Bowtie Café BoyxBoy

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Chapter One

"You're aware this isn't a bar. Correct?" questioned Kaden, his eyes glaring down at James whom had sprawled himself across his booth before raiding his damp rag and flicking him with a stern, "Oi, we don't accept drunks!"

A soft groan followed soon-after as James glared at Kaden from under his deflated Mohawk. This earned him another flick, then another and another

"Go away and get me another latte!" Snarled James, his head raised to glare upwards at Kayden as the final flick was delivered to the tip of his nose.

Kaden returned with a smirk to James scrunched face as he softly hummed, "I'll expect £3.45 plus tip once I get back." Sauntering back to the till his head held high to revealing the white freckles on his face to the light.

"Give me a tip, I'm better than you, drunks aren't allowed." James mockingly parroted as he rifled throughout his wallet securing his hands on a £5 note and tossing it onto the table.

Moments passed as James focused his mind on his napkins as he carved small doodles of the people around him into them. The bell would ring as people entered and left leaving the teen to create a substantially impressive collection of napkin canvases filled with rough sketches of the customers he saw.

"A latte for my fine napkin addicted generous tipper!" grinned Kaden, carefully he placed the glass down on the table. His hand extended all too happy to snatch up his rightful £5 with a cocky grin.

"Thank you ma'am, if only the service was as good as the drinks I'd be a regular!" happily commented James resting his chin on his hand gladly displaying his own smirking rebuttal.

Kaden scoffed but smiled as he accepted defeat returning to the counter "Nice doodles by the way, maybe you should give me a shot." He chanted before taking up his rag and wiping down any vacant tables.

Door, people, bell, caffeine, cream, bell, leave James had grown accustomed to the passing time and actions throughout the café as he dwindled his time away with his nose buried deep within an overpriced latte and a sketchbook. Minutes turned to hours as the time dripped away leaving James hunched over his book, eyes closed, asleep.

Kaden slowly shuffled over with a grin as he softly nudged the drowsy teen. James didnt move. Halting his breath Kaden hushed towards the only other employee at the time, "I'll lock up, head home."

This was met with a nod as the fellow employee ushered themselves out the door clutching their coat and umbrella leaving Kaden to flick through James newly produced napkin collection. Sketches were done from a multitude of different biros all varying in style and imagery as Kaden peered over James shoulder to inspect the sketchbook where he was met with a detailed image of himself; unfinished but accurate nonetheless.

"Hey, wake up tipper!" Kaden chuckled as he flicked James ear only to be treated with a grunt.

"No, too early for self-hatred. Go away." Growled James. Slowly his head buried itself into his sketchbook earning him a murky grey smudge across the tip of his nose.

"It's 11pm and you look like a hungover Picasso who failed at a neko cosplay. Not that Im not into that but how are you goanna get more money to tip me looking like that?" Kaden chuckled as he flicked James ear once again.

"11pm!" James bellowed, his head raised to stare at Kaden wide-eyed followed with a bitter hiss, "You're a cunt, y'know that?"

Kaden chuckled happily patting James head before walking around and turning off the lights softly chanting, "You have 10 minutes before I lock that door to be out of it."

This was met with another sarcastic scoff as James began to pile up his napkin collection atop his jumbled sketchbook with a huff. No words were exchanged between the teenagers as they finished cleaning up and the lights were shut off.

"Can you model by any chance?" Questioned James as he broke the silence slowly approaching Kaden and peering down at him with a cocked eyebrow.

"Yeah... Sorry, why do you ask?" Kaden shakily replied his back pressed against the doorframe only to be handed a small napkin neatly branded with a drawing of his own face and a number on the back.

James chuckled before leaving the shaky boy to lock-up pushing his hair out of his eyes as he walked home.

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