Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 22

“Huh?” She looked up at him in surprise, twenty-four hours ago she didn’t know him, now he was asking her to become his. Her heart was screaming YES! But her head was telling her to take her time, she’d been burned by men promising her the world too fast.

“I want to say yes, my heart and head are arguing over what to do,” she answered. Marcus had been the first man she’d ever dated and wanted more from, she wanted to be able to quit her job as a bar tender and not worry about bills. She wanted a man who would care for her and protect her from the world. She wanted a man who would provide for her and give her children. Marcus seemed like such a man, but she couldn’t just jump in without looking. For the first time, she wasn’t afraid of him cheating or leaving her for another thinner, younger woman.

“Let me prove how amazing being mates can be. We are snowed in and I don’t think we are going to be able to get out of the house for a while.” He took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles, warmth spread from her hand up her arm and settled in her heart. She was so very close to telling him yes, she would be his mate, but something was stopping the words from coming out of her mouth.

“Okay.” She nodded, she really wanted him to show her what a true mate was.

“Perfect,” he replied and leaned over to kiss her lips, just then her stomach rumbled. He chuckled and she groaned How embarrassing!

“Let’s feed you,” he said, scooping her up and carrying her down to his celebrity inspired kitchen. Setting her down she checked the ingredients he had on hand.

“Hmm, looks like I can throw together a baked ziti,” she announced, pulling everything out and placing it on the counters. He didn’t have much on hand other than a few staples anyone would keep stocked in their kitchen. She would make do and show him what homemade food tasted like.

“All of that is going to turn into dinner?” he asked, his eyes showing his disbelief. He’d taken a seat on a bar stool watching her move around the kitchen.

“Yes, want to help?” she offered, digging through the pots and pans he had stored underneath the island counter.

“I don’t know how to do much.”

“I can teach you, come on.” She waved him over, she could see the reluctance in his eyes and was determined to show him he could help.

“First thing is easy, fill this an inch from the top with water.” Eloise handed him a large pot to boil water for the pasta.

“Hot or cold?” Marcus asked, taking the pot and marching over to the sink a look of determination on his face. She could tell he was trying his best not to mess anything up.

“Cold,” she answered and started working on her pasta sauce.

“Done,” he announced placing the pot on the stove and turning the burner on high.

“What are you making?” Marcus came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist, a tingle went down her spine and settled in her belly. It was so comfortable having him there while she cooked, normally she would have found a man clinging to her distracting and annoying while she tried to cook, not Marcus.

“I’m making the pasta sauce better. I usually make it from scratch, my father is Italian and I learned from my Nona when I visited. She said being the only granddaughter, she wanted to pass the recipes down to me. She even came out to Kill Turn Falls to visit me. She and my mom still keep in touch, if I’m to be honest I think my Nona likes my mom better than my step-mother.”

“Wow, my mother did all the cooking and my father wasn’t one to encourage being in the kitchen. I do know how to grill meat and make grilled cheese, but I bet I could learn how to do other things,” Marcus suggested and she smiled.

“When it gets warm I look forward to you showing off your skills.” He kissed her right behind her ear and she shivered, she hadn’t known it was an erogenous zone until now.

“I’ll remember that for later,” he whispered in her ear, his hands slipping down her thighs. Already she could feel her juices dripping between her legs as his hands got closer to her desire. She parted her legs and laid her head on his shoulder.

“You smell delicious and ready for me to eat.” Marcus slipped his hand between her thick thighs and dipped a finger into her slick folds up to his knuckle.

“Oh!” she gasped and he nipped at her shoulder.

“You are ready for me, but right now I want to taste you.” He turned her away from the stove, leaning her against the counter. Kneeling he lifted the shirt she’d borrowed and placed butterfly kisses across her stomach. Normally she felt embarrassed by the extra weight she carried, but Marcus made her feel sexy.

“So beautiful,” he murmured and dipped two fingers into her soaking pussy. His fingers curled and pumped in and out slowly, building her orgasm agonizingly slow. He leaned forward and his mouth found her clit. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, fire erupting all over her body. She had to hold onto his bare shoulders, her legs feeling like jelly. His tongue came next, using the flat of his tongue, he worked from where his fingers were steadily pumping, up to her clit.

“Oh… yessss… Marcus!” she groaned, her nails scoring his shoulders, she ground her hips into his fingers getting him deeper. The steady rhythm of his fingers and tongue were driving her ever closer to the edge.

“Your pussy tastes amazing, I could eat it all day. Your peaches and cream is all the meal I need.” His voice rumbled making everything inside her vibrate. Trying to drive him faster she pushed her hips harder to meet his fingers.

“All in due time my love,” Marcus promised and set to work sucking, licking and biting. She cried out and felt her legs start to weaken. Marcus sped up and curled his fingers, knuckle deep pressing down on the soft spot inside her pussy. Her orgasm hit and she was swamped with body wracking shakes, the tightness in her core burst sending tingles across her body. She could feel herself gush all over his face and fingers, Marcus’ tongue lapping up every last drop. Eloise’s legs gave out and Marcus was there scooping her up and carrying her to the couch. She curled up in his arms letting him hold her close, until she regained the ability to speak.

“That was… mmmmm,” she murmured, and caught the grin creeping onto Marcus’ face.

“I’m glad,” he replied, placing a kiss on her temple.

“We need to finish dinner,” she commented lifting a weak hand towards the kitchen. She bet the water was boiling and her pasta sauce needed stirring.

“Can I do anything? I’m happy to take responsibility for your current state.” Marcus grinned, making her laugh.

“Can you check if the pasta water is boiling? If it is, take the box of pasta and toss it in. Make sure to stir it up and not let the pieces stick together as they cook. Also my sauce needs to be stirred.”

“I can do that.” Getting up from the couch he walked into the kitchen. Without his warmth she felt lonely, this bear was getting under her skin. Watching him work, she thought about what it would mean to become his. Already he showed how much she turned him on, he was offering to learn how to cook too. Taking a quick glance around she noticed he kept his living spaces clean. If he kept this up, she would cave at being his by tonight.

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