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Local Love

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Charli goes to a local restaurant nearby home. She catches the eye of her waiter, Lucas, and everything eventful happens from there.

Romance / Drama
Juliana Mayer
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Finally. I had a night out with my best friend, Julie. She'd been dreading this night just as i had. We were almost officially out of high school, a few months left waiting to be completed. We're both 18 years old, and ironically had the same birthday- January 23. Our appearances were completely diverse. I have dark brown hair, she has bright blonde hair. Her eyes were light green, and mine were again, dark brown. She's pale, i am not. We decided to go out to a local diner a few blocks from her house. I offered to drive, because i know that she likes my Ford Lightning. It's been my dream truck since i was 12.

I adored my truck. It was viciously lowered, and the windows are as tinted as a limo's. It is a deep, charcoal grey. It was an eye catcher, which is what i longed for. The muffler made booming racing noises. I had decently sized rims, which were unique. The speed could top a little over one hundred. I planned to be an maintenance mechanic for vehicles, it's also been my dream since i was 12.

I pulled up at her house loudly. She had a long, two story house. It was dark teal, being framed in by old bricks. Her family has been rich for a long time, being passed down by generations. I wasn't jealous, because i believed that i have no time for money like that... if that makes sense. It took her only seconds to appear outside her house. I hopped out my truck to greet her. I looked her up and down, taking in her look. She wore her hair down. She had a black dress, with shiny sandals. The dress fit her curves perfectly. She had a small purse to go around her shoulder, and barley any makeup to hide her true appearance. She's always been the beautiful kid, because she truly is.

"Hey!" She said, arms open for a hug. I looked down to reflect on myself, thinking i underdressed. I had ripped skinny jeans, with a somewhat-decent long sleeve shirt. I wore my new Reeboks, and my hair down, curled naturally.

"Did i overdress?" She questioned.

"Did i underdress?" I asked. She shrugged her shouldes nonchalantly, and continued coming in for the hug. When i entered her warm presence, she smelled like vanilla.

"I've been waiting for this to happen for months." She reminded.

"Oh my god, count me in!" I groaned. "So, where are we going, Jules?" I added.

"We're going to Mile's Steak House."

"Alright." We smoothly slid inside my truck, and she smiled practically the whole way there. I was happy, that she was happy.

"Jesus, I'm starving!" I exclaimed. I honestly hadn't eaten lunch.

"Same." She agreed.

"Hey, how's Brad and you?" I questioned. She and Brad had been together for two years, which was a long time, in my opinion. From my perspective, neither of them had ever cheated yet, which was exciting on their part.

"We're great. Poor thing, he's sick right now."

"Damn, that sucks. Tell him i said hey."

"Will do."

We arrived a little after a few stop lights, and slow driving. The place lit up beautifully in the night, and it looked extremely fancy. Definitely too fancy for me. I was just a bit overwhelmed when i walked in, because there were more people than i was expecting originally. I wasn't considered a social butterfly. We each preferred booths, so we luckily got one by the window. I liked open windows to look out of when i eat. That sounds akward when i think about it, but it's true. The city buildings looked delightful and eye catching while waiting for a waiter.

The area was getting a bit annoying. I know it had only been a few minutes, but it was too loud for my liking. The restaurant was getting heavier with people by the minute. I decided to go use the restroom, which was a little less crowded, and relieving. The soap was so damn fresh, it smelled delicious. It smelled like lavender, and... some type of berry, or flower. Right when i started to calm down, a group of loud teenage girls stormed in speaking of someone named Jared, and an Instagram picture. It scaled my rage a bit higher, but sometimes that's just how life is, inconveniencing.

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