Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 19

“You are so beautiful,” he told her, their eyes connected and her body flamed with desire. She could see he truly thought she was beautiful and the desire she saw in his eyes made her shiver. Leaning up just enough she pressed her lips against his, marveling at how soft they felt against her own. He pressed back, his tongue slipping along the seam of her lips asking for entrance, she gave it to him. Opening her lips, she tangled her tongue with his in a dance trying to take dominance over him. His scent overwhelmed her senses, he smelled wonderfully earthy with a hint of something masculine, something all his own. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she thrust her fingers into the hair at the base of his neck. It was silky soft, gripping it gently in her hand she tugged and he groaned into the kiss. She melted back into the couch cushions letting his hands slip underneath the skirt of her dress gently stroking the tender skin of her inner thigh.

“Can I have you again?” he asked, once his lips left hers. She nodded unable to speak as his hands stroked her very core through her panties. His deft fingers tugged her cotton panties to the side and he plunged a finger into her dripping pussy. She gasped, arching her back sliding him deeper into her until he was knuckle deep. Her body felt on fire when he added a second finger, he groaned and kissed the delicate skin on her inner thighs his stubble adding a new sensation as he worshipped her.

“You are so tight,” he moaned and with one hand stripped her of her panties tossing them away. His mouth joined the fingers doing wicked things inside of her, he had twisted his hand so the pads of his fingers were stroking a particularly sensitive spot inside her.

“Marcus!” she called out, she needed more and he didn’t disappoint. His tongue darted out and twisted around her nub, pushing down on it. She tensed in his hands and her body jerked as an orgasm rocked her. Her vision went white and all her senses honed in on the man between her legs licking up every drop of her orgasm. He looked up at her and grinned.

“You taste amazing.” She flopped back onto the couch too spent to do anything but smiled back at him. Taking a minute, she took in the man kneeling at her feet, he made her feel beautiful and wanted. If his look of desire was anything to go by he was about to rock her world once again. Reaching out she tugged at his shirt, he took the hint and removed his shirt. She took in his body marveling at how sculpted he was. She noticed a tattoo peeking over his shoulder and motioned with her hand for him to turn around. He obliged and stripped out of his pants and boxers, tossing them in the same direction as his shirt. She noted he was tan all over, something she bet from his time as a shifter. She knew they needed to be naked to shift and were comfortable in their own skin. The tattoo was a dreamcatcher, but the strings were words. Leaning forward she realized they were names.

“Who are the names?” she asked, pulling her dress over her head and tossing her bra along with it.

“My family,” he replied, turning around his eyes darkened when he took in her naked state. Normally she was uncomfortable having a man stare at her while she was naked. She had rolls and her hips were wide, but with Marcus she felt like a goddess.

“Your family is very important then?” she commented, and he nodded reaching down he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I want you in my bed,” he growled squeezing her ass cheeks, she moaned as lightning spread through her body.

“Yes, take me,” she ordered and captured his mouth in a kiss, their tongues dueling for possession of each other. Marcus walked confidently never once hinting she was heavy in his arms. Making their way to his bedroom she pressed her breasts against his chest, the crisp hair rough against her tight nipples. Moaning at the sensations coursing through her body she tightened her grip on him rubbing again, this time Marcus moaned.

“That feels incredible,” he growled and dropped her onto the bed, careful not to make her bounce. He lay his body across hers, his cock bumping the entrance of her throbbing pussy. He leaned back and using his hands he gently cupped her breasts, his thumbs grazing her nipples. She gasped and pushed her chest into his hands, watching him, he carefully bent his head and took one tight bud into his mouth.

“Oh, oh,.... Marcus.” She couldn’t think about anything but the sensations Marcus was causing with his tongue. He sucked gently, his tongue lapping at her nipples, he moved back and forth between each breast. The one that wasn’t in his mouth he rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger using a little pressure. The mix of pain and pleasure had her tugging at his hair. Not wanting to be the only one pleased, she reached down and stroked his cock. He was thick, hot and silky in her hand, using the drop of precum on the tip she coated his cock. Her hand pumping up and down she squeezed and twisted.

“Eloise,” he moaned and bit down on her nipple, she arched and moaned.

“I want to please you,” she said, pushing on his shoulders to get him off of her. He let her, rolling to the side. She scrambled to her knees and slipped between his thick legs. She licked from his balls to the tip with the flat of her tongue, drawing out a loud moan from his lips. Bending down she took the tip into her mouth, using her tongue to tease the sensitive underside of the head. His hand settled in her hair, gripping lightly. He didn’t push her down, but encouraged her to take more of him into her mouth. She dipped her head up and down until the head of his cock touched the back of her throat. One hand pumped up and down on the part she couldn’t get into her mouth, her other fondling his large balls.

“Eloise,” he groaned tightening his grip in her hair. She sped up bobbing her head up and down, she found he liked it when she sucked in her cheeks.

“Enough,” he roared, and pulled her up to smash his lips down on hers.

“I want to spill my seed inside of you, not down your throat.” He gripped her hips and guided them to hover over his throbbing cock. She moaned as he slid inside of her, flipping them so she was underneath. He pushed her legs up over his hips and slid in, her pussy stretched to accommodate his thick length.

“Yes,” she moaned, and met him thrust for thrust, pushing him deep inside of her. He bent down and captured a nipple in his mouth. She screamed her pleasure this time, her nipples sensitive to any touch. Marcus thrust in and out of her in perfect tandem to her movements but she sensed he was holding back.

“You don’t have to be so gentle,” she told him, his eyes caught hers and he flipped her onto her stomach not coming out of her pussy. He pushed her up onto her knees and gripped her hips tightly, his nails biting into her flesh. The new position pushed him deeper inside her and she fell forward onto her elbows. Her body tightened until she felt she would shatter.

“Marcus!” she shouted his name and an orgasm so strong hit her she couldn’t breathe. Her body tightened around his cock so hard it hurt. He continued to pump in and out several more times before he joined her. He fell over her, using his hands to hold himself above her. His hips jerked with his orgasm, she could feel his seed filling her, branding her.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, falling flat on the bed. He rolled off her and went to get a warm washcloth. He gently wiped her down and curled around her body.

“So much for a movie,” she joked, snuggling up close. Her body felt languid and content.

“We can finish it with dinner,” he offered, running his hand through her hair.

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