Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 27

Marcus wanted to strangle Greyson for his timing, but he did call him earlier while getting dressed. He’d also called the airline and after spending a large amount of money to get his tickets changed, he and Eloise would be flying out at eleven-thirty on the twenty third. Now, he needed to call his parents and let them know Eloise would be coming home with him. He could still taste her on his lips and wanted to go back for more. Looking over his shoulder he chuckled, watching her straighten out her appearance. She had beard burns from his stubble and two bright red hickies on her neck, he liked seeing his mark on her and hopefully soon she would let him mark her for real.

Yanking the door open he noticed Greyson was naked, he quickly grabbed a spare set of clothes he kept by the door for when he shifted. He had no intention of letting Eloise get a glimpse of Greyson naked, he didn’t want her to go for him.

“Is that Greyson?” she asked, coming over to the door.

“Yes, but in order to get here through the snow he shifted and needs a moment to get dressed. One of the downfalls to shifting, we don’t take our clothes with us,” he explained.

“I’m decent,” Greyson grumbled and pushed the door open to come in out of the cold. Marcus saw Eloise shiver and wrapped an arm around her shoulders to keep her warm.

“I see you two have been having fun being snowed in,” Greyson commented, making a show of sniffing the air. Marcus knew he could scent the amount of sex they’d had in the house and he was proud of it.

“Thank you for coming over Greyson.” Eloise held out her hand and Greyson shook it, a look of surprise on his face.

“Did you get the list?” he asked her, he didn’t want to think about Greyson wanting his mate.

“Yes, Sheila said she would send me the information on my coworkers too. This way you don’t have to go through Cody, just to get the information from her.” She walked over to her school bag and pulled out an ancient looking computer.

“Do they not give you up to date technology?” Marcus asked, eyeing the computer with a critical eye.

“By the time we get up to date on technology in the school district, we are already behind. The students get the newest computers to help them research and learn,” she explained with a shrug.

“Do you have a personal laptop?” he wanted to know, if she didn’t he was going to be buying her a new one.

“No, I don’t have the money for a laptop, I make due with the school one.” She opened it and turned the computer on.

“Grey, do you want coffee?” he asked, he would give her a moment to get everything pulled up on her computer.

“Sure,” he answered and followed Marcus into the kitchen.

“Dude, you were just supposed to protect her, not have sex with her,” Greyson commented, once they were out of earshot.

“I can’t help it, she is my mate.” Marcus popped a coffee pod into his coffee maker and set a mug underneath.

“Your mate?” Grey asked, he looked skeptical.

“Yes, I knew it Saturday night when I met her. My bear went crazy for her, demanding we mate her immediately. I won’t, not until she agrees and we need to get rid of this stalker. You should see some of the notes he left her, they are disgusting and very descriptive. His latest one hinting at practically raping her, that is why she is here,” he explained, stalking over to the fridge to get out milk for Greyson to put in his cup.

“Are you sure you are mates? This isn’t just your bear being protective because someone is trying to attack her?” Greyson questioned, Marcus growled and turned blazing eyes on his friend.

“She is my mate,” he demanded, and Greyson took a step back.

“Okay, okay. Calm down and don’t do anything stupid.” He held up hands in surrender and Marcus felt his bear back down.

“Sorry, I guess I’m a little more possessive of her than I thought.” He handed Greyson his coffee and they walked back into the living room.

“Do you have a printer? I’ll print the lists off and you two can get to work while I finish grading that stack of books.” She pointed at the large school bag and Marcus laughed.

“Come into my office, I’ll hook it up by USB. It will be faster than trying to get that old laptop to connect to it via wi-fi,” he commented, and motioned for her to follow him into his messy office. He still hadn’t had time to clean it and felt a twinge of embarrassment over the piles of papers.

“Here,” she said, handing him the computer, he took the cord and connected it, printing the lists in less than a minute.

“Thanks, we will look into everyone and let you know if we find anyone suspicious,” Marcus explained, handing her back the laptop.

“Sure, do you need anything before I get settled?” she asked, he felt his heart warm at the thought of her making sure he had everything before she got to her own work.

“I am fine sweetheart,” he assured her, and to his surprise, she gave him a gentle kiss on the lips before leaving the office and closing the door.

“Wow, I think you two are headed to being mated very quickly. I could smell her arousal the second I stepped into the house,” Grey commented, taking a seat across from him at his desk.

“I hope so, she is still hesitating and I want to get this stalker matter cleared up so we can move on to being full mates,” he explained, handing one list to Greyson, he looked over the employee list.

“I know several of these families,” Greyson announced after looking over the list.

“Any stick out?” he asked, looking up from his own papers.

“Wilson Diggs, he is a single dad. His mate left him after their son Joshua was born, she was human and couldn’t handle a lion shifter,” Greyson explained, pointing to the name on the list.

“Eloise mentioned she was having trouble with a certain boy in her class and his father didn’t seem all that interested in helping her. You are part of the lion pride. Did you hear about Joshua getting suspended for punching another student?” He had a hunch this was the same child Eloise had mentioned last night.

“I did hear something about that. Wilson was complaining that he had to take Joshua with him to work for a week because he wasn’t allowed at school. Something about Joshua standing up for himself and the other child being weak.”

“Eloise!” he called, she poked her head in the doorway after just a minute of waiting.

“Yes?” she asked, her long black hair falling over one shoulder. He resisted the temptation of pulling her into his lap and keeping her close.

“Was Joshua Diggs the student you mentioned having trouble with last night?” he asked, her eyes opened wide and nodded.

“He is a lion shifter in my pride,” Greyson answered, her unasked question and she stared.

“That explains why he was able to break Hector’s nose so easily,” she commented, leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed over her chest, her stance pushed her breasts up higher.

“Did they get into a fight?” Greyson asked, Marcus watched her reaction, he could tell she was deciding how much to share.

“Please tell us everything,” Marcus pushed, he needed to know all about her students.

“Well, Hector was teasing Quin about not having a mom and when she took one look at his ugly face she ran off. I ran over to stop the teasing, but I didn’t get there before Quin punched him. I fought for Quin not to be expelled and explained Hector instigated the fight,” she shared.

“Who is Hector?” Marcus asked pointing to the list of children.

“Oh, his real name is Gregory Hector Jones Junior. He goes by Hector; his father is the owner of Jones Automotive. I’ve had trouble getting Hector to understand not everyone comes from loads of money like he does,” Eloise shared. Greyson shook his head and Marcus had to agree, he never understood why money made people think they were better than others. At home people were respected for their status in the clan, of course his father being Alpha he hadn’t had to worry about being looked down upon. He knew one of his younger brothers would take over the clan one day, neither he nor his two older brothers wanted the job.

“Is he a shifter?” Greyson asked, Eloise shrugged.

“I don’t know, I know his nose healed rather quickly, isn’t that a sign of being a shifter?” she asked, looking thoughtful.

“I’ll look into their family, although if he is married, he probably isn’t our stalker.”

“I think Greyson is right. I will go through the employee list and check to see who is single and a shifter,” Marcus announced.

“Let me know if you need anything else,” she replied, and walked away before Marcus could give in to his need for her lips pressed against his.

“I’ll get started,” Greyson said, and turned to the extra computer Marcus kept for others to use when they came into his office. Marcus turned to his computer and started to go through the list of employees. He immediately crossed off all females, with the notes saying the stalker wanted his cock in her pussy he was certain the stalker was a male.

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