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The prologue is abit joking however I hope you enjoy! This is my first time using this app and writing romance in general so all critique is welcome! (Please put suggestions ect on my wall)

Romance / Drama
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It was due, James project, yet here we were looming over fluorescent mush. Months work down the drain. His grades down the drain!

"Fuckin Karen!" He growled it wasnt unusual for the old folktale to torment James for one reason only - he had asked for the manager

"Whats happened today mocking-jay?" Softly questioned a scruffy figure in the doorway. To their anguish, they were only met with a grunt as James scuttered about throwing the mush into a nearby bin.

"Dont ask Leon - I really couldnt give a shit right now." Huffed James, this wasnt his first rodeo but he would never drag a friend into his mess - it had always been his flaw.

Leon smiled, nothing had to be said for him to walk over and help with the clean-up. James held his breath as he threw his art into the trash; his effort focused on choking down a lump in his throat. Almost in unison, they sighed, the realisation room had finally been cleared hitting them.

"Where are you going?" Leon chanted as he peered up from his phone only to catch a glimpse of James neon hair sweeping down the hallway.

"Clear my head, find a model and restart my project from scratch..." huffed James in return, he had never been one for doing work let alone re-doing it.

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