Trapping Viviana

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Sometimes, we reach a point in our life where we feel like we don't have a choice. We feel like we are stuck. But we forget the most important thing: we always have a choice. Crappy parents who left there daughter to grow up with crazy nannies, a set of cousins who were more of a family than the people who gave her life, clubbed with a society where the rich usually fix their daughter's marriage for a business deal, do you think you can ever be free?

Romance / Humor
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Viviana Breean Winters is the type of girl who is always found with a smirk on her face and if the smirk is not there, you can easily spot the ever present mischief in her eyes.

But as they say, the most vibrant people faces are the ones who endure the the highest degree of pain.

Viviana's parents left her in the care of crazy nannies when she was small and not even once did the bother to check up on her. If it wasn't for her elder brother and her cousins, she would have never known the love of family. Since she was a baby, her elder cousin sister, Carmen was her mother, her elder cousin brother, Nick and her own sibling and the eldest of their group, her brother, Logan were her fathers and her little brother, Ahren was her little baby.

Her life was perfect for her and for that, she was grateful. But as always, life takes a sudden turn when you least expect it.

Her parents suddenly remembered her after all the years just to fix her marriage with a guy she didn't know much about for a business deal. She might have been okay with it as he was close to her age and looked like a good person but, not every story is a lot of sugar and a little spice to make it nice.

Her fiancee-to-be got drunk and cheated on her even before their marriage got fixed. But as soon as he realized his fault, he knew that his deal was in danger. So, he convinced her parents and got the marriage contract signed. He believed that he could go back the sweet little Viviana and charm her to forgive him and so he left her for the time being.

But now, after all that time, he's back to ask for forgiveness. Now that it's the last year of her high school after which she'll have to get married to him, will she forgive him?

If you are in for a story where the girl forgives the guy after a while, you are reading the wrong story. Because Viviana is not a girl to be messed with...

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