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Chapter Two

James eyed his phone carefully ruffling his hair with the dampened towel. Nights had passed yet not a single call. This could be because he was disliked by a majority of his peers or he had been rejected once again. Solemn steps made themselves downstairs, flicking the kettle on and making himself some tea.

Kaden paced, back and forth, the room was beginning to spin as he clutched his phone. It was a blackberry, nothing to gawk at but it got the job done. Slowly he tried once more attempting to dial in the smudged number having run through a multitude of possibilities as to what it couldve said prior to the coffee stain of 2020. It worked!

"Tipper?" questioned Kaden, eyebrow cocked as he listened to the unenthused ringtone.

"Oh! Shi-" James scrambled upstairs leaving his poor tea abandoned on the side.

**A/N: Do not abandon tea at home kids or the Queens corgis will smite you.**

"Hello, is this Tipper?" Kaden hummed. His confidence and will being drained over the last 5 calls teetering between giving-up and banging his head on a wall.

"Its James. You owe me a cup of tea but Im assuming youre interested Freckles?" chuckled James through the phone slowly making his way downstairs towards his abandoned tea.

"Interested? Oh, the modelling!" Kaden gasped in reply, slowly registering what he had signed up for as he blurted out, So you werent just looking for a hook-up?

A loud snort echoed around their rooms as James spat out his mouthful of tea bursting into pure laughter. Neither of them could say a word, Kaden frozen in shock and James on the floor with a light-hearted cackle blended between coughs.

"Its not funny- Anyways, what does this modelling entail and will I get paid?" Kaden scoffed holding back a chuckle as he attempted to divert the subject.

"I- One second." James forced out as he pressed himself against the counter with a grin only to continue with, "I cant pay you much however youd be a great help without. It would mostly be you modelling for photos so I can make a sculpture of you and perfect the images for a project of mine."

The two teens sat in silence for a few minutes as James collected himself before peering at himself in the mirror as he styled his hair. Kaden had his face buried in his hands waiting for his face to calm down with the mutual agreement of silence as the soft sound of James humming flowed through the phone.

"Yes" Kaden huffed just pressing his head against his pillow.

"Yes to what? Did you hit your head getting prepped for that hook-up you were hoping for?" James joked happily styling his mohawk.

"I'll model for free, but, you owe me!" Kaden smirked his smile taming as James let out a soft chuckle.

"Sure, seems like a good deal to me! I'll save your number and text you the details we can meet up tomorrow, Saturday, if youre free?" James smiled, calmly questioning Kaden as he jotted down his notes.

"Great! That's good for me I'll see you then!" Kaden stumbled happily inspecting himself In the mirror as that final tone chimed from the phone to signal hed hung-up.

Kadens heart fluttered as he admired his body, it was rare he felt appreciated, tracing the small marks vitiligo had branded across him. Slowly he looked at himself with a smile before rushing to his rustic laptop trying to look up poses and makeup to practice.

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