating a big scene including screaming followed by crying just so that we go and watch the romantic one. Finally Jonathan agreed and hugged me saying I didn’t have to over react and that he would have agreed on my choice anyhow. Once again I wanted to play cupid and a romantic movie is something you can’t miss if you want two people to realize their feelings rather accept their feelings for each other. I happily hopped back to my room and quickly got ready in a black jean shorts and peach top.

It was an amazing day and I made sure Jonathan sat between me and Aunt Daisy while we watched the movie. I wanted them to sit together and be a little close to each other. I didn’t miss the way Jonathan was discreetly gazing at my aunt while the lead hero and heroine shared some intimate scenes. Oh I really wish he allows me to talk to her once, I think I need to ask him to let me break that stupid promise I made years back. After the movie we had our lunch at Mc. Donald’s, it has been quite a few months since I last had Mc.D and I just loved it today. After lunch Jonathan dropped us home and drove back to his place. After almost half an hour I heard Aunt Daisy call him to check if he reached safely, yes she always does that. Whenever Jonathan leaves from our place she would always check on him, moments like this I have a strong feeling that she is also hiding her true feelings for Jonathan.

I went to my room and lazily sprawled on my bed when suddenly my mobile started ringing and saw it was Jason calling….

J: Arabella there is an emergency and I need you at the office with me within an hour. Get ready I am on my way and will pick you in the next fifteen minutes.

He didn’t tell me anything else and just hung up before I can ask what’s wrong.

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