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Theodore & Hannah, Sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G First came love, then came- Wait. What?

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Breaking News


"Breathe," I reminded him, as I noticed him begin to wobble slightly beside me.

"I'm breathing. Just not sure for how much longer," he mumbled, his delicious eyes suddenly hidden by his eyelids. I tried not to smirk, because it was childish of me. Telling your family you are pregnant is daunting enough, but when your family consists of Zane Phillips, Ryan Phillips and Nickolas Phillips, it all turns a bit dark. Especially when you are pregnant by the town player, your ex best friend. The one who swore to your brothers he had zero intention of ever seeing you in that way.


So, here we were, standing on my older brothers doorstep as it were, waiting to break the news to two out of the three.

The worst one, and the easiest one.

Pray for us.

The door swung open, and I was greeted with a frown and a grunt from Zane, who leaned against the door lazily. He nodded at Theo, before moving his gaze back to me.

"Everything alright?" he barked, making myself stomach flip over repeatedly. I already felt guilty, and technically I'd done nothing wrong. This was Zane all over though- he held the unrivalled ability to make me feel like his daughter, not his sister.

"Everything is fine. Can we come in?"

He moved begrudgingly to the side so we could walk in, and I swear I saw his eyes narrow at Theo, who simply gave him a winning smile.

"Is Nick in?" I asked anxiously, my eyes taking in the empty apartment.

"I thought I heard your voice. Hey sis," I almost toppled over with relief when I saw Nick pop his head out from his bedroom door, his hair sticking up in different directions, alerting me to the fact he had just woke up. I heard a scuffle, then another head popped out beside his, one that I recognised as Amy, Nick's girlfriend.

Thank God.

Theo sat down, his hand tugging on mine to follow suit. I did, all the while aware that Zane hadn't taken his eyes away from me.

"Hannah has something to tell us," drawled Zane, folding his arms across his broad chest, still standing by the doorway as he gazed at us icily.

"Well actually, we have something to tell you," I said faintly, my stomach churning as Zanes eyes narrowed. Nick resurfaced from his room, still tugging a tshirt over his head before grinning at us widely.

"Oh? Not ran off and got married have you?"

He made an elaborate show of checking my hand as I laughed hollowly. His eyes met mine then, the banter fading on his lips when he saw that I was serious.

"Shit, have you?" he whispered, making Zane snap with frustration.

"You better not have," he said darkly, as Amy shot me a sympathetic look. I almost lost my bottle then, but I remembered who I had beside me. I turned to him, our eyes meeting briefly as he nodded.

We've got this.

I drew strength from him, our fingers lacing together as I made eye contact with Zane, noticing his breathing had increased rapidly, his chest rising and falling as the vein in his neck throbbed. He was hot headed, and I was his baby sister.

God help me.

"I'm pregnant."

Even I looked around in surprise, noticing Nick raise his eyebrows, his mouth dropping open as Zane spoke.

"Are you joking?"

I almost wished I was. The look he gave me was full of bitter disappointment, his eyes burning with fury when he finally shifted his gaze to Theo. "You didn't actually get my sister pregnant did you, De Luca? You've been together five fucking minutes."

I looked at Nick desperately as he blinked, staring at my stomach in disbelief.

"Congratulations," he managed to choke out, as Theo spoke for the first time.

"Thank you. In response to your question, Zane, yeah. It would appear I have. So, if you want to kick the shit out of me, make it worth it, because I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

I closed my eyes then, not wanting to see any confrontation between my brother and my boyfriend.

"No one is kicking the shit out of anyone," said Nick quickly, as I opened my eyes see him standing in front of Zane, who was now rather pale. He was glaring at Theo, before he pointed at him angrily.

"Speak for yourself Nickolas. I've got a foot perfect for that cocky mouth of his," he growled, as Theo stood up.

"I love her, when will you realise that?"

Then all hell broke loose.

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