The Light Queen

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Princess Ilene has succeeded in starting a war between the five empires while destroying Alduin and Fawn's relationship in the process. Now that the humans have become irrelevant and the fight for earth has begun, can the people who know what really happened stop the war? Stranded with no memory of who these draconian's are or what had happened, can Fawn regain her memories? Her supposed husband is a king who has captured not only her but her heart, only she can't recall any of it. And the only person who was there for her from the beginning was her trusty guard who is nowhere to be found. Four of the five kings are missing, the white scale empire has shut itself away from the rest, and there's a war about to start. Who Will prevail? Read and find out.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Fawn blinked open her eyes, startled to see nothing but open sky. She jolted upright as water surged around her feet, eyeing her surroundings. There were palm trees scattered across the beach she was on, and a large broken down hotel in the distance. She tried to remember how she had gotten there but she just ran into a wall of fire.

A few feet away from her there was a bundle of wet fur, it didn't move at all, but it definitely looked alien. Moving to stand she screeched in alarm when she felt feathers behind her. Jerking her head around to look over her shoulder she gasped at the two wings coming out of her back.

She certainly did not remember having wings. The last thing she actually remembered was... She frowned as she thought with much difficulty. The last thing She remembered was Caid telling her they had caught a couple draconian's.

Standing Fawn looked back over to the wet heap of fur and felt something stir in recognition inside her, a single name coming to mind. Moving cautiously towards the alien thing she got to her knees and peered closer at it.

It had a bone muzzle with two long fangs on top and shorter ones on bottom. It's gold and black fur dark with water and mud, it had six legs, two front ones and a set of hunches much like any other animal. It's fur tapered off though on it's legs to show thin scaly chicken like arms and toes. It had a long rat like tail with no fur, and then it blinked open six eyes, two sets of black and white and a set of green ones.

She leaned back as it wheezed and gave a pitiful, quiet cry, reaching out to her with it's four front arms weakly. She wrinkled her nose and scooted away, scared it might be trying to attack her. Looking at it though it seemed like hardly a threat, there was also something familiar about it.

Something glittered around it's neck, peering around she noticed what it was. A shining gold and silver collar with a beautiful stone dangling around its neck.

"Your a pet?" She cocked her head to the side and hesitantly reached her hand out to it. It started breathing heavier and chirping pitifully, grabbing onto her hand and just laying there with it.

Fawn's heart melted and she moved closer, tentatively picking the poor thing up and cradling it in her arms. It loved that, snuggling right up to her, drawing her attention to the clothes she didn't remember having.

She had a silver shirt on, though dirty from sand and whatnot, and a pair of black pants.

Why do they look so... Familiar? I've never seen them in my life. Fawn stood, bringing the alien creature with her, shaking the sand out of her newfound wings and opening them wide. Maybe she could fly? Find someplace safe for the time being until she could figure out what was going on?

"Hang in there little guy." She looked back to the little creature in her arms and remembered the name that had whispered across her mind. "Jinxy." She smiled. She moved her wings in uncertainty, testing them before moving them harder, trying to pick herself up of the ground.

She managed to lift off and stay in the air for an unsteady five seconds before she grew tired and gave up.

Ok. So no flying. Glancing towards the crumpled resort looking building she sighed and started walking. Let's go get some answers.

Alduin roared as he burst from the rubble, rage the only thing he could feel besides pain and betrayal. His entire left side was dark, and he couldn't see anything. Swiping at his eyes he pulled away to find blood, dragging himself out of the crumbled remains of his communications tower he looked around.

His relief that his city was still in one piece was short lived, servants and guards alike rushed to him, ushering him and those that survived to medical bay.

"I want communications established immediately! I want to know where Fawn is so I can kill her myself!" He snarled, coughing and wheezing with dust in his lungs, only slightly satisfied when some of the draconian's jumped to do his bidding.

Alduin snapped at the healers as they did their jobs, though there was nothing they could do for his eyes. The blast had damaged them beyond repair.

That had been a month ago, there had been no sign of Fawn in the blue scale empire, and there was no sign of Numinex or Rengar, they were most likely trapped within the white scale empire and the shield they had put up. He had become angry and hateful towards humans, the disgusting things were nothing but deceitful power hungry worms, only Looking out for themselves.

Snow had since started to fall and the temperature had dropped severely, causing most of the draconian's back into orbit.

Solohknir had gone missing with his little snakes friends after he gave out the order to eliminate the camps they had all been held at. Odhaving seemed displeased with Alduin's actions, but he said nothing, often disappearing on his shifts off. It seemed like everyone was distancing themselves from him, which was fine. He didn't need anyone.

All he needed was to find his little human and teach her a lesson.

By the time Fawn reached the crumbled resort she was tuckered out and breathing heavily, the little alien creature in her arms having fallen into a restless sleep. She looked around the fenced off building, finding its gate on it's hinges not too far away.

Moving towards the door she kept an eye out for anything suspicious or dangerous. Placing a hand on the door she pushed against it, without a single budge. She threw her shoulder into it and it gave way surprisingly easy, causing her to stumble through to the other side.

Fawn yelped as she fell over, her wings flying out and her grip on jinx tightening. The poor creature whined and looked up at her with those sad eyes.

"Sorry, go back to sleep, I'll find us someplace nice to rest." She whispered, taking her pointer finger and rubbing between his little horns. He started chirping and closed his eyes as she got up, looking around the ruined pool area.

There was debris everywhere, and hardly any water in the pool left, weaving about the rubble she made her way to the building. It looked to have withstood most of the invasion, maybe there was stuff to be ransacked inside, or a safe space to hide for a while.

The doors were broken, glass shattered everywhere and trash strewn about inside.

"Hello?" She called out, hoping to find some signs of life so she wouldn't have to go it alone. If she were in a group she would be less of a target and she might be able to get some help. Fawn jumped at the sound of clicking, the eerie silence making it that much more terrifying.

"I... I need help. I don't know where I am, or how I even got here." She said nervously, her gaze darting around. She froze as a figure emerged from behind the desk, it was a darker man holding a large rock in his hand.

"Be gone she-devil." He spoke with a thick African accent, his eyes wide and a strange alien looking collar around his neck with blue glowing lasers seeming to hold the large thing in place.

"I-I need help-" he yelled and threw the rock at her, throwing her hands up too late as the rock hit her in the head, triggering something deep within her memory.

There was blood everywhere, the sound of an animal roaring in her ears as Caid's face entered her view. His throat was torn out, blood spilling out at a rapid pace. She jerked her head up and caught a fierce pair of red eyes before she was snapped back into the present.

Though the memory had been just a split second, it was enough to terrify her. She scrambled back as the man continued to throw things at her, injuring her further and beating her entire body.

Fawn threw her wings out to sheild the little thing screeching in her arms, turning tail and fleeing. She ran as fast as she could out of the resort and towards the tree line, warm blood leaking down into her left eye, making it difficult to see. She dove headlong into the forest, sticking close to one of the overgrown paths so she wouldn't lose her way.

She kept on running until she could no longer hear his shouts and she felt she was safe enough to stop. Collapsing at the foot of a tree she gasped for breath, looking down at jinx who cried desperately.

"Shhh it's alright. He won't hurt us anymore. We're safe." She hushed, stroking his matted fur. He quieted and wheezed a little, settling back into her arms. Turning her gaze up to the surrounding wood she noticed that it was quiet, unnerving her.

She felt as though something had just started, something had turned it's attention her way and was now... On a hunt.

Alduin stormed into the new communications tower, his four wings shifting in irritation.

"What's the word." He snapped to one of the communication draconian's, her black scales raising in tension.

"A human matching the traitors description has come up in west Africa. One of the patrols slaves spotted her in a building and scared her off." He let a little fire slip out as he sighed, finally, he would catch the traitorous wench and make her pay.

The white scales had already started a war between the five colors with the two missing Kings nowhere to be found. But nothing would make him happier than crushing Fawn's spirit.

"Have my ship readied. I want to be there immediately."

Fawn trekked through the mud with bare feet, ignoring the pain in her body, her mind focused on the memory that had surfaced hours before. Had one of the draconian's they had captured killed Caid? Not just Caid, who else? There had been so much blood. Too much for one person.

And those eyes, those piercing red snake like eyes had focused on her, shooting terror through her system. She was still weary of whatever was following her, but she knew it was closing in on her. She was tired, and could hardly stand let alone walk for much longer.

The only thing that kept her going was a feeling that she needed to protect something. She was weakened, stopping she looked around helplessly for something, anything she could use against her hunter. Her wings dragged in the mud, forcing herself to lift them she tried to pick herself up off the ground to no avail.

She glanced around again, waiting for whatever it was to jump out, only it didn't. It sauntered out, ready for the last bits of her to fight, knowing she couldn't. She realized with dawning sadness that it was a jaguar, sizing her up.

Fawn felt the feathers at her back fluff up as it circled her. She was scared, but she couldn't do anything to stop this. It growled at her and pounced, taking her to the ground as she covered herself with a wing.

Something surged inside her, something feral, something... Angry. All of a sudden strength she didn't know she had filled her and she threw the beast of with an animal like snarl. Everything had sharpened, all of her senses on high alert at the danger in front of her.

It's claws dug into her arm, ripping open a jagged wound as she threw it. She felt her teeth sharpen as she scrambled to her knees, hissing at the jaguar. It stumbled and yowled at her angrily, leaping to its feet and coming at her again. She tensed, ready for it to rip into her once more, the little alien creature shielded by her wing.

An ear splitting roar rent the air just as a big blurred form shot out of the foliage at the jaguar. The two beasts rolled and the cat was thrown away with a kick, slamming it into a rock.

All the breath left her as she realized just exactly what it was that had come to her rescue. A big, black scaled alien, and he looked furious. The jaguar got up wearily, eyeing him and sizing him up. It took one last look at her before deciding she wasn't worth the fight it would have with the alien.

She watched the beast as it slowly sauntered back into the brush, the strength draining out of her and her senses dulled once more.

Fawn turned her gaze to the draconian that had saved her with growing caution. There was no way to avoid getting captured, she could barely keep herself upright. She tensed as he stood, turning to her with the same piercing red eye as the ones in her memory.

Daddy. A little boys voice whispered word was the last thing she heard before she fell back, her vision darkening into nothing.

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