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The Tycoon's Bachelor Affair

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Matteo Armani takes a vacation in Egypt. What could possibly go wrong?, except being involved with a girl who has a weak heart. Matteo battles with himself ; leave his infrit and return to his world or stay with her and be all he wished he was.

Romance / Drama
Sharon James Jordan
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Chapter 1

The hot afternoon sun coupled with the nameless barbaric individuals who called themselves tourists made his day worst than he'd ever imagined . Not only had every single one of them who had bumped into him not apologized but had also been extremely loud.

Matteo Armani wondered why he had decided to come to Africa of all places for a four month long vacation. He smiled grimly to himself as he tried to get to the auditorium where all the tourists were no doubt running to. Avoiding bumping into an elderly lady, he trudged ahead, his mind subconsciously returning to what he had been thinking about. He had wanted a place away from Italy, his hometown, away from the persistent, unrelenting paps, away from his bothersome duties. He was in Africa in hopes of relaxing before taking over the family business and before he got married to Angelina Rossi, daughter of Marcelo Rossi, a friend of his father's and owner of the popular watch brand Rossi e figli back in Italy. He was sure he had made the right decision; for his company and well - for him. One look at her made him certain that he had. First thing he noticed when they met was her long slender legs enclosed in a short skin fitting skirt with her smooth skin peeking out the slit and then her breast in an off the shoulder gown that barely hid the light dusky color of the skin around her nipples.

He had looked at her face to apologized for his apparent misconduct of staring at her but had stopped short at the knowing look in her eyes- shwred blue eyes that promised fulfilment of every of his sexual fantasy and of a lot of other happenings he had willed himself to forget. She had simply smiled and pulled him in for a short but lingering kiss on the cheek that made a part of him stand at attention. He had staked her claim on him right in the middle of the busy lobby of her father's head quarters and he had no objection. A quick meeting with Angelina and her father had finalized the deal of the marriage. With a quick announcement Marcelo had excused his daughter for a business deal in the US for some time and he had stalked out of the office. Angelina followed soon behind but not before another lingering kiss and a subtle but firm squeeze of his groin and a grin of approval before sashaying out the room door. He had sat there feeling like he had just passed a rather unusual type of assessment from his future bride. He was both satisfied and bothered. Bothered because he was soon about to become tied to one woman for life. He was a slave to pleasures of the flesh but he wanted to make sure that all pleasure was to be with his wife for life that was a promise he made to himself years before that showed he still had some integrity first. Women were his weakness and he had had a fair share or maybe more than a fair share of women. He had enough experience - orgies, threesome, foursome, name it. He had even fucked an air hostess beside his sleeping father on their private jet. So yes, he had had a lot of women from every continent he had been to- the slender American blonde or redhead, the luscious Latina, gorgeous Mexicans, alluring Asians, all but the Africans, sexy gorgeous, innocent, traditionally and culturally infused, ignorant Africans. What better place to go to enjoy his last bachelorhood days but Africa and what better place than the place he had fantasized about- Egypt and their pyramids and their women. A place where no one would imagine he'd ever be.

A bump on his shoulder brought him out of his reverie. He was away from everyone alright but apparently he forgot about the crowd of tourists and sun.
You're here on a tourist visa.
He merely growled at the little voice that said that and continued his walk. A laughter at his side reminded him that he wasn't alone which brought another groan forth from him of all people he chose to accompany him- Adamo Ferrari. He glared at his childhood friend and partner in every aspect; threesome and foursome included. The clown just smirked back amusedly at him and continued forward humming a little too happily. He was always happy, a little to carefree to be a son of the well known Apollo Ferrari. Adamo Ferrari was the third son of the always stoic owner of Ferrari electronics which left Matteo concluding he had gotten his humor from his mother. The barely fifty years old woman always had a grin on her face if not laughing loudly.
The marriage between both Adamo's parents was a true example of the saying 'Opposites do attract'.
Barely escaping colliding with some stage hands and their props, Matteo cursed under his breath and if thing couldn't get worst a light chuckle escaped Adamo,
'Chill out'. Mustering the most icy glare he could, which was confirmed was totally useless by another chuckle that escaped Adamo, he asked if they had arrived at their destination.
He was rewarded by a light shrug and an ' almost there'.
Walking forward he inwardly sighed wondering why they were here wandering like a flock of flustered chickens and not in their hotel room getting the physical activities they were here for. A grim smile appeared on his lips as he noted the comparison with human and animals he used when agitated and frustrated- a bad habit he was trying hard to curb.
' We are here '
The Al Qahira Ballroom sign hung just below the floor Nile-Ritz Carlton Conference Centre.
He couldn't wait to sit and get the whole thing over with.
'I hope this is worth my time or else...'
'Nothing is ever worth your time but your shenanigans...'
' .....Adamo...'
'....Let's find the VIP entrance'
Really bothered, by his constant interruptions from his friend, he opened his mouth ready to speak his mind
' quit interrupting me....omph'
Matteo was cut off by a rough hit on his side sending him to the floor. The person either possessed great strength or he was just distracted by Adamo that he didn't catch himself on time, either way his elbow hurt bad. He concluded while slowly rubbing his elbow. He looked up at Adamo's flushed expression added a ' fucking tourists' under his breath. He made to stand instead of wallowing in self pity . Luckily it wasn't Italy otherwise the paps would have been here to capture the moment he added in a grimace. It would be ....
' I'm sorry, here, let me help'
A voice called out to him, a hand coming into view. Definitely not Adamo.
Beautiful- was his thought when a pair of hazel green eyes met his. They were clear, do clear he could see himself in them, so beautiful, like sea of emeralds that could see through his soul. They were very bright, unusually beautifully bright like a dim beam of light under emeralds. Really beautiful. The emeralds blinked, he blinked too, he felt bewitched, like he was under a sweet sweet spell. The feel of her hand sliding into his had him opening his mouth a fraction for air, his hearts seemed to have lost its timing pattern. It had taken a different irregular pattern. He felt like he had just been saved from drowning.
His eyes roamed her face. Regal. Not the round flat nose but a pointed one with a slightly upturned end - the perfect celestial nose and beautiful full pale pink lips which reminded him of the peach he loved to eat. His eyes went down and he almost groaned in irritation. She had a long black gown showing nothing. It has baggy and lose fitting. He identified it as those clothes he saw Muslims wear.
Was she a Muslim?
He could already see her beneath him,her mouth on his sex bringing him to greater pleasures with those eyes shining up at him, her head wrapped in their native Islamic scarf. He slowly licked his lips at the thought and swallowed the saliva that almost escaped his lips together with a groan. Her hand moved to put the scarf on her head properly before she squeezed her beautiful face,his mind protested even before he could.Her lips thinned as if struggling for something. She stopped seemingly out of air, she opened her eyes and stared at him, those eyes mocking. Her hold on his hands lightened.
' You should really help out here'
Damn, that voice.
Her eyes were alive with mirth and...mockery.
A long forgotten Adamo burst out laughing breaking him from the long long spell. Temporarily. He found himself hoping. Matteo sent a glare to Adamo to which the latter amusedly smirked signalling he was still on the floor.
Matteo closed his eyes, a barely audible groan escaping him he had been what she was struggling with apparently, he picked himself up hastily dusting his shorts before looking at her again

Like magic her gaze caught his again.
' I'm sorry ..I was in a hurry didn't see you there'
He wanted to let her have a piece of his mind or at least utter belittling things to her, she was part of those nuisance; tourists but he found himself giving a nod and concentrating on her voice. Her voice- feminine and soft with also a hint of hardness, maturity, authority.
The perfect combination- sexiness and perfection.
The corner of her mouth lifted upwards as if she could sense his inner turmoil.
' You guys here for the show?' she asked turning to Adamo, probably assuming he was dumb. He cursed himself. The hell!
'Yeah , we are new here, thought we'd go for a tour, found some people selling tickets to the show, bought them and here we are'.
Matteo's eyes narrowed , Adamo normally talked lot but he seemed to be smiling a bit too much this time.
He ignored the voice in his mind asking when he became bothered about something like Adamo smiling at one of their future conquests.
' I'm guessing VIP tickets?'
Another smile came on'
' yeah, how did you know'
This time a sarcastic look was directed at his friend and he felt strangely satisfied as he noticed Adamos flushed cheeks.
' I guessed'
She replied nevertheless. Her attention shifted to him again and a sense of foreboding gripped him.
Her eyes slowly assessed him , something flashing in her eyes and gone as soon as it came. She turned to Adamo again.
' you guys aren't Africans, right?'
His friend answered smiling a little to brightly again for his liking.
'Yeah, we are Italians, we spent half our lives in the states hence our not so strong accents' Again, Matteo thought grimly He spoke unnecessary rubbish again but for a moment wondering why he wanted to impress one of his most likely future conquests.
' Hmm..'
She nodded appearing thoughtful while facing him again, looking almost innocent, he concluded suspicious.
' Tell me ...do you have ladies there?'
Both men looked on in puzzlement at the weird question but Adamo nevertheless answered.


The incredulity in his voice made her face him again, she shrugged and looked back at Matteo,the sardonic glint ever brighter.

'well...it doesn't seem so...I mean with the way your friend is looking at me one would think he hasn't seen a woman in years'

She answered nonchalantly. Matteo's eyes narrowed at him throwing Adamo a glare before directing another to her. The spell was gone right now...long gone and he was going to allow some low life middle class woman insult him he was the MATTEO ARMANI and no one spoke to him like that. The dumbstruck fool was gone.

'Listen here Missy...'
He opened ready to give her a piece of his mind. No one spoke to him that way and got away with even if the person was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. As if daring him to go on her eyes flashed to his again , efficiently him shutting him up.
Damn her and those eyes.
He spoke too soon

A throaty laughter escaped Adamo at her statement. It was true one would think that if they looked closely and noticed his gaping , it was not exactly subtle, he had been wondering if she had noticed his friend gaping and was just pretending not to notice or she really had been ignorant.He guessed it was the former and she had endured enough. It was funny -seeing his friend the casanova Matteo Armani tongue tied by a woman something he never thought he'd see. God he was loving every minute of this encounter. It wasn't something he saw everyday, heck, he had never seen it. Again spitfire turned to him,
' what's your name'
He offered her a swift smile enjoying the look he had been getting from Matteo whenever he smiled at her.
' My name's Adamo'
She looked intently down at the ground before looking up at him. Her mouth moved slowly as if testing her name.
' It's Adamo'
She shrugged breaking away from her struggle.
' I can't pronounce the name, I'll call you Adam' instead '
He noticed she didn't ask if she could call him that and had made her decision without his consent - stubborn like Matteo.
He didn't need another Matteo to deal with so he didn't complain with her nickname for him.
' and your friend? what is his name?'
Adamo grinned brightly this time, it was good to have the attention on himself for sometime even if it was for a little while. It felt surreal to be the one ladies were paying attention to and not Matteo, it had always been that way for a long time. Apparently his friend wasn't happy with the arrangement as the scowl on his face deepened causing a low chuckle to escape him. Clearing his throat he stared at spitfire who now had a brow raised at him.
' Matteo'
He watched from the corner of his eyes as his companion stalked forward barely holding his laughter in. The spell was apparently broken. He had never thought he'd see the day Matteo would be silenced he had always been in charge. He was always in charge from his childhood till the present even among his peers slije him included. It was fun while it lasted.
'You do know you can ask me for my own name don't you?'
Matteo asked his eye brow raised giving the usual stare that spent his employees living their jobs - those who had other alternatives and peeing their pants this you had no choice but to work with him. Only it wasn't effective this time.
Spitfire- a name he would continue to call her even if she told them her name -stared right back, her eyebrow raised further as if questioning his facial expression. ' I did talk to you before but you didn't speak, you can't blame one for thinking you are mute and when you did talk.....'
Adamo watched as she sighed dramatically before raising the lower part of her scarf to cover her nose and lips leaving only her green eyes to the world to see. Her eyes went straight to his partner who stared at her directly as if daring her to complete her statement which they all knew wouldn't end nicely.
Spitfire was the first to break the stare off
' I don't have all day '
She took steps forward beckoning on them to follow behind her.
' come along Adam, you too Matty' A low growl escaped Matteo as they moved forward. 'You will not call me that , my name is Matteo'.
Adam watched with interest as spitfire stopped in her tracks and turned around before making the next statement.
' I will and can call you Matty ....' She curled her lips in a small smirk before repeating her previous statement.
'come along Matty '
Matteo frowned and let out a string of cursesbefore frowning like a kid and stalking ahead behind her.
He had a feeling this vacation was going to be worth it. They had met spitfire and she was a intriguing. He had a feeling she was going to be with them for a long long time throughout the vacation. They had similar characters, both stubborn, sarcastic, sardonic and though she had not displayed impatience he it was part of her. They were alike in every way. Two people with their hardened and stubborn personalites was sure bring disaster and strangely he welcomed the idea of that disaster! He grinned at the thought of what would happen when next they saw her and he knew it was going to be hilarious. He liked her already.
Correction,he liked anything or person that could get Matteo Armani riled up.

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