Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 31

“He is wonderful with our kids,” Dana shared, Eloise turned her eyes onto Clyde’s mate and smiled.

“That is a definite plus in his favor,” she replied and all the women lifted a brow in a silent question.

“I’m a fourth grade teacher, liking children is a must for any husband I take,” she explained and the two other women gave her knowing smiles.

“My son Vincent is in fourth grade, his teacher and I never seem to see eye to eye on him,” Rita shared.

“Why not?” Eloise asked, she watched Vincent and noticed he stood back and watched the others.

“She says he isn’t doing his homework and I know for a fact I make him sit down and get it done daily. What happens to it between home and school is beyond me. I ask him about it and he says he turns it into her. The only way I can make sure it actually happens is to follow him and make him turn it in to her, but he is ten I want him to take responsibility for himself,” Rita explained.

“Does he take the bus to school?” she asked, watching Marcus chase after Bobby and Gregory.


“Ask if he is letting someone copy his homework, if that is the case maybe he never gets it back and the other student is promising to turn it in when they are done copying it,” Eloise suggested.

“Vincent!” Rita yelled and the young boy walked over to where they were sitting.

“Yes Mama?” he asked, and sat at her feet. Eloise was shocked he was so calm and settled near his mother instead of fidgeting like most of the boys in her class.

“Do you let someone copy your homework?” Rita demanded. Vincent’s dark brown eyes widened in surprise.

“How did you know?”

“I didn’t until now, what is going on?”

“Mark doesn’t have anyone to help him with his homework at home. He copies mine and then turns both of ours in to the teacher,” Vincent explained. Eloise bit her tongue, she bet Mark just wrote his name over Vincent’s and didn’t actually do the work himself.

“Have Mark come to our house after school and we will do homework together,” Rita replied, Eloise was impressed Rita didn’t get angry.

“Yes Mama,” Vincent replied with a smile.

“Go play,” she ordered shooing him off.

“I’m impressed, I’ve seen parents lose their cool over something far less,” Eloise commented and Rita smiled.

“Thank you for your help, my guess, Mark is just taking Vincent’s homework. Vincent is such a sweet little boy and will do anything to help.” Rita smiled fondly after her son.

“I’ve seen it happen before, I can tell Vincent likes to stay back and watch,” she replied.

“You’re not wrong, so what do you do besides be a teacher?” Quinn asked.

“I bartend at Club Cerulean, that is how Marcus and I met. My best friend Josie hosts these Mate Me events and Marcus was hired to supply a few more bouncers for the club. We had a couple shifters exert their strength over the human women at events,” she explained, keeping the fact she was the woman grabbed out of the conversation.

“Neat, so you can make pretty much any cocktail?” Dana inquired a glint to her eyes.

“Yes,” she replied.

“How did you and Marcus end up together?” Rita wanted to know.

“Rhett my boss, is Josie’s mate and made me show Marcus around the club,” she explained, she watched Marcus and his head turned toward her to catch her eye. He sent her a wink and she blushed thinking about their time before the plane ride.

“There is more to that story,” Beth remarked leaning forward in her chair, Eloise debated on whether or not to tell these women about her stalker. If she was going to accept being Marcus’ mate these women were going to be her family.

“Marcus found out I have a stalker,” she began and all the women gasped.

“He leaves me provocative notes on my car, front door and in my desk at school.”

“How did Marcus find out?” Beth asked interrupting her.

“He snuck up behind me and I almost hit him with a baseball bat at the bar,” she replied and all the women broke out in laughter.

“Did you hit him?” Quinn wanted to know, Eloise shook her head.

“So Marcus being who he is, he naturally wanted to protect you, his mate,” Rita picked up her story and she nodded.

“This was about a week ago, the day he found out I had a stalker he wanted me to go to the police. He met me at the station to help me make the report, and in order to shake my stalker we left my car at my apartment and I’ve been with Marcus at his house.”

“Isn’t his house nice?” Dana asked, Eloise nodded. She loved the house, if she had a house of her own she’d want it to look like his.

“So how has the week living with Marcus been? You obviously have some reservations about becoming his mate or you’d be marked by now,” Beth commented, Eloise sat back to think about what exactly she was holding back on.

“It has been a wonderful week. Marcus has taken such good care of me. We have a love for old movies and he’s been learning to cook with me. We were snowed in on Monday and Tuesday, I took off the rest of the week because my stalker threatened the school I teach at. Marcus and Greyson are trying to narrow down who my stalker is, we know he is a shifter because of how he signs the notes. He is always calling me his mate and wanting to mark me as his,” she shared and all the women gasped.

“Marcus cook?” Quinn looked shocked along with the other two women, Beth just smiled.

“Yes, he is a quick study and has picked up how to make a lot of things this week.”

“So does Marcus have a plan for if your stalker follows you here?” Beth wanted to know and Eloise shrugged.

“He didn’t say, only that you all were protective of your own and wouldn’t allow any harm to come to anyone here. I almost made him come here without me because I was afraid for your children,” she explained.

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