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10 Sentences

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Chapter 2: Dmitri

The only time I feel calm is whenever I’m in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if I’m making Beef Wellington from scratch or pudding for my sisters and brother; cooking is my zen and the recipe is my mantra.

As I looked up from the cream cheese frosting I was making, I caught him staring at me again. Today he’s wearing a fatigue jacket; most probably pilfered from his parents’ closet. Irregardless, this guy is clearly proud of his parents as he would often light up when they’re the topic of a conversation and that he would always have military patches and stickers all over his stuff. I heard they were both ex-Marines and were dismissed because of certain things. I didn’t bother finding out because it’s their life and who am I to gossip on something personal. But all I know is that one of them is now working as neurosurgeon while the other became a businessman; and that this guy is one of their adopted children.

He’s looking at me again. My locker neighbor, Dorian Tizona.

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