The Dark King

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Two planets at war. Two beings not meant to be together. Can they change how the two races see each other? King Alduin was on a flight patrol with his two best warriors on the hunt for the human rebels. They had been a constant thorn in his side, and hindered the construction of his capitol. The five kings would have been happy to come to an arrangement of easing humankind into the idea they were not alone and slowly building the five citidels. But the humans had lashed out. Drakonians being of a dominant nature retaliated. So now he had to track them down and execute them. However he wasn't planning on being ambushed. All she wanted to do was care for the animals and go back to the way things used to be. She didn't want the attention of an abusive stalker who ran the camp they had set up. But she couldn't run away, especially not after they bring back a wounded Drakonian and the people who ambushed him... Dead. Now she has to withstand the murderous rage of the alien who somehow made her feel safe despite his wanting to kill her.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Alduin flew beside his two best warriors, scanning the area for the human rebels. They had chased the small group into the forest, now though they had disappeared. He looked to Solohknir and Odhaving, both good soldiers and enough to take the group of humans.

"My king, something is not right." Odhaving said uneasily. He looked for the humans and agreed, they shouldn't have lost them. It was nearly impossible with the technology and superior senses they had.

Narrowing his gaze he scanned the wood below for signs of the humans.

"I have a bad feeling." Solohknir said, as if on cue loud sounds of the humans primitive weapons rang in his ears. In that instant he was grateful for the wing armor he had not wanted to wear, for many bullets ricocheted off the strong metal.

He growled and dove for the flashing lights that gave the humans positions away, folding his wings into his body.

Alduin felt the pleasure of his bloodlust as he crushed one of the males he landed on, instantly rounding on the next one. He used the blades on his wings to slice through his Target, looking for his next victim.

As he fought he realized there were more humans than he had first seen.

"*Tas, it's an ambush!" He cursed, him and his warriors were surrounded. "Attack as one!" He snarled, moving in a blur of motion as he dug his claws into one of the rebels throats and tore it from his body. Hot thick blood spattered over him but he didn't blink, didn't stop as he fought.

Alduin grabbed a human by their head and tossed them at another rebel with enough force to kill them both. Crouching on all fours his muscles bunched as he prepared for flight, only the searing pain that shot up his calf stopped him. He let out a pain filled roar and swiped the feet out from under the unlucky human who thought he had a chance.

He drove his elbow into the rebels face, crushing their skull.

"Alduin! Watch out!" Odhaving yelled, though he could already feel the sharp blade dig into his shoulder through the chink in his armor. Shock ripped through him, human metals weren't strong enough to peirce Draconian scales. What was this?

Alduin flung his body back onto his hind legs and reached for the human on his back. He wrapped a hand around it's neck and yanked hard, not sure if he severed the spine or not as they were thrown from him. Whirling around he found his comrades being overtaken.

*Vrite, he needed to get to them so they could retreat. If his suspicions were correct the humans had somehow gained access to Draconian metal, with the evidence still lodged in his shoulder.

Alduin turned and charged one of the humans, ignoring the pain in his leg. He grabbed the humans primitive weapon and snapped it in half, slamming the palm of his hand into the humans face immediately after.

There was a sound, like a high pitched whistling before a sharp quick pain flared in his neck. He snapped out his wings, throwing a few humans away from him. The smell of medicine hit his nose and he groaned.

No, it wasn't possible. He couldn't fall here. Looking to his men he found them already on the ground, both unconscious.

Alduin stumbled as the Earth beneath him began spinning, lurching beneath his clawed paws. He groaned as he fell to the ground in a massive heap, his wings refusing to obey him and lift him into the air. Already his muscles were becoming lax as the medicine worked into his system.

Planting a hand on the ground he struggled to get up, determined to save Solohknir and Odhaving. He let out a grunt as he collapsed back onto the ground.

Tas. No! He snarled viciously as the humans pounced on him, pinning his wings, arms, and legs, and grabbing his horns. That pissed him off, opening his mouth he took a deep breath and spewed fire from his mouth.

The human holding onto his horns yelled in alarm and fell back into his flames when he tried to escape. It made him grin wickedly knowing he burned one more before he was killed. He took pleasure in the screams of the human as he died slowly, enveloped in his fire.

One of the humans stepped forward and stomped a foot into his back between his wings. The pressure pushed his armor into his back scales, causing him some discomfort. Glaring up at the human he vowed to kill this one slowly.

He had Sandy blond hair and green eyes as cold as the infernal planet he was on. He was of an average size and build, definitely small compared to the black scale size of 7'3. He wore no armor, according to the ERO, Earthen Research Outpost, he wore a jacket and jeans.

He held a gun, it was made of Earthen metal, but he could smell the underlying scent of °infernite. His suspicion was confirmed, someone was giving the humans Draconian technology, or the humans had somehow gotten lucky enough to steal it.

Alduin choked as the medicine was finalizing his death, his eyes rolling to the back of his skull as he began to go. His body went limp and he could hear the humans running around him, shouting their victory to each other.

Gloat while you can humans. My people will slaughter you all and I will be watching from the eternal skies as you all burn and I will relish in each scream of terror.

Alduin felt like his head was being crushed, everything was muffled. His senses had been momentarily dulled down. What in the seven skies was going on? He thought they had killed him.

He felt his consciousness going in and out as he struggled to regain himself. Though with the amount of tranquilizer they had shot him full of it would be more than a while before he regained himself fully.

Alduin listened carefully to his surroundings, trying to determine where he was. A voice, very soft and gentle, soothed the ache in his head, while another, louder and angry one grated his nerves.

Checking himself over mentally he found his body temperature had dropped dangerously low. Thanks to the tas'n planet being colder than his own he was finding it difficult to keep his body heat regulated, where it was supposed to be.

Other than the obvious injury, temperature, and aching head, he was fine. Forcing his eyes open he discovered he was laid on a metal table that barely held him, his wings and tail hanging off the table limply.

Alduin moved to sit up, tensing when restraints on his wrists and ankles stopped him. Hands were on him then, small delicate ones, touching his leg. The angry voice spoke louder like whoever it was was arguing.

He growled and moved sluggishly when pain broke through his mental haze. The hands on his calf were doing something to his wound that caused this pain. He was almost content to let the soft touch do as it pleased, not quite thinking clearly.

For obvious reasons if I'm thinking this is fine. He thought blearily.

Thankfully a sudden sharp sound of slamming had him surging up off the table. The restraints holding him snapped effortlessly, being made of the hide of an Earthen animal it was quite weak. He grabbed the humans throat and yanked them onto the table with him.

Alduin was about to rip their throat out when he met a pair of sky blue eyes. They were wide and terrified, but in their depths he saw a gentleness that made him hesitate, they were far too innocent to destroy. In an instant he reached out to his other senses that were slowly waking.

Breathing in the humans sweet scent, a female human, he found it to be an extremely pleasing scent. The body draped precariously across him was soft and fragile, unlike a Draconian female who was more muscle than curves unless they were part of a social class.

She was shaking in his grip, the stench of her fear reaching his nostrils and making him recoil. The world came back in around him and he grasped her neck harder, intending on breaking the little female in half for trapping him and his comrades.

A burst of light exploded before him as pain blossomed at the back of his head. He sat there momentarily stunned before slumping back into darkness.

Fawn watched in terror as the big burly and extremely terrifying alien fell back onto the table. She shrieked as the force of it shook the table and threw her onto the floor.

"Damn it!" Caid swore, standing behind the table with a gun in his hand. He had gotten the Draconian in the back of the head with it, most likely giving him another injury. "For fucks sake Fawn! I don't care if you fix this thing or not! We can't do anything with him till Connor and David finish putting in the draconian's cage."

Fawn looked at the big alien lying on the table and noticed how extravagant the armor was. It was a rich gold with explosions of color and engravings on the armor, strange artwork etched into the metal itself. The other draconian's they had separated and carted off to other sistering camps also had intricate armor, but not as beautiful as this one.

"But seeing what just happened I'm starting to have second thoughts. This thing is too dangerous." Caid sneered and lifted his gun, pointing it at the Draconian. "It's not worth the trouble-"

"Wait! Don't kill him!" Fawn exclaimed, throwing herself between the big guy and herself, his horns brushing against her back. "I-I-I mean-" she scrambled to explain her sudden outburst.

To be honest she didn't want him to kill the alien. Not just because she thought all life was sacred and should be cherished, but because for some strange reason, he hadn't killed her when she saw the clear intention of murder in his red snake like eyes.

"I mean- just-just look at his armor. It has to mean he's important. Maybe you could trade him for more technology." She glanced up at him wearily, her heart racing inside her chest. The gun pointed at her stomach making her as nervous as the man did.

Caid gave her a speculative look, actually seeming to think it over, he gave the Draconian on the table a disdainful glare and lowered his gun.

"I suppose your right. Perhaps we could trade him for something worthwhile." He smiled down at her, but it didn't reach his cold green eyes. "Your smart, that's one of the things I like about you." He said, running the back of his hand along her cheek. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she recognized one of his tricks. He would compliment her, then lash out either physically or mentally. But she couldn't turn away from him or he'd do so much worse to her, she had to endure his touch.

"But don't think you can get off that easy for getting in my way." He curled his lip and grabbed her jaw tightly.

Fawn cried out as his fingers dig into her jaw bone painfully.

"I-I'm sorry Caid." She apologized quietly and he released her, a little too quickly, raising her suspicion.

"Just fix that thing up and I'll send in John and Mcaddy to haul that thing to the animal room." Backing up he turned to the door and holstered his gun, looking at her over his shoulder. "Get it done."

As soon as he was gone she let out a sigh of relief, thanking her lucky stars. Shakily she turned to the Draconian on the table.

"That was a close one." She whispered, rubbing her aching jaw, her eyes darting to the door Caid had just disappeared behind. Hesitantly she walked around him to his left side and brought her medical tools with her. She frowned as she examined his armor. She couldn't very well treat him with his armor on.

She put her hand over her chest and took a few deep breaths, telling her heart to calm down, she needed to help him right now. Once she felt calm enough she tugged at the armor here and there, trying to get it off. It was stuck to him like glue and didn't budge an inch. Huffing she put her hands on her hips and looked at him.

"You must be really important if they don't want your armor coming off." She muttered, grabbing his arm plates she dug her nails into the spaces between the metal. The golden forearm plating with the talons extending a few inches past his own popped right off, throwing her back onto her ass. She screeched as she fell, holding the arm piece as if it would save her.

She must have hit some kind of release mechanism because as she examined the armor, two prongs were sliding back into the plating. On the edge where she had dug her nails into were a set of ridges that must have triggered the release. She examined it a moment longer, amazed at the artwork, before getting to her feet and setting it aside.

Looking at the big alien hand she hummed in interest, taking hold of his clawed hand she held her own up to it. It was so much bigger compared to her smaller more delicate one.

He only had four fingers, each tipped with long deadly claws, they were a dark black just like his scales. There were shiny black scales going all the way up his arms under the armor, however, underneath his arm the scales grew lighter in color and more of a tan-ish hue. His palms didn't have scales though, they were smooth, but rough and worn from work.

The Draconian began moving, his hand falling away from hers. Fawn skittered back away from the male in terror as he shifted, holding her breath as she waited for the fierce being to wake.

He settled back onto the table, letting out a ragged breath. She sighed in relief and moved back to the Draconian, sliding her fingers tentatively under his chest plate. She felt around for the ridges under the edges of the armor and found some, digging her nails into them and pulling.

Fawn yelped when it popped right off and she stumbled back. The metal was surprisingly lighter than she had expected!

"Holy-" she gaped at the broad expanse of his chest as it rose and fell in great uneven breaths. She knew he was a big guy, but he wasn't just big, he was built! He was covered in thick corded muscles and dark scales, the colors becoming lighter in the more exposed places like his throat and face. Underneath his armor was a strange silver fabric that stretched across his chest, the sleeves cutting of high on his upper biceps.

The rest of his armor was easy to take off once she figured out that the ridges released them. Though the decorative cuffs on his horns and wing armor were more difficult to remove.

Looking at him now she frowned, they had said he had a wound on his shoulder. How the heck was she supposed to get him on his stomach?! This guy had to weigh a ton! And there was no room for him on the table!

She put her hands on her hips and stared for a good long while. Well, she would do this somehow.

*Tas, tas'n- it means fuck, fucking, ect.

°infernite- a type of Draconian metal that's hard to smelt and craft with, but once one learns how to you can make the best things out of it.

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