Faint Vision

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“Roa, a 21st century whore as my mom would name her, was using identifiers to recognize me but she didn’t have Prosopognosia, none of us had. She came like a gothic Avenger when it was the start of a global drought and the humans were wild, and so I can only tell. It was like a loathe hex has been casted upon our country and the government worked through it. Only that our visions were customised, and now all I see is her.”

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Chapter 1: Fat Jerk Rodeo

It was mayhem, the start of chaos and I wanted to do nothing.

I reread my Understanding Culture and Politics’s notes but my mind wouldn't focus as the static noise on television keeps coming. I feel ennui about it, but it gives me the vibe of hope for some reasons. I know that outside might be a bloody hell at this time and all I should do is bear with my mom's ted talk for now.

"Ricky, all I say is that you shouldn't be all alone in this type of occurrence. Aren't the newspapers you've been reading give you the creep about what to sight outside this home of yours? Innocent people are getting murdered, honey. Better be safe than sorry. These, these money thirsty politicians give no fuck about their people. Always remember that the government is not the solution to our problem, but they are the problem themselves."

My dad whom I thought isn't listening retorted coolly, "It was Ronaldo Reagan's."

He is flipping pages on some book he reads that says, UNCENSORED TRUTH in it and he gives the gesture of dismay from time to time. He's misopogonist and never grow beard because he feels nasty with it. Oftenly he would throw hate speech on some random dude with beards. He's also nomomisist, a person who despises particular names and he hates the name RYAN and never talked to my mom's brother just becaused he was named with it.

"Yes, Reagan, or whoever the hell stated that. I think, I think, huh. It's the devil's making. Why would people be against each others when the seconds before, they were against the government? It's like their minds had been hijacked by some unknown loathe hex, huh. Thoughts about it, Radar?"

I fake a cough. My mom gives me that judging look while stirring her black coffee. Good postured, you will never have guessed she's aged and way older than she looks. She isn't this typical tremendously frail woman from the neighborhood of Mallowee nor querulously grateful as my grandmother but she's the way she sips her coffee in the morning and she's the way she gives me faint pressures about thoughts in life each and everyday.

"There must be a hex, I dare say. It's like the Hungarian Suicide Song that casted death upon whoever heard it. Definitely interesting." I tried to sound natural and narrow my eyes to look more convincing. These are days in which I needed to sound literate in order not to paint disappointment in my mom's face.

"That is why I don't commend your child be diving into some horrible sites. Have him checked." My dad says and gets out of his dilapidated chair. He goes straight to the bathroom. My mom and I exchange looks and I smile at her reassuringly. I pretend to focus on my notes as my mom goes upstairs with folded clothes on her hands.

I really wanna get out of this noisy desolation already and leave this house. Stay on a friend's house and live a life. It makes me feel imprisoned by erudite parents and full-blown caged with this stockade. I wanna be teaming up in Battle Royale with Nathan and Levi at Call of Duty Mobile and had to be revived because I'm as noob as they say.

"Mom, I'll be back at 5PM! Just to Rogers’." I shout and pack my stuff. I run towards the gate and I don't think anyone could ever hinder me anymore. My mind's gonna burst out any minute and I can't give our home another second.

And then I immediately regret it.

Someone has thrown me a rock the size of a fist and it sores like hell. My mind is throbbing and the air is foggy. Is this some sort of purge? I should've listened to my mom. She knows best but I haven't listened to any bit she had said. Now, I think my kneecap slip out of its groove and I will be paralyzed for life.

"Over here, donkey!"

I turn my back and see a massive man on striped shirt and tight jeans. His face is covered with a gorgon mask and I already know who he is. Must be the bulky jerk Danni. He's most interested in Greek Mythology and was nicknamed as Jerk Mythology back in eight grade.

I heave a sigh and then shout, "What do you need from me, asshole? Could've done anything better in your life instead of pestering me! That's why Katie Roberts dumped your fat ass! You're such a douchebag!"

I know from the words I say might put me into further danger but I can't help but to remind him how asshole he is. Back when we were classmates, he'd let Sharee eat a big ass tarantula he had found at some corners of the corridors and he would even shove it on Sharee's mouth when she tried to fight back. He was caught in the act making Johnny Wack drink his own bottled piss and was sent to the Guidance's office.

But, neither the names I called him and the name Katie Roberts does not make him flinch one bit. He has moved on from his biggest heartbreak and the most popular dumping incident of all time. He removes his gorgon mask while wearing his smirk. He's walking toward me. Shit!

I set my stance and keep the pace. I can barely walk but I try to manage. I still have playlists to listen on Spotify and browser history to remove. Why haven't I thought about using incognito tabs? I'm in such a big mess. I need to get the fuck outta here but my mind's ditching me into spiral and the world's kind of distorting. My heart's pounding too fast I feel like they might get out my body any minute by now. And there's Danni, he's behind me now.

A loud horn from a convertible appears and seems to aim at us. Its color is black although the wheels got pastel mixing on it. The color scheme makes me confused when a stunning lady gets out of it and aims a pistol right at Danni's head. She's wearing an obsidian pocket combat boots partnered with fishnets on her white as silk legs. I look up to her as I duck myself inadvertently, an act of cowardice, caught in the middle of a havoc.

"You done, fat jerk rodeo?"

She's wearing a gas mask and black crop tops that shows her sweet body built. Her shorts are that SHORT and my mom would probably call her a 21st century whore and slut shame her.

Danni seems to be in aghast but retreats immediately. She lets him run away and then she walks away after. I follow her, catching my breath and picking my legs up like I'm disabled. I'm still in awe for what had just happened.

"Hey, uhh, hi...?" My voice crack at the last word.

She stops in front of her car and gestures, "Get in." and so I hop inside her car almost forgetting I have an injury.

I fake a cough as I always do to lessen the awkward atmosphere. She removes her gas mask and I have never seen a girl as gorgeous as her my life. She has tantalizing eyes the hue of a forest, she has such sultry gaze. Her nose is desirable narrow and she has juicy lips. Her ash blonde hair falls onto her waist.

"I didn't do it for you. My intent was to scare the pig but you blocked my way."

She starts the engine and I don't dare ask where are we heading. She's kind of comforting, she seems soft despite her edgy looks. She opens her MP3 and connects it to her car's stereo media. Her hair flies smoothly visible because of her car's detachable hardtops.

The mirror's image

Tells me it's home time

But I'm not finished

'Cause you're not by my side

"Arctic Monkeys." I mutter and look at her. She's driving slowly and she's humming to the song.

She nods at me but doesn't throw a glance. I can say that she's trying to focus on driving although she actually looks like enjoying the moment. Maybe, the song. Minus me on it.

And as I arrived I thought I saw you leaving

Carrying your shoes

Decided that once again I was just dreaming

Of bumping into you

"Now it's three in the morning, and I'm tryna change your mind," I sing along with the music.

I hear her soft chuckle and continues, "Left you multiple missed calls and to my message you reply."

We look at each other and mimic Alex Turner, "Why do you only call me when you're high? Hi, why do you only call me when you're high?" and we burst into laughter as if we've known each other for how long.

She stops at an empty gasoline station. It's really chaotic, even the stalls we passed by are close at the moment.

Somewhere darker

Talking the same shite

I need a partner

Well are you out tonight?

She pulls the popped collar of my jacket and kisses my lips. It's warm and hot. It's embarrassing but it really is my first time to kiss a girl. It feels weirdly good, her tongue pushes mine. I move my tongue and explores her mouth. I feel aroused and I can't think properly.

It's harder and harder to get you to listen

More I get through the gears

Incapable of making alright decisions

And having bad ideas

Her hand tightens her grip and my right hand works its way to her legs. But, we are interrupted by a sudden call from my mom. I am blood-blushed at the moment and I don't know what to react. My mom gets in no time.

"It's my uh.....mom." I wave my phone and clicks the end button. I feel the adrenaline rush, it's past the time I told my mom I'm going home.

She gets out and slams the door shut. I follow and apologetically look at her dreamy eyes.

"Fuck you, nerd." She removes her crop top showcasing her big tiddies and throws it to my face. It smells actually nice and I feel a boner inside my pants.

She hops back to her car and drives away without any cover on her breasts.

It's a pretty odd meeting but I like it.

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