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What happens when you don't look for love, but life has other plans? 17-year old Ana Davies wants nothing to do with boys. She believed in true love, but life showed her that something like that doesn't exist. So she decides to focus on her school, her friends, nothing else. But what happens when you try to avoid something at all costs? ~ Iann Keyport is a 19-year old popular guy, liked by everyone for his quick wit and charming appearance. Desperate to get his high school career over with, he smoothly sails through his classes without much ambition, until he meets her.

Cosey Josey
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1. The library - Ana

I let my eyes wander over the semi crowded library, before finding what I was looking for. Quickly, but as silently as possible, I made my way over to the free space at the laptop table and dropped my bag on the chair, claiming it.

Since the library was public, lots of people gladly used the free laptops to browse, study, finish essays, whatever you could think of.

After pressing the on button, I reluctantly took my history book out of my bag and sighed. Our teacher, Mr. Peyton, had decided we didn't already have enough work on our plate, but that we should write a five page essay on one of the countries political parties. I used to love history when I was in my first and second year, but after that, I learned that having a passionate teacher can make a massive difference. Mr. Peyton was an inexperienced know-it-all, who never failed to fall into the trap of Damon, our class's bad boy. Fortunately for Damon, he was also smart and able to remember stuff so easily, he would win almost any debate they had, much to our amusement, since it only made Mr. Peyton more nervous.

Oh how I wish we could have Mrs. Delaney from our first year in our final year as well. She was sweet and enthusiastic, and would never have given us such a dull assignment.

As I opened the browser, I tried to make up my mind what to write about, when I noticed the library's chat server had automatically launched as well.

No, I said to myself, first do something productive, then socialize.

Browsing through the latest news, I decided to write on one of the more progressive political sides. Mainly because according to recent blogs, they were all about giving young, talented people more opportunities, which I completely agreed with.

After scribbling some random thoughts that filled almost two pages, my brain just didn't feel like it anymore. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't come up with anything useful to say on the subject. With a sigh, I saved my work and mailed it to myself.

Finally, I focused my attention on the blinking icon of the library's chat program. Opening it, it asked me to register first. Although I was often called naive, I decided to listen to my little paranoid side for once and chose a neutral nickname instead of using my real name.

'IronMansGirl94 is now online', it read.

Turns out there were different groups you could join about all kinds of topics, kind of like forums. I looked through them to see if there was anything worth joining. I could immediately tell most of them were from nerds, discussing tactics for some kind of online game. Others were obviously from some cool kids, chatting about the next big party or upcoming soccer championships.

One in particular drew my attention. It was a chat group about movies. I couldn't help but smile. Guess I'm not the only moveie lover in town.

Currently they were listing their most favorite things in the Harry Potter series, one of my all time favorites.

"My favorite scene is the one where Margot becomes a big balloon and flies away," someone named MagicalCreature007 said.

"What about the one where Buckbeak bites Draco? Seriously laughed my ass off with that one," NerdsAreBetterThanMuggles argued.

"Meh. The best part has to be Dumbledore's Army in the fifth movie."

That last one intrigued me, because in my opinion, they left out so much good stuff in the fifth movie. It was from a user called Dragonrider92.

"@Dragonrider92, why is that exactly?" I decided to join in, honestly curious about their response.

I saw three dots, indicating someone was typing a reply. Then the dots disappeard. I frowned, wondering if my question had been weird.

Suddenly I got a pop-up screen labeled 'Private chat - Dragonrider92'.

"Why wouldn't it be the best part?" Dragonrider92 asked me.

"Well, maybe it was the best part in the movie, but the movie itself could have been sooo much better," I replied.

"Oh is that so? Well, what's missing according to you?"

"Uhm, what about the OWL's, the league for house elves, the scene where all the food is transported from the lower level kitchen to the dining hall? Need I go on?"

I smiled, remembering those parts from when I read the books. If this person wanted to challenge me, he or she was in for a surprise. Not to brag or anything, but I was a lifelong fan and had read the books multiple times.

"Maybe. But how important are they for the story really? Shit would have turned boring pretty fast."

My mouth fell open.

"Nobody calls a Harry Potter movie boring in my presence!"

"Good one ;)"

"Thanks :)," I replied with a smug smile on my face, even though no one could see me.

"So IronMansGirl94, you come here often?"

Was that seriously a pickup line?

"I guess. How about you?"

"Only when I really really REALLY have no other choice. Libraries aren't my usual hangout spot."

Okay, so now Dragonrider92 definitely started sounding like a guy. And I wasn't going to tell him that I loved coming here, at least when it wasn't working on school assignments. I was pretty much a bookworm, reading in my bean bag whenever I had the time, always getting lost in some kind of fantasy world.

"Oh too good for libraries, are ya?"

"Not at all. Just scared all these books might get hungry and try to eat me."

I gniffled out loud at that one, actually imagining it. Before I could reply, he typed again.

"You thought that was funny huh? ;)"

My breath caught in my throat. He heard me! I sunk into my chair, knowing there was no one near me who could actually see me, but nevertheless. I'm a much shier person when I'm not hiding behind a keyboard actually, so coming face to face with whoever was behind the nickname made me anxious. I decided not to let it show, but leave anyway.

"Maybe :) Gotta run, bye!"

Before he had a chance to reply, I logged out and turned off the laptop. I grabbed my stuff, slung my bag over my shoulder and without looking back, hurried out of the library and headed home.

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