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Sometimes the passing of someone's life. Actually saves the lives of those they love. Finding out he left behind a pregnant girlfriend. And returned to find out he was the father of quadruplets. who find their purpose for living. When Blaine Chase returns to New York to attend the funeral of his ex-girlfriend Zerrieh Hamilton's Father. He will change the fate of of her life, as well as, find out a secret.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 Untimely Event


"Blaine Chase. Thanks for coming. I only wish it was under different circumstances." Jezzei Hamilton said.

Blaine extended his hand to his childhood friend among the crowded room, filled with a sea of people gathered in Chateau de Hamilton's living room.

"Yes. I'm sorry for the loss of your father, Jezzei. Nezzera was a good man. If there's anything you need just ask." Blaine added.

If it wasn't for the line of people waiting to give their condolences, Blaine would have struck up a lengthy conversation. But, catching up at a time like this was not the best option at the moment to play catch up... that had to wait.

"Come find me later." Jezzei said as the next guest cleared his throat to get his turn.

Blaine agreed with a nod before setting off toward the bar to get a drink.

Several hours of much needed conversations were struck. With him and other childhood friends. He wondered his eye's searching for something. searching for someone in particular.

"If you're looking for her. She's here... It's a rare occasion we'd see her today. I'll say, she won't showing up." Lester said.

What the hell was he on about? I didn't see her in the receiving line beside Jezzei... Where is she?

"Am I supposed to be looking for someone? Are you trying to start something you can't finish... Les?" Blaine asked with a sly chuckle.

"Sure... You can pretend she doesn't exist. Just hold your breath when you finally get to see her." his blunt words, serious in tone. "Strikingly mesmerizing." he concluded.

Blaine tried to play it cool. Like it didn't matter. Not wanting his friend to know he was right. He was dying to see her again. Les claimed she was strikingly mesmerizing... 10 years was a long time. How did she look? Of course she was the most beautiful girl in high school. Every girl envied her and Every guy wanted to date her. For four years straight she was his. Only his... Together they were deemed the perfect couple.

Acting like it didn't matter if I saw her or not. He decided to change the subject.

"Well Stephen what's new with you?" he asked a lanky man wearing long sleeved dress shirt and dark blue jeans.

"I haven't left home. College wasn't for me. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with myself. Taking over the family business aint for me. I travel a lot thought." Stephen admitted shoving his hands in his pockets.

"I see you've made it for yourself, though. Your parents must be proud of their only child?" Stephen added.

"Yes... As long as their fortune wasn't put at stake." he started to say before his phone rang.

He pulled the ringing device from his suit pocket. Staring at the name that popped up on the screen. (Cierra Bixby his latest ex-girlfriend/Stalker.)

What timing... He stepped away from the group to take the call in private.

"Sierra, What do you want?" he coldly answered

"Blaine... I miss you sweetheart." how her voice made his nerves tighten with irritation.

That was all he heard. Her words became nothing but static to his ears. A frequency he ignored. Until he noticed how everything stopped.

It was quite obvious that the whole room became silent... just for a brief moment. Like a magnetic shift in the atmosphere stood to a halt. He set his attention on the only thing that moved. In synch with her. Every head swiveled to watch a woman walk in.

Some of the guest murmured at the sight as she passed through the room. If it mattered the woman never showed any signs of semblance towards them. She strolled right out onto the back courtyard platform. Like a passing breeze that blew for a moment.

Inside the gossip had begun in whispers among groups who caught a glimpse of her. Blaine stood near one of the floor to ceiling windows. Deep in conversation with his latest ex-girlfriend who couldn't get the hint of what breaking up meant.

"What do you want Sierra?" Blaine huffed again.

"I need to be by your side. You know I do Blaine." the woman on the phone whined.

"No. You don't!" he answered. "I have no time to argue with you. I need to go. Stop calling me." he switched the phone off before she could say anything else.

Blaine noticed the brief passing of a stunningly gorgeous woman. He couldn't take his eye's off her. Her stride... In Slow motion. It stopped time in her path. She must have been at least six feet tall. The One piece Jump suit she wore, definitely made her look sophisticated and sexy. Straight brown hair that reached her knees. The thing that bothered him was how thin framed she was. Other than that she was gorgeous.

Who was she? Blaine wondered to himself. He watched every step she made. Until she exited out into the back terrace. Leaning on the wall beside him. He was curious about her. Her face was like the greek goddess Athena. Flawless, with perfect cheekbones, a slight tan, beautiful slanted eyes and model puffed lips. Her motions seemed a bit stiff. Yet. She possessed the mannerism of a Royal or Noble person. He was able to see her sit at a chair placed in front of an easel. The awaiting 20 X 18 Canvas ready for her.

It must of been an hour of watching her. When he saw friendly face of his friend Jezzei approach her.

"Wait... the woman is Zerrieh Hamilton." Realizing how true to Lester's words. "Strikingly mezmerizing indeed. He smiled and thought It was good timing. Atleast to get to know the mystery woman. Before he could take a step.

"Hi there." the blonde haired blue-eyed woman said.

"Yes. You must be Blaine Chase?" another one added. Her dark brown eyes twinkling dollar signs.

Blaine was used to women flocking to him. Convinced it was either his money or sexual appetite along with his gorgeous looks that awarded him with them. Something that didn't interest him.

"Hello. and yes... I am who you say, I am." with an arched brow he smirked at the two women.

"I told you Leila. My name is Samantha." the blonde hair one extended her hand toward him.

Blaine obliged by accepting her hand. Firm and powerful. That's what came to mind. Samantha... not so much. Cold and Clammy.

"Well it was nice to meet you both. But, I need to be somewhere else." he gestured to the back yard.

"Oh Jezzei?" the curious blonde asked. A curious look in her eyes. "Or his twin?" she remarked.

"That's Zherrieh?" he exclaimed and quickly excused himself pass them.

The women looked at him and began to laugh in unison. Was he missing something? He knew he hadn't return after graduating High School. His plans of success had payed off from College to becoming a multi-billionaire icon in Forbes magazine. He had double his family wealth when he became CEO for Fitness Cups Inc. Owning a chain of health food prep cups that took the world by storm. The simplest approach to marketing had the greatest effect on consumers. Who are too busy or Lazy to prep for themselves. He jumped out of his own personal thoughts. Realizing Zerrieh was the cause of their joke.

"Why would a handsome man like you, want to bother with a mute?" Leila asked with confusion on her face.

He felt heat rise on his cheeks. They were talking about his first Love. The girl he was madly in love with at that time. She would always have his heart until the end of time. He stopped with clenched fist and turned to them.

"Mute... I'd rather spend time with a mute. Than with ignorant women who talk too much." He said.

By the look of his angry expression the women spun on their heels and made a fast getaway.

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