Mistletoe & Secret Kisses

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When you come home for Christmas you find a present you were not expecting to get... your brothers best friend. What happens when your paths cross after a few years apart and all those feelings you thought were gone come flooding back.

Romance / Drama
Lily Rose Stories
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Chapter 1

“Hurry up, we are going to miss the flight” I yell, pacing back and forth before Rhiana finally chirps in “calm down we have loads of time, chill out already”. She’s lucky I love her, cause this girl stresses me out “so, is he going to be there” she asks me, I roll my eyes “yes he is and no you shouldn’t go there. I have warned you what he is like”. Rhiana smiles at me, “I think I need to go there and get me a little hottie fix” I feel a little sick at the thought, “please, stop talking about my man whore brother, you don’t need to go there and you shouldn’t go there, she looks at me like what I am saying it going in one ear and out the other.

“oh, come on, I could be your sister, how much fun would that be” I have to laugh “you’re already like family, don’t ruin it by going there with him”. To be honest, my worry would if those two did decide to do something, it would destroy our friendship.

As I watch the hamster go round the wheel that is in her head, she finally stops day-dreaming about my brother. I cannot believe she just cheeky winked me. I have warned her, what he is like, she has lost her mind if she goes anywhere near him. I should maybe give her a heads up about, what’s her name Cristal, Brittany, no that’s not her name ah Tiffini spelt with and I and not a Y, she’s a royal pain in my ass. I don’t know what he sees in her, no wait, yes I do it’s the giant double d’s she owns. I was hoping it was a phase, but nope she is still there like an STD you can’t get rid of.

“Sorry to burst your bubble hun, but Tiffini is still on the scene, that bitch is a psycho you don’t want to rattle it”, I can tell Rhiana isn’t too worried about her competition when she states “we will see about that”. I am done waiting I can’t take it anymore “Right, get your ass in the car” she finally makes her way to the door I’m in shock “holy shit, how much luggage are you bringing, we are only going away for 3 weeks”. Rhiana looks at me innocently before declaring “What, that’s a light pack, you have to be ready for all occasions”.

Five flights of stairs and four suitcases later, I still can’t get over the fact she is bringing three cases with her. Come on, who needs that much luggage, we load up the car and head to the airport. I finally break the silence “So, just to let you know Cole is arriving in a few days”. Rhiana rolls her eyes at me, before sarcastically replying “oh goody, can’t wait”. I shout out “Hey, I saw that eye roll, please play nice, this is a big deal for me”. Let’s just say they don’t get on at all. Cole finally agreed to come with me to meet my family, the only catch is he couldn’t get the time off right away so he is meeting me there. “I will play nice for you but honestly, I don’t get a good feeling about him. Ruby, you’re a smart girl, you see the way he is when your around glancing at other women, flirting with them in front of you. If that’s what he is like with you around, what’s he like without she explains and I can’t help it I try to defend my relationship to her for what feels like the millionth time. “It’s just harmless chat, he just comes across flirty, he has never done anything that makes me worry, just please give him a chance” I plead with her. Rhiana looks at her hand and sighs “ok because I love you, I will, but just so you know as your bestie, I’m watching him”.

The rest of the car ride is a little tense neither of us knowing what really to say. We arrive at the airport and haul the luggage to the check-in desk queue. “This is taking forever, can’t wait to dump the luggage and have a wee cheeky cocktail before the flight” I nod and agree with Rhiana. “I’m definitely in the need for a slow screw” she looks at me arching her eyebrows, I look at her wide-eyed “Jesus, do you have to make everything dirty” I can’t help but laugh. We finally reach the desk and I hand over our passes’, the lady behind the desk delivers the news I did not need to be hearing, What do you mean the flights cancelled?

How can this be happening? I beg the clerk for help "please, there has to be something you can do, Is there any other flights? The desk clerk hands me back are passes "I am so sorry, but due to a snow storm all flights to your destination or surrounding areas have been cancelled until further notice, if you go to a customer service desk they will be able to assist you further" I fee the tears coming "seriously I finally have time to go home and the universe is throwing this crap at me already" Rhiana touches my arm and gives me a little squeeze "you're being a little dramatic Ruby" I give Rhiana a dirty look and the middle finger.

The desk clerk looks at me sensing my imminent breakdown, "might I suggest you get a bus or hire a car for your trip. If you go to the customer service desk that's all they will offer" next thing I know Rhiana is chanting beside me "road trip, road trip, road trip" I glare at Rhiana before spitting out "you're not helping me right now" trying to help me shake my mood Rhiana gives me a good old verbal shake "oh, get that stick out of your ass", I ask her outright "do you even know how long, it's going to take if we drive"

Rhiana has all the answers today apparently "Yip about a day! come on how much fun are we going to have you, me and the open road like Thelma and Louise". I actually can't believe how calm she is being about the whole thing plus her horrific movie reference I can't help but ask "hun, you do know how that movie ended right?

Her smile grows and she gives me a little arm shake "that's not the point, we can either stay here and wait, hopefully, we can get a flight or we can embark on a road trip adventure and get there by tomorrow at the latest.

I stand there weighing up my options. I cannot believe I'm even considering this, but if I don't show up my parents are going to be disappointed, I promised them I would visit and spend time with them considering I pretty much work all the time. I feel guilty and it doesn't help that golden balls throw shade at me for focusing on my career too much, as he can talk. I admit airline defeat and with as much enthusiasm as I can muster "fine, we are road tripping, let me just call to let them know the change of plans, they had planned to collect us from the airport after all". Well here goes nothing I reach into my bag and call my parents, come on pick up.

I get no answer just the machine great "hi, you have reached the porter residence, sorry we aren't available, please leave a message" BEEP I take a deep breath "hi mum and dad, I have had a problem with getting a flight out due to the snowstorms, so Rhiana and I are just going to drive there, should be there by tomorrow late on, look forward to seeing you all, ok, well bye ...love you.

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