Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 20

Marcus lay in his bed with his mate curled in his arms. Her hair such a dark color, he marveled at how silky it felt running through his fingers. Her tan skin glowed after their lovemaking, making his skin look even paler.

“That feels amazing,” she sighed, when he scratched at her scalp. A large smile graced his face, he didn’t remember the last time he smiled this much.

“I live to spoil you,” he whispered, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“Do you now?” She lifted an eyebrow and he nodded.

“Would you rub my shoulders? They cramp up when I grade too long.” She sat up and turned her back to him.

“Anything for you,” he replied, setting his hands on her narrow shoulders. Using a small amount of pressure, careful not to be too hard, he rubbed. Her skin was smooth under his callused hands, watching her chocolate eyes fall closed, her head dropping forward.

“Mmm feels so good,” she moaned and his cock semi hardened. He wouldn’t turn this into sex, he wanted her to see him as more than a good time in bed. Sliding his hands down her spine he was rewarded with a moan louder than before. Using his thumbs, he worked her lower back, that was where he always hurt after a day on his computer.

Ring, ring, ring.

Eloise’s head popped up, and she looked around for her phone.

“I’ll get it,” he offered, sliding off the bed and finding her bag, he felt cold without her body pressed against him.

“Thanks.” she took the phone and frowned.

“Who called?” he asked, wrapping her up in his arms, he didn’t want to be without her skin against his. His bear was much happier having their mate close by and he enjoyed the contrast of their bodies against each other.

“My mom, I talked with her this morning. Usually she doesn’t call twice in one day.” She looked up at him concern clear in her eyes.

“Call her back, I can step out if you want privacy,” he offered, his bear grumbling over not being close to their mate.

“No, stay.” She put a hand on his arm, he couldn’t resist and kissed her lips softly. He wanted her to know he was there for her. She gave him a gentle smile and unlocked her phone.

“Want your clothes?” he asked, in his family walking around naked was normal, he wasn’t sure about her. She shook her head and to his surprise slipped his shirt over her head. There was something sexy about his mate smelling like him with his shirt on.

“I’m going to put her on speaker, usually we face time, but I don’t want the third degree when she sees you.” Her mouth quirked up in a half smile.

“Perfectly understandable, just know I think you are amazing and beautiful. I want to spend more time with you than just one day.” He kissed her putting his feelings into the kiss, his tongue swiping into her mouth to tease hers. Releasing her, he watched her eyes blink away the haze of lust swirling in them.

“No fair,” she pouted, her bottom lip poking out. He grinned and placed another quick kiss on her lips.

“You taste amazing, I’m addicted,” he admitted, she gave a throaty laugh and his heart clenched. Pressing the call button on her phone, he watched anxiety take over as her phone rang.

“Hi Ellie, I have news for you,” a soft female voice came through the phone speaker.

“What happened?” Eloise asked, clenching the phone tightly in her small hand.

“William moved to Virginia for work. He is a computer programmer for a company near you.” He watched Eloise’s face blanch, he remembered her talking about William. She hadn’t seemed to be worried about him when she spoke at the club last night, now her body was stiff as a board.

“But William isn’t a shifter. My stalker is convinced I’m his mate,” Eloise argued, Marcus could smell the panic and fear pouring off of her.

“True, although we don’t know that. It is rude to ask if someone is a shifter. I think you should have Marcus look into William. You said he owned a protection agency. He might use his resources look him up. How did it go with him? Am I getting a son-in-law? Will I have grandbabies soon?” Marcus stifled the laughter bubbling up in his chest. Eloise had blushed so hard he could see it on her cheeks.

“Mom, he is right here,” Eloise hissed and her mother’s shout of delight broke his control. He let go and laughed a deep body wrenching laugh.

“Is that him?” her mother asked.

“Yes Mom,” she replied, Marcus pulled her in for a kiss on the cheek and spoke.

“Hello, I’m Marcus, nice to meet you.”

“Oh, you have a deep, sexy voice. I’m Lola Martinez, Eloise’s mom. Did you take her on a date?” Lola asked, Eloise buried her head in his chest and he hugged her tightly.

“Yes, I took her to the diner I like to eat at. I want to let you know I will take care of this stalker. We went to the police earlier and they’ve sent a couple officers out to check Eloise’s place,” he explained.

“Good, is she staying there alone?” He looked down at Eloise; her mother was shrewd and seemed to know what was going on.

“No, I am staying with Marcus Mom. He thinks if I disappear for a few days we can control the situation of when my stalker shows up. We have a blizzard coming down so I won’t be at work for the next day or two. Then once winter break comes, I am going to stay out of sight. I’ve dropped to just one shift at Club Cerulean to reduce his chances at getting at me,” she explained, Marcus could feel how tense she was and started to rub her shoulders, trying to get her to relax.

“Good, maybe leave town for a few days over the break. Make yourself hard to find and when you come back, your stalker will be desperate to see you. He might slip up and your bear can take him down,” Lola suggested. Marcus looked down at Eloise and could see her thinking hard behind her expressive eyes.

“She will come with me to Texas for Christmas,” he announced and ignored the shocked look Eloise gave him.

“Is she your mate?” Lola demanded. He hadn’t wanted to say anything yet, especially since he hadn’t spoken to Eloise about it.

“Yes, we are mates Mom,” Eloise answered, and he nodded to let her know she was right.

“Excellent, then please keep my daughter safe and if anything happens to her, I will come after you Marcus,” Lola threatened, he chuckled, imaging a woman built like Eloise coming after him.

“That would be your right as her mother. I hope we can meet in person soon,” he answered.

“Same here, I love you Ellie, please be careful and keep me posted,” Lola said.

“Okay Mom, love you too. Bye,” Eloise replied.

“Bye.” Eloise hung up her phone and flopped back against the pillows.

“I hope I hadn’t overstepped saying we were mates. I just feel an overwhelming connection to you, something I can’t explain. Normally I would have fought you on cutting back my hours and letting you pay for my things, but my heart wasn’t in it. I couldn’t tell you no, I wanted you to be my protector,” she shared and he crawled up her body placing open mouthed kisses up her arm until he caught her mouth with his own.

“I honestly didn’t think there was a mate out there for me. I thought I’d found her at eighteen, I built her a house in Texas and proposed,” he began to explain, he needed her to know.

“What happened?” she asked, her hand stroked his arm gently, offering him support.

“Wendy rejected me, she said she wanted someone who would be doing something with his life. I left my town and joined the Marines. I sold the house I built and took the money to build my business here. I only go home when my mother tells me I have too,” he shared.

“I am so sorry, but I am happy she said no.” Eloise crawled onto his lap, straddling his hips her naked pussy pressing against his now rock hard cock.

“Oh?” He cocked an eyebrow pushing his hips up to make his cock brush her dripping pussy lips.

“Yes, if she’d said yes, I wouldn’t have ever gotten to meet you and make you mine. I am starting to care a lot about you Marcus in a very short amount of time. I want you to make love to me and not think about Wendy ever again,” she demanded and he laughed.

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