Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 29

“Hello?” a sleepy Josie answered her phone.

“Josie, I have a weird question and I need you to just answer honestly,” Eloise began, she unlocked her classroom door and moved about the room getting her sub plans ready.

“Okay?” She could tell Josie had woken all the way up by the change in the tone of her voice.

“Were you ever jealous of women being around Rhett?”

“When we first started dating and hadn’t mated yet. I would see him talk to one of the bartenders or waitresses and I’d be steaming. I knew he needed to talk with them about business matters, but my heart didn’t care. The first time I saw him make you laugh I almost walked over to you and slapped you across the face. I wanted to warn you off my man and to keep him locked away,” Josie answered and Eloise gasped at her comment about wanting to slap her.

“Okay thanks,” she replied.

“Why?” Eloise could just see Josie’s eyes narrow as the wheels in her head turned.

“I wanted to yank Sheila away from Marcus by her hair. She is taking him on a tour around the school while I write sub plans,” she explained, pulling out her emergency set of lesson plans. She was glad she’d stayed late last week to finish copying everything she needed for the week. All she had to do was pull out the materials and mark them for each day of the week and what subject they were for.

“Say what now?” Josie was laughing on the other end of the phone.

“I am taking off the next three days, I’ve been staying with Marcus ever since the note left on my door Saturday night,” she shared and heard Josie gasp.

“Excuse me! Why am I just learning about this now?” she demanded, Eloise rolled her eyes. She loved Josie, but she could be rather dramatic when she wanted to be.

“I told Rhett on Sunday when I called out of work,” she replied.

“That idiot, he didn’t tell me anything,” Josie grumbled.

“Let me fill you in,” Eloise started from the beginning, telling Josie word for word the note left on her door, to her staying with Marcus and being almost a hundred percent certain they were soulmates.

“Wow Ellie, I didn’t know you were going through so much these past few days. Why didn’t you call me? Wait I know why, you’ve been having copious amounts of sex with your sexy bear. I remember my first month with Rhett, we barely went on any dates outside of his house.” Eloise could hear the wistfulness in her voice and had to ask.

“Does it not last?” She wanted to always be wanted by Marcus, she didn’t want to know that this wonderful feeling wore off.

“Oh, it does, but it changes into something more. You crave being with him, not just having sex. Yes, you are still horny, but it is a controlled burn, especially after you mate. The week after he marks you will be the hottest week you’ll ever experience in the bedroom. After that, it is about getting to know each other and building upon your love. Just because you are mates doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at your relationship,” Josie explained, Eloise nodded along. It made sense; your mate bond meant you were destined to be together; it didn’t mean you could coast along in your relationship.

“Thanks Josie, I’m sorry to wake you up,” Eloise apologized.

“Ellie, you are my best friend, never feel bad for calling me. I know the second I pop with this baby, you are going to be the first one called,” Josie assured her, Eloise laughed and replied,

“I better be! Go back to bed, I’ll call you when I have more to share.”

“Good, bye sweetie and enjoy the sex!” Eloise shook her head and hung up, she had finished setting out her plans, all she needed was Marcus. As if they’d been on the same wavelength Marcus showed up at her door, Sheila in tow.

“All ready?” he asked, she nodded and took the hand he held out to her. Snuggling into his side, she smiled up at him.

“Thank you, Sheila,” Eloise said turning to her principal.

“Anything I can do to help my teachers. Marcus showed me some places to beef up our security and I am going to get the school board to listen to his ideas. Be safe, and I will see you after the winter break.” Sheila gave her a tight hug and Eloise returned it just as tightly.

Marcus walked her out to his truck and they drove home to enjoy three more days at home before she had to go and meet his family. On the way home he’d called his mom and told her he was bringing a girlfriend home for Christmas.

“OH MY GOD!” his mother had screamed and Eloise covered her ears.

“Mom, she is in the car,” Marcus warned, which only got him another scream.

“Hello dear! Call me Beth,” she said and Eloise smiled.

“Hi Beth, you can call me Ellie, the only one who calls me Eloise is your son,” she remarked, and received a chuckle from Beth.

“Must mean he loves you already, are you mated yet?” Beth asked, Eloise looked over at Marcus and noticed he was blushing a deep red.

“No, I’m human and we are taking things slow,” she explained.

“Smart, make the boy work for it! I cannot wait to meet you in person on Saturday.”

“Same here, I’m looking forward to a large family Christmas. My Christmas is almost always just my mom and me,” she shared.

“I am sorry dear, do you want your mom to come to our Christmas?” Beth asked.

“No, she has a boyfriend and is spending it with his family,” Eloise explained, and heard Beth laugh.

“Like mother, like daughter.”

“Something like that,” Eloise replied with a blush of her own.

“Okay Mom! We will see you Saturday,” Marcus announced, and hung up the phone before his mother could say anything else.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, and Eloise laughed.

“She seems really nice,” Eloise offered, and she meant it, his mother’s voice had calmed her when they’d been talking.

“She is the best,” Marcus replied with a smile. Eloise leaned over and whispered in his ear,

“What are we going to do for the next three days?”

“I was planning on not letting you out of my bed for anything other than food,” Marcus answered, and she smiled.

“I like that plan,” she replied, and for the next three days she didn’t leave his bed for anything other than using the bathroom and getting food.

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