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“Thea needs to tell you guys something, she got some important news today and she's going to need everyone's support, go ahead Thea it's okay" Avery says taking my hand. "Okay so remember a month ago when we went to Greyson's party and we all got incredibly drunk and couldn't remember much of what had happened, well I woke up, in Greyson's bed, with him and we had obviously been very drunk and you can probably guess what we did, anyway I hadn't been feeling well so Avery and I went to the doctors and it turns out I'm 3-4 weeks pregnant" I say quickly while looking at my lap, avoiding all eye contact. "So you're telling me that you slept with our neighbour slash teacher and now you are pregnant with his child, what were you thinking Thea?!, It's one thing making him jealous and having a joke but to jump into bed with him is so stupid, what are you going to do now, do you really think he is going to support you and help you with the baby?, I can't do this right now" Theo says clearly angry and upset. "I'm sorry Theo, I was drunk, I know I'm stupid but you can't tell me what to do you're my brother not my parent, I don't even know why you're so upset it's my choice and my mistake and I am keeping the baby whether you like it or not!" I yell at him.

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It's been a week since my brother and I moved to New York, we used to live in sunny London (note the sarcasm, England is anything but sunny). Myself and my lovely twin are close as can be, never been apart for as long as I can remember, we do everything together no matter how big or small.

I should probably introduce us I am Thea Smith, I'm 18 years old, I have very long, wavy purple hair, I'm average height a whole 5,7" and my body type isn't fat nor skinny but I am curvy and I embrace it. My brother is the one and only Theo Smith I know we're that alike we nearly have the same name. Theo has short black hair, he is the same height as myself and his body type is average, you can probably guess he is 18 as well considering we are twins. we live in a large house, just myself, Theo and our new puppy, Ernie who is a Rottweiler breed, he is cute and well behaved. Anyway lets get started.

Thea's P.O.V-


UGH!, time to get up and get ready I suppose. It's our first day of our new school, I won't lie and say I am excited but I'm not nervous or dreading it either. I roll out of bed and head to mine and Theo's bathroom, I know you must be thinking 'ew! sharing a bathroom with your brother is just gross' but he is the cleanest and tidiest male I know, yeah he's a lazy douche but at least he's tidy and clean. I have a quick shower and use my favourite cherry scented shampoo and body wash, yeah, I am cherry mad don't judge. Once done I get out and dry myself and my hair, it's to much effort to blow dry my hair so I prefer to let it air dry, less frizziness. I quickly apply some light make-up, just black eyeliner, mascara and some deep red lipstick. Heading back to my room I throw some underwear on, my black sheer tights, burgundy velvet crop top, black distressed denim shorts and my 'South Side Serpents' leather jacket, I pair this outfit with my favourite burgundy over the knee velvet heeled boots. I grab my phone and bag and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Once I reach the kitchen I connect my phone up to our speakers and blast my favourite playlist which consists of many different songs that Theo and I know every single word to, our favourite song at the moment is 'Hey brother' by Avicii, I turn the speaker up full blast in the hopes it will awaken my lovely brother from his deep slumber which it has because I can hear him walking around upstairs.

Checking the time I see it's only 7am an hour before school, I make some coffee and pancakes for us and sit down and start eating, 5 minutes later my brother appears wearing black ripped skinny jeans, a black and white 'So Sarcastic' t-shirt, his leather jacket and black and white converse high-tops.

"Morning jelly baby" Theo says surprisingly cheery.

"Morning jellybean, you ready for our first day?"

"Yeah, I hope we're in all the same classes"

"Me too, it wouldn't be the same without you"

"I know, we're to cool to be separated, plus I need my partner in crime"

"I know, let's just promise each other we will make this year as fun as we can, okay?"

"No problem jelly baby, anyway lets head out"

"Okay, I've fed Ernie and gave him water, we will have to leave him in the kitchen so he doesn't pee everywhere"

"No problem, I'll sort him out while you go and get the car started"

"Okay, see you in a second jellybean"

If you haven't already figured out we have nicknames for each other mine being Jelly baby and Theo's being Jelly bean, the story behind this is that my favourite sweets are Jelly beans and Theo's are Jelly babies and as we are each others favourite person we nicknamed each other after our favourite sweets.

Before I can even head to the front door there is a knock, 'Who could that be? it's not like we know anyone around here', I open the front door and stood before me is a guy with light tan skin, grey eyes and black hair, he looks to be in his late twenties, early thirties, he's tall and dressed in black skinny jeans, black converses and a red shirt with the sleeves rolled up. 'Snap out of it Thea, you've been staring at the guy with your gob open'.

"Umm....hi, who are you?" I say awkwardly after realising I've been stood just staring at him for the past minute.

"Sorry, I'm Greyson, Greyson Rossi I live next door to you, I just popped round to introduce myself and bring who I believe to be your dog back to you"

"Oh! I'm so sorry, I had no idea he had got out, he didn't damage anything did he? we are new here and he probably went exploring"

"No he didn't damage anything he was just sat on my door step and I noticed him as I was leaving for work"

"Okay, well I'm sorry again....sir, I'll make sure he can't get out again and thank you not many people are kind enough to return escapee pets"

"It's no problem and please just call me Grey"

"Okay, Grey.... well I'm Thea and I live here with my twin brother Theo, actually he is probably looking for Ernie, 2 seconds I'll call him".

"Theo! can you come here, our neighbour found Ernie"


"He won't be a minute, do you want to come in quick?"

"Sure, it will have to be quickly though I've got to get to work"

"Of course"

"Jelly baby, where's Ernie?"

"Right here, Theo this is Greyson Rossi our neighbour, Greyson this is my twin brother Theo"

"Nice to meet you Mr. Rossi, thank you for finding Ernie I've just been searching for him" Theo says as he shakes Greyson's hand.

"No problem and please just call me Grey, Mr. Rossi makes me sound old"

"Okay well nice to meet you, Thea I'm going to put Ernie away can you go get the car started and I'll be right there"

"Sure thing little brother, I'll walk you out grey"

"Hey! you're only one minute older don't be a pooface"

"Wow soo mature, just go do your job wench and put Ernie to bed" with that Theo walks off to the kitchen.

"Find that funny did we?"

"Yes! sorry that was just hilarious" Greyson says as he laughs and walks to the front door.

"Of course it was funny, I said it. Come on anyway otherwise we will all be late"

"Yes, well it was nice meeting you both and hopefully we can all see each other again"

"Dude we're neighbours and you're the first person we have actually met since we moved here, of course we will see each other again, in fact why don't you come round tonight at about 6ish for dinner and we can all get to know each other better?"

"Sounds like a plan, just please don't poison me" he says as he walks towards his car.

"How rude, I am a fabulous cook, my brother on the other hand not so much, see you at 6 bye"

"I'll hold you to that and see you then, bye Thea" with that he jumps in his car and drives off.

I quickly hop into my VW 'Thing' which is light purple and a convertible, I love my car. Soon appears Theo and off we go to our new school both singing Marshmello Ft Anne Marie 'Friends' at the top of our voices like the crazy people we are.

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