Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 28

The next two days went by with Eloise and Marcus spending as much time together as they could, their nights were spent getting to know each other’s preferences in the bedroom, during the day they watched movies, played board games and cooked. Eloise learned Marcus caught on quickly when it came to learning to cook, he was an eager student which made it all the more pleasurable to teach him. Wednesday morning came too soon to Eloise’s opinion, she had to go back to work for the next few days before they were to fly out to his family’s home on Saturday.

“Ready?” Marcus asked when they climbed into his large truck, Eloise had chosen a pair of navy khaki pants, one of her favorite flowy tops in bright pink with a white cardigan over top. She was wearing a pair of low heeled ankle boots. Marcus wore his customary black polo and dark wash jeans, he had on steel toe boots perfect for walking through the ice and snow still left on the ground. He’d shaved his beard, something she’d been disappointed to see when he came out of the bathroom that morning. She tried to hide her reaction but, he’d seen right through her.

“Do you not like that I shaved?”

“I like you both ways, I just seem to have a preference for you to have a couple days’ worth of stubble,” she’d replied and he kissed her.

“I won’t shave completely again,” he promised and she sighed into their kiss.

“Let’s go,” she said, coming back out of her memory of their morning getting ready. Marcus turned the car on and reached over to take one of her hands in his, she enjoyed his reassuring warmth as they made their way to her school.

“Does your principal know I am coming?” he asked, she nodded and sipped on her travel mug of coffee.

“Yes, she said she’d have a security pass or something for you so you can walk around the school without issue.”

“Perfect, where is your classroom?”

“Second floor in the corner, I love having my room. It is a little bigger than the rest on the floor because it is a handicap room.”


“It is the room where students who cannot make it down the stairs stay, in the event of a fire,” she explained.

“Makes sense, how easy is it to access?” he asked, rubbing his hand up her thigh to settle between her legs, his pinky stroking her through her pants.

“Marcus,” she whispered, her voice deep and husky from lust pooling in her womb.

“You smell delicious, I don’t want to let you go to work. I want to park us out of the way and dive my tongue between your pussy lips and eat you until you are screaming my name. I want to taste your honey on my tongue and then fuck you so hard with my cock you see stars,” he growled, his voice so deep she could barely make out his words.

“We’ll be late,” she protested halfheartedly. She really wanted to feel his tongue pleasuring her, she wanted sweet release before she had to begin her day teaching.

“Five minutes,” he promised and was turning the car off onto a backroad. She recognized the way to the national park, they were only a few minutes away from a hidden lookout.

“Seriously?” She sat up and caught the flash of gold of his bear, he nodded and reached over to undo the button and zipper on her pants.

“We don’t have time,” she argued, opening her legs for his fingers to slip between her panties.

“I just want to make you feel good,” he begged, when he pinned her with his heated gaze she gave in and let him have his way.

Twenty minutes later they pulled into the parking lot for her school, almost late. Eloise couldn’t find the energy to be angry, Marcus had made good on his promise of making her scream his name and see stars behind her eyes with a massive orgasm.

“There is Sheila.” She pointed to a woman pacing out front wearing a black wool coat, ear muffs of eye blinding yellow and matching gloves.

“Does she always dress so brightly?” he wondered aloud and she laughed, Sheila loved bright colors and always said it made the kids feel better to see her happy.

“Yes.” She hopped out of the truck with Marcus on her heels.

“Shelia!” she called out and her principal turned blazing eyes on her, Eloise stopped short when she saw gold flash through her eyes.

“Eloise, you need to go home,” Shelia replied, Eloise gave her a shocked expression and asked,


“Here,” Sheila answered, she held out a note and Eloise took it, she could feel Marcus’ breath on her neck.

“Can we get inside and read it?” She didn’t want to be outside in the cold for longer than she had too.

“Yes.” Sheila walked with them inside and to her office, Eloise stripped off her gloves and scarf before opening the note.


I am writing to inform you, if you allow Marcus Zephyr into your school, I will personally see your shifter secret is released to the public. Who would continue to employ a dangerous mountain lion to care for their children? We all know the reputation your kind has among the shifter world, you are ruthless and will do anything to remain on top. Keep the man away from my mate at school, I will not tolerate his presence inside near her. Eloise is mine! If I have too, I will take her myself.


Eloise’s hands were shaking by the time she’d finished reading the note. Sheila was a mountain lion, so what?

“I’ll take leave, we can’t have this crazy man around the children. I’ll quick write up sub plans for the next three days and leave my grading for the students to take home. I am so sorry Sheila, I had no idea this man was going to be so crazy,” she said, looking up at her principal, she felt close to tears.

“We need to get him to reveal himself,” Marcus remarked, he’d read the letter over her shoulder, his hands squeezing her shoulders gently.

“How?” Eloise asked, she had no idea who this maniac was and he had started to go after those around her.

“I am certain if he knows about me, that means he scented you back to my house. We let him follow us to my family’s home in Texas. An unknown shifter in our town does not go unnoticed, our best suspect right now is Wilson Diggs. He is a lion shifter and will stick out in a town of mostly bears,” Marcus explained, Eloise shook her head.

“We can’t put your family in danger, he is already trying to go after Sheila. I couldn’t live with myself if someone in your family got hurt because of me,” she objected, shaking her head furiously. There was no way she would let him put anyone in his family in danger, especially his nieces and nephews.

“You are my mate, we protect our own,” he told her, his face a stone cold mask of fury. She could see the shifter was pushing his luck bringing Marcus into the fray.

“You promise no one will get hurt?” she asked, she needed assurance that he would do everything he could to keep his family safe, while going after her stalker.

“I’ll try my best to keep everyone safe. I know my brothers and parents won’t allow anyone to touch a family member. It is Christmas so most of my men are away to see their families. We need extra help and I won’t make someone leave their families when mine will help.”

“Listen to the bear,” Sheila ordered, her eyes had gone soft when Marcus called Eloise his mate.

“When do we go?” she asked, her heart was telling her to let Marcus care for her, protect her from this crazy man after her.

“We will be flying out on the twenty third, this will give your stalker time to plan his route to my town. If my hunch is right, he will take an earlier flight to beat us to town. It would look too suspicious if he just showed up in town after us, he’ll need an alibi for why he is in a town he doesn’t belong in,” Marcus explained, she could see the sense behind his words, he knew how people thought, it was his job after all to keep his clients safe. He would have to have a good understanding of a criminal’s brain.

“Can I still take a look around the school? I want to make sure you have all the security you need even if a stalker isn’t coming around harassing one of your teachers.” Marcus looked over at Sheila, Eloise could see her weighing her options, did she risk letting Marcus walk around the school and chance her being exposed? Or did she tell him to wait in his truck while Eloise went to work.

“I’ll walk you around. Ellie go write your sub plans up and get everything copied you need,” Sheila told her, Eloise nodded and with Marcus’ hand on her back left the office.

“I’ll drop him off in your classroom when we are done our tour,” Sheila explained, Eloise nodded and watched her mate walk off with another woman. She felt a stab of jealousy spread through her body, she wanted to grab Sheila by the hair and pull her away. What was wrong with her? Sheila had no interest in Marcus, she was just showing him around the school so Eloise could get her work done. She’d never been jealous a day in her life, but watching Marcus walk away did something to her. She pulled her phone out and called Josie.

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