Betrayed to be Loved

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Chapter- 7 The Interview


I can’t believe I am again in need of yet another personal accountant that too so soon. Mr. Roy had been working just perfectly and I was quite impressed with his work. But his wife has been giving him a tough time since he moved from New York. Well I was not aware of this family drama going on in his life not that I care, perhaps things are now getting out of Roy’s control and so he decided to move back to New York. He was about to resign but we were not willing to lose a precious employee like him, hence decided to transfer him back to New York. Once again my views about beautiful people have been proven correct. Yes I have seen his wife’s pic on his desk in the office; she is one beautiful woman…but just to look at. I scoff thinking how all the beautiful people are so ugly from within. As of now I have to deal with another problem at the same time. As if Roy leaving is not enough that Jason is again trying to convince me that Arabella Grace from his team is a deserving candidate. I have noticed her progress reports and I can’t help but agree with Jason, but again she is one beautiful girl. And my experience with beautiful people was never good. I am waiting in my office right now as Jason has asked me to interview Arabella myself and see if I am convinced with his idea. Well I think it’s no harm to give it a try, even at this age I have enough experience to judge if a person is being honest or is pretending to be someone he or she is not. Just then I hear a knock on my office door and know it’s Jason, I ask him to come in and he enters with Miss Grace following right behind him. Her beauty is something no one can ever miss but the innocence I see in her eyes is what I make sure not to trust.

After the initial greeting Jason leaves my office so that I can interview Miss Grace without any disturbance. Well I guess he did this because he doesn’t want me to get a chance to say that he tried to influence my decision. Looking at the young girl sitting in front of me it was not difficult for me to see how nervous she was. This was something I knew about my presence…I intimidate people and make them nervous. Perhaps she also would have heard stories of my ruthless and cold behavior, not that it bothers me. I don’t mind having that image to be honest, it is the truth. Anyway I interview Miss Grace and I can clearly see that she has her facts clear but there is still some grooming that needs to be done. For once I feel like giving her the chance Jason has been asking for, I don’t give her any feedback about the interview and tell her that she will be informed about my decision by tomorrow. The moment she rose from the seat I don’t know how but her mobile fell and with the way she gasped I guess the screen broke. I had my eyes trained on her and didn’t miss the tears that welled in her eyes; it was just a damn mobile and I wonder what’s the big deal. Instantly I had second thoughts about hiring her as my personal accountant but the very next moment I noticed how she quickly blinked those tears away and spoke ‘Good Day Sir’ and just walked out of my office. Well at least she didn’t start crying like those annoying girls who think that they could win the world with their tears.

After she left my room I thought a little more about giving her this new position and finally decided to give it a try. Jason walked in my room after almost half an hour, that’s just what he does if he knows I am alone in my office and also if no one’s with him. He would just barge into my room as if he owns the damn place. Not that I mind, after all he is not just my cousin but also my best friend. I tell him about my decision of giving Miss Grace an opportunity but how her beauty is forcing me to have second thoughts. Jason took a deep breath and said…

”not every beautiful person is the same Ethan, I have known this girl since months now and I can assure you that she is not an ordinary girl. She is a beautiful person inside out….I can only say don’t judge her based on her looks…and if you see it this way aren’t you doing the same thing which others do to you? Are you not judging someone on the basis of their looks?” My brother was absolutely correct…I understood how hypocrite I sound…giving him a nod a told him to inform Miss Grace tomorrow that I am ready to give her a chance but to make it clear that this is a temporary position until she proves herself worthy.

Once we were leaving office after discussing some reports I remembered how Miss Grace was at the verge of crying when her mobile fell. I asked Jason if he knows about it…

“Oh man the little girl cried her eyes out and when I asked her why was she crying so much for a mobile she told me that this mobile was a gift from her aunt. And that her aunt had saved money to buy her that mobile.” I was a little surprised to hear the reasons, as who cares so much about gifts nowadays and especially when it is not anything expensive. If I am not wrong her mobile was no latest model…perhaps her aunt is dear to her. I was brought out of my thoughts when Jason spoke further…

“Her aunt is the only family she has, I have met her once. She seemed to be a nice lady…” I nodded my head and once we were out of the lift both of us went towards our car and that’s when I saw Miss Grace walking around in the parking lot. My brows furrowed at the sight of her but immediately Jason told me the reason behind her presence. Jason had picked her from her place for the interview and so he was her drive back home. He told me that she insisted on taking a bus back home but Jason being the gentleman he was asked her to wait for some time so that he can drop her back. As she noticed us approaching she gave Jason brief smile and the red rim around her eyes was clearly visible, may be because of the crying she did. I mentally rolled my eyes, what’s with these girls and crying but then I remembered the reason Jason told me and was once again surprised that even in today’s world there are people who value relationships. I nodded at Jason and walked towards my car and just like that both of us got in our cars and drove away.


My interview by Mr. Ethan was not as scary as I had imagined it to be, I felt he was trying too hard to be intimidating. To be honest I did find him a little intimidating but not to the extent of losing my senses out of fear. I was definitely nervous in the beginning but I guess the interview as a whole went well. But I am still upset about my mobile, how could I be so careless. I sigh looking out of Jason’s car while on my way back home. I wanted to take a bus but he strictly asked me to wait for him so that he can drive me back home safely as I am his responsibility for the day, his words not mine. I mentally roll my eyes but a soft smile crept on my lips, whenever I used to see Victor’s protective behavior towards Edna I always wondered how it would be to have an elder brother of my own. I don’t know why but sometimes Jason gives me those vibes and I wouldn’t deny the fact that I love this feeling. But once again my eyes fall on the broken mobile in my hands and I let out deep sigh, that’s when Jason finally speaks…

“It’s ok Arabella…such accidents happen sometimes…c’mon I am sure if your aunt sees you this sad she will be more upset.” I can’t help but agree with him but I can’t help this guilt as well. I look at him and he gives me a comforting smile…

“If only it makes you feel any better I guess your interview today went well…just don’t get your hopes high I will let you know Ethan’s final decision first thing tomorrow morning.” I just nodded my head and wondered if I actually made it then Victor will be so happy. I had a giddy feeling that something related to me will actually make him happy and also may be proud of me.

Jason dropped me home and I straight away went to my room, aunt Daisy was also in her room. When I changed into my night suit after having a bath I saw her sitting on my bed as I came out of the bathroom. Looking at her again made me very upset as my broken mobile flashed before my eyes. Aunt Daisy has always been good at reading me and so she immediately asked me what’s wrong. At that moment I couldn’t control my tears once again and hugged her and cried like a baby. In between hiccups I somehow told her about the mobile, she gave me a hearty laugh and asked me to chill. I know I can be a cry baby sometimes, though this is something I really don’t like about myself apart from my various phobias. After a while we sat on my bed and I told her about my interview, she told me to stay positive. We ordered pizza for dinner to cheer me up according to my dear aunt; I had dinner and went straight to bed. I don’t want to be late tomorrow and I have to admit that I am pretty excited to know Mr. Ethan’s decision, I just hope I don’t disappoint Jason this time as he is the one who is sure that I deserve this position. Taking a deep breath I close my eyes and soon I get lost in my dreamland.

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