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Meet Maadhuri, a shy girl, for her family is everything and will do anything to make her parents happy. She have only one dream in her life, that is to find a man who loves her to the core and would love her family as his. ~~~ Meet Surya, a fun loving and charming guy who lives his life to the fullest. The only word he hates is MARRIAGE. He is a kind of man who hates to take the responsibilities in the name of marriage. ~~~ What happens when destiny plans to tie their fate together. Will Maadhu able to win his heart, or will she be hurt in the end? Come....join me to watch the show that destiny plans to play in their life.

Crazy queen
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Chapter 1

Maadhuri's pov.

"Maadhuriiii....its getting late ,come fast". Yeah its me Maadhuri, and the one shouting is my mom.

"Here I am amma" I said as I stood in front of my parents. "Hurry up I'll take the car out" my dad said as he went out . "I can't believe that my baby girl turned into such a beauty!!" I turned to my mom who is eyeing me with tears in her eyes. "Oh amma, praise me as much as you want once we return now hurry up, otherwise Priya will kill me" with that we hurried to the venue.

Priya is my younger sister(my first paternal uncle's daughter) and she is getting married . We are not only sisters but also best friends from our childhood.

On the way we picked up my second uncle's daughter and son from their school and headed for the venue. The hall is already bustling when we reached there. "You lazy idiots is this the time for you all to come" the loud speaker aka my second sister shouted as she saw us and continue to scold us for being late. Well she is right to scold us, because as an eldest daughter of the family I should be the one to arrive first and here I am coming late, and my other sister and brother had a special class at school as their final exams are around the corner so they also could't make it on time.

"Cool down Swathi akka" Venmathi our younger sister said"see if you continue to be angry then your hours of makeup would all be in a vain and you will look horrific in the pictures" with that said she tried cooling down.well you touched the right spot darling."what shall we do we got a special class and you know well about our school that they will not give us a leave so easily and ,as for akka, you know she got classes " our brother tried to reason.

"Is she a student to not be able to skip classe....ouch" she stopped as she rubbed her head. "Dumbo, She is not a student like you to cut classes and how dare you to shout at my mam" said my cousin sister as she stood behind her. Ahhh!!! here comes my darling Menaka .Well she and Priya is doing their masters and are my students and Swathi does her bachelors there but in a different department. "Why are you guys standing there? If you are so free then come help me arrange plates" my aunt called for us. With that being said we escaped to the room where Priya is.

The pre-wedding ritual started and here we are trying to help Priya from our cousins who are ready to pour some shitty water over her. Our job is to save our sister from those crazy idiots. Marriages are always exciting. And I always dreamt of having one like this.

The day got over in a flash and we all headed to bed early as we have to reach temple early at morning for muhurtam. The only thing I hate about marriages is that we have to get early for muhurtam, Why can't they keep it on afternoon or evening so that we could wake up late and get ready in a relaxed way.

Next day I woke up to the sound of my aunts. We got ready in a flash and headed to the temple. It is still dawn when we reached the temple. And the groom's family was already waiting for us. As its a tradition that groom's side should visit earlier than bride's.

I just smiled at them as I watched my sisters started to talk with the girls from their side. I didn't get the chance to meet any of them before as I can't attend her engagement because of my work.

I slowly skipped from there and went to take a look at the river which is just opposite to the temple. We still had time to start the wedding and I had no interest in standing there with those pitiful look that my family gave me. Yeah you heard it right 'a pitiful look'.

For them, as an eldest daughter I should be the one to be getting married first, but for me, I wanted to marry that special person, a special person who makes my heart skips a beat whenever I see him. Who my parents chose for me. Who can accept me for who I am. I purely believe in arranged marriages and that's the reason that I have not dated any guys over these years. A lot of them asked me out but I just rejected them.

The sun slowly started to share its happy rays as I reached the river. I closed my eyes and inhaled the fresh fragrance that came from the flowers that were planted and well maintained there. The temple was located in a remote village which is surrounded by nature. Just like I like it to be.

I am the kind of person who hates those hustle bustles of city and a person who wanna spend their life with nature. It is really wonderful to start a day like this. But if I had known that these rays are gonna change my life upside down I wouldn't dare to come here.

I had this weird feeling of someone watching me from the time I came here. I wanted to turn back and look what it is but my mobile suddenly rang notifying me that my mom is calling. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, took my mobile and slide the answer button as I kept it in my ear .

"Where are you maadhu? Come fast everyone is looking for you" my mom's voice sounded through my mobile. "Yeah ma, I was just wandering outside, Here I come" with that I went inside.

I went near my mom. As I reached near her I can hear her say to my aunt about how I loved nature.

Just in time the priest called us and we all headed to the mandapam.

TIME : 8.08 PM

DATE : DEC 29,2019

Hello lovelies!!

Welcome. And thanks for choosing my story. I hope that I would give it to your expectations. This is my first time writing a story so just spare this little girl .I swore that my story will be better by time and if you guys have any opinion feel free to share it to me.

I would trouble you to Like...comment....and share my story.

With love,


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