Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 21

“Who am I to say no?” He ripped his shirt over her head and leaned up to grab her breasts. She was a little more than a handful and he marveled how soft they felt in his hands. Slipping one into his mouth he massaged and tweaked the nipple on her other. She moaned, her hands spearing his hair holding his head tight against her breasts. He shifted to her other breast, tweaking her neglected nipple between his thumb and forefinger rolling it, drawing out louder gasps and moans. Her hips were rubbing her wet pussy all over his cock, coating it with her juices.

“That feels amazing, your pussy coating my cock,” he moaned, lifting his hips to slip into her dripping pussy. God she was tight and slick, his cock pushing deep inside of her. Reaching down he used his hands to help her move up and down riding his cock the way he liked. He lifted his hips to meet her downward slide with an upward thrust, moaning his pleasure into her ear. He loved the bounce her breasts were doing as he slammed into her. Her head fell back, eyes closed, mouth open as he pleasured her.

“Yes, Eloise, more,” he moaned, holding her pressed against his chest, using his body to propel her up and down. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her nails digging into his shoulder.

“Oh Marcus, yes... more... please…” She arched her back and her orgasm overtook him, her pussy clenching tightly around his throbbing cock. He gritted his teeth holding back his own release, he wanted more. He lifted and dropped her down, her clenching pussy making it tighter for him to slide inside of her. He continued until her pussy stopped fluttering around his cock. Capturing her lips he kissed her hard, his tongue pushing in to mate with hers. Gently he flipped them so she was underneath and he could continue to pump in and out, slowly building her up to her next orgasm. The slow down gave him a chance to hold back his own orgasm, leaning down he nipped at her neck and sucked gently leaving a mark. He wouldn’t bite her yet, he needed her permission before he could claim her as his mate.

“Faster,” she demanded, arching up until her hips met his pelvis. He grinned and pushed her hips back down, he was going to control how fast she made it to her next orgasm.

“All in due time, my feisty one,” he replied and bent to kiss her again, he couldn’t get enough of her dainty tongue playing against his. Growling gently, he pumped in and out of her, he kept his thrusts light, one hand stroking her clit. He wanted to watch her orgasm this time, he wanted to see her eyes go hazy as her climax hit her hard. She closed her eyes.

“Keep them open,” he ordered, he needed to see the pleasure he was giving her. She popped them back open, pinning him with her lust filled gaze. Taking one of her legs he pushed it up his chest, her foot resting on his shoulder. The position thrust him deeper and her eyes almost fluttered closed.

“Open,” he demanded and she complied. Holding onto her leg, he picked up his speed and made sure to slide in deep enough his pelvis hit her clit.

“Marcus!” she called out, lifting off of the bed, he grinned and bent over bringing her leg up into a position he knew she’d never experienced. Her eyes wide with surprise told him as much.

“That’s it baby, keep your eyes on me,” he reminded her and lost himself in the sensation of her pussy gripping his cock, making him fill her to capacity.

“I’m close,” she moaned, her head dropping back.

“Keep those beautiful eyes on me. I want to see you climax. I want to know what I am doing to you makes you feel good. Your tight pussy is clenching on my cock, I am going to fill you so deep you are going to get pregnant with my cubs tonight.” He abandoned his controlled thrusts and let his bear take over, he pumped in and out of her hard enough to shake the bed and make it bang against the wall.

“Let go Eloise, let your orgasm take you.” He reached down and stroked her clit. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and with a scream her pussy fluttered around his cock. She wrapped her other leg around his waist and held him tightly. He let the clenching of her pussy pull his orgasm out of him. With a shout and a growl, he pumped his hips into her spilling his seed as deep as he could. Thrusting several more times he pumped in every last drop. Rolling to the side he pulled her tight against him. They were laying in a sweaty tangle of limbs when he whispered,

“Be mine Eloise.”

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