Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 24

Eloise awoke the next morning in a warm embrace on a soft bed, she didn’t remember falling asleep in bed last night. She remembered falling asleep in Marcus’ arms praying things could continue as they had. A large arm was laying over her waist and she could feel his steady breathing against her neck. Slowly turning over she saw Marcus in a new light, his eyes closed made him look much younger and less stressed. She could see the toll all those years in the military did to him, when he spoke about his business yesterday, she saw a haunted look in his eyes. He’d seen things she would never be able to understand or help with, but he didn’t let them stop him from building a business. His bright red hair hung over his forehead disheveled from a night of sleep. He had what looked like several days’ worth of growth on his face giving him a scruffy look. Reaching out gently she ran her finger across his sharp cheek bone and down to his pink lips.

She remembered what those lips had done to her last night and blushed, she didn’t remember a time when she’d actually gotten an orgasm from a man. She usually needed her battery operated boyfriends to help give her pleasure after her partner fell asleep. He grunted in his sleep and huffed, she smiled and could imagine what his bear would look like. She knew he was a grizzly bear, which meant he was huge, all shifters were bigger than their animals in nature. He probably had light brown fur and piercing green eyes. Leaning over she placed a gentle kiss on his beckoning lips and slipped out of bed. She needed to use the bathroom and take a shower. She hadn’t gotten one last night and needed to clean off the mess he made of her last night.

Stepping into the warm shower Eloise thought about Marcus. He’d offered to pay for her airplane ticket, for any bills she couldn’t cover by reducing her shifts at Club Cerulean and was taking care of her stalker. How could she ever repay him? She could tell he wasn’t struggling like she was to pay the bills, he had a business he was very happy with and good at running. She’d heard nothing but good things from Josie and Roxie when they’d been talking at the bar. He saved Roxie’s paintings from a horrid ex and helped put out the fire the ex started in his warehouse. He was perfect, okay so he couldn’t cook, but he could clean, she’d witnessed that last night when he cleaned the dinner dishes. He explained his thinking behind why he needed her to get him the list of her students. She hadn’t even thought one of their parents could be her stalker, it didn’t occur to her that some of the single dads at her school would be shifters. She always thought shifters mated for life, there was no divorce when it came to mating.

“What are you thinking so hard about in here?” Marcus’ deep voice pulled her from her thoughts and she turned to see him stepping into the shower. His body would never cease to amaze her, he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. What was more amazing was the fact he liked her and her extra curves.

“You and me, yesterday was amazing and I can’t wait to see what today brings. I might sound boring when I say this, but I really need to finish grading my students’ work. Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to grade much because of our visit to the police station, moving me here for the time being and getting snowed in,” she answered, watching him bend over to pick up a washcloth and her body wash. His ass was a temptation, she wanted to reach out and grab it, she didn’t because she didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

“I see you have unscented body wash, why?” he asked, pouring a dollop onto the cloth.

“Josie, she let me know when we did the first Mate Me event that most shifters had very sensitive noses and strong smells would bother them. I just got in the habit of using it, I found my students were less crazy when I didn’t use much perfume too.” Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the sensation of his gentle hands rubbing the cloth across her body. He started at her feet, lifting each one to worship moving up her legs, her body tingled from the lust spreading throughout. He moved up to her thighs and hips, avoiding her very core. He rubbed the cloth over her stomach and took his time massaging her breasts.

“The first time I saw these, I wanted to burying my face and bite, nip and suck on them.” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine. Moving up to her shoulders he worked down her arms to her fingers.

“Turn,” he ordered, she turned to face the shower head letting the hot water wash away the soap. His hands slid down her back rubbing away any knots he felt working his way down to her ass. Gripping her cheeks, he groaned and she felt him lower until his lips kissed each cheek. She gasped and leaned forward bracing herself against the shower wall.

“Your ass is beautiful. I want to bury myself to the hilt between these cheeks. Have you ever had a man in your ass before?” he asked, she moaned when he bit her and she shook her head, words had alluded her when he bit down.

“Good, this ass is mine only,” he growled and bit her just a little harder, instantly her pussy slickened and her juices ran down her legs.

“Marcus.” Her breathy voice surprised her, she could barely contain her need for him.

“Can I have you?” he asked and she nodded vigorously, her pussy ached for the need of him buried in her.

“Good.” He pushed her against the shower wall, she used her hands to brace herself and he entered in one fell swoop to the hilt. The new position pushed him against the very sensitive spot of her core. She dropped her head, eyes closed as she lifted her hips for him to get deeper.

“You are so sexy, your ass is begging for me to take it,” he moaned and to her surprise gave her a stinging slap on her ass. She groaned as sparks shot down to her pussy, she hadn’t known she liked it rough until she met this bear.

“Yessss,” she hissed, when he slapped her other cheek. His cock filled her to the brim, he was thick, long and hard as steel as he pumped in and out of her. She could feel her pussy walls start to tighten as her orgasm neared.

“I’m going to…” she gasped as her orgasm took over her body, flames erupted across her limbs as her pussy walls contracted around his steel length.

“Eloise you feel so good wrapped around my cock, I want you to have my cubs. Last night I dreamed you and I were expecting our first cub.” He bent over and grabbed her breasts squeezing and tweaking. She moaned, he was painting a tantalizing picture, she wanted to be a mother so bad, after Roxie announced her pregnancy Eloise felt her ovaries tighten with need.

“God yes, Marcus!” she moaned, one of her hands slipped between her legs and fondled her clit, Marcus never once stopped moving in and out of her dripping pussy. One of his hands moved to her ass slapping once again. She jerked forward from the sensation but moaned when the sting turned into desire. His thumb pushed gently into her tight hole. He didn’t force it but let her naturally push back until his thumb was fully embedded in her ass. She felt pleasantly stretched, his thumb was thick and warm.

“So tight, I can’t wait until you are ready for my cock,” he groaned nipping at her shoulder. She couldn’t speak, he replaced his thumb with two fingers and she felt a slight burn as he stretched her ass.

“Baby, you’ve got me to my knuckles in your ass, do you think I can add a third?” he asked, she knew he wasn’t going to push her further than she wanted, but she was curious. With a nod, she took a deep breath and relaxed, slipping his two fingers out and pushed back in with three. She jerked forward at the pain, it was worse than with two.

“Easy,” he whispered, his cock never slowing inside her pussy building her up to her orgasm slowly. He knew what she needed and gave her just enough to keep her moaning. His three fingers felt like too much, but she knew his thick cock would be more. Bouncing back and forth she pushed on his fingers and cock, her fingers fondling her clit. She was on fire, her body wanted more, wanted him to go faster and bring her to the edge of desire.

“Marcus, I need…” her voice trailed off when he pulled his fingers out and slammed both them and his cock into her. She felt full and stretched to her limit, screaming out, her orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. Marcus pumped in and out through each shudder drawing her orgasm out as long as possible. When she slumped forward, he slammed into her one last time and filled her with his cum, she could feel his cock pulsing inside her filling her until she felt his cum mingle with her juices flowing down her legs.

Marcus braced himself above her and she slumped against the cool tile. Her heart was pounding in her chest, she felt loved all over. Her body couldn’t support her much longer, so she slid to the floor, letting the water wash over her body.

“Are you okay?” He sounded as breathless as she felt.

“Yes, my legs couldn’t hold me any longer,” she admitted with a bright smile. She felt thoroughly loved, and in need of another hour of sleep.

“Did I push too far?” he asked, she could see the true concern in his eyes, struggling to her feet she pressed a kiss to his lips.

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