Bowtie Café BoyxBoy

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Chapter Three

Kaden smiled virtually skipping down the street as he made his way towards the towns skatepark. He was very aware of the types of whom hung out there however, he hoped, they would usually avoid touching groups.

"What's it like walking around nude?" Echoed from behind the tree as Kaden approached with confusion imprinted across his expressions.

"I'm not nude, it is a sleeveless crop-top!" Whined James as he glared down at Leon.

Kaden cocked an eyebrow as he neatly perched himself beside the tree only to observe the two child-like teenagers debate what classifies as stripper-clothing. He stayed quiet. Observation was all he wanted to do as he chuckled to himself.

"Oh, Kaden. Youre late!" James obviously stated, a grin evident on his face as he whipped around to face Kaden.

"Oh, m'lord how I hath disrespected thine-self before you! I request your forgiveness or thou head shalt be lopped off." Announced Leon preforming his best mock-Victorian accent.

Both boys scrambled off of each other with Leons muddy imprints coating James clothing. They sported light-hearted smiles sprawling themselves beside the tree and Kaden.

"Oh- Okay. You're forgiven." Chuckled Kaden with an awkward grin, "What are the details anyways?"

"Well-" James had attempted to speak.

"Well first you sit in a tree K-I-S-S-" Bellowed Leon, overjoyed, before having James playfully cover his mouth.

Glad you already have a fan Kaden but we can just do some basic poses later. I figured getting to know you would be better for now. Calmly stated James still smiling at Leon who was mock-kissing his hand.

Kaden nodded, staring at Leon wide-eyed before looking to James for help. James smiled just shrugging and patting his friend on the shoulder observing Leon begin skipping down the parks brick pathway.

"We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!" Sang Leon in a light-hearted manner continuing to skip.

"Is he okay?" Questioned a concerned Kaden beginning to follow the mad-man he had just been introduced to.

"No one knows. No one knows." Repeated James with a smile on his face somehow attempting to rock the muddy clothing.

Through the town they weaved past: houses, stores, Morrisons, Asda and even a McDonalds. Slowly they approached the same café prior as it proudly displayed Bowtie Café above the doorway through a cursive teal lettering.

"Shotgun!" Bellowed Leon as he slid into a booth and placed his transformer rucksack beside himself.

"Please dont get us kicked out this time." Chuckled James, sitting across from his friend whom was already nose-deep in a menu.

"Sorry." Kaden apologised towards a stunned worker before calmly sliding into the booth and hissing, "If you two get me fired I will slap you both."

"Feisty, I like this one! Dont worry, we wont be getting you fired or banned were just here to-" Leon was cut off.

"Rock, paper, scissors for whos paying!" Grinned James holding a fist in his face.

The two boys were soon bent over the table happily shaking their fists at each other leaving Kaden to watch them with sheer curiosity. His eyes squinted and his lips pursed out of sheer concentration: rock and rock, paper and paper, scissors and scissors. They continued the set pattern with every occasion earning both Leon and James the same choice ending in a tie.

"Its been 15 rounds and everything is a tie, what if you both just pay for your own meals?" Kaden brightly stated his cheek pressed against the cooled wooden table.

Both teens stared at each other in disbelief for a few seconds before slowly turning to Kaden. Kaden sunk away, discomforted by the continued stares, turning his eyes to his phone.

"I'll pay." Mumbled Kaden with his head concealed by his hoodie.

"Deal!" Bellowed Leon and James in unison only to be rapidly hushed by employees as the boys trailed off with a soft, "Sorry..."

"Dont get me fired! I need the employees discount if Im paying for everything." Scoffed Kaden as he smiled at the others.

"Yes sir!" Announced the boys in muffled tones.

Calmly they sat at the table as a thick air of silence began to cover them. All tones shifted to a murky grey as they scrambled through their menus, passing their orders towards the waiter.

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