Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 32

Marcus watched his mate talk with his mom and sister-in-laws, he worried they’d overwhelm her, but it looked like Eloise was holding her own.

“Marcus!” his mother yelled, he looked up from where he was wrestling with Vincent, Adam and Bobby to see his mother crook her finger at him.

“What did you do to make Grandma mad?” Adam asked.

“Not a clue,” he replied and got up to go over to his mom, she did not like being made to wait when she called you over.

“Yes, Mama?” he asked, when he came over, picking up Eloise he sat in her chair and placed her on his lap.

“What is this about a stalker?” she demanded, and he sighed.

“I spoke with dad about this three days ago, I called and let him know I needed his help,” he replied, it wasn’t his fault his dad hadn’t told his mom about the situation he was bringing home.

“What the hell,” she cursed, and stood up to go speak with his dad.

“So, what is your plan?” Eloise asked, she had placed one of her arms around his shoulders and was leaning into his chest.

“I am certain your stalker is going to follow you here, like we talked about before. Greyson and I narrowed it down to Jimmy, Wilson Diggs or William. Greyson is keeping an eye on Wilson, Rhett and Xander have Jimmy, that only leaves William unaccounted for,” he explained. She’d tensed in his lap when he brought up William.

“No one else?”

“No, Greyson and I went through the list thoroughly and Cody Ling got back to me about what he found in your apartment. We are certain it is one of those three, they all have shown an intense interest in you in the past.”

“So, what makes you so sure one of them is going to follow Eloise?” Dana asked, he’d forgotten about his sister-in-laws.

“Her stalker has gone out of his way to follow her around town, leave notes in her desk at school and threaten her principal. He is not going to let her just disappear and be content to wait. I am hoping with our town being small, people will notice someone new. I’m going to take Eloise around town tomorrow and check in with some of my friends,” Marcus shared and felt Eloise tighten her hold around his shoulders.

“Nervous?” he asked, with a smirk on his face.

“A little, I’ll be meeting your friends from childhood, those can be the harshest critics of girlfriends,” Eloise replied, and Marcus laughed. His friends would love her because she was his mate.

“Don’t worry, they will love you. We are meeting them at the Bull’s Horn around noon,” he explained, leaning over and kissing her gently. He’d been craving her lips and couldn’t wait until they were behind closed doors for her. He felt her soften against his body and slipped his tongue into her mouth, cupping her face with his hands. Her tongue danced with his fighting for control of the kiss. His bear purred and he heard.

“Why did Uncle Marcus rumble?” Eloise jerked away from him and he could see the hint of a blush across her cheeks.

“My bear is happy,” he replied to Bobby’s question.

“Miss Eloise makes you happy?” Adam asked.


“Is she your mate?” Vincent asked, his eyes glaring at Eloise. Marcus was curious why he didn’t like her.

“Yes,” he answered. It was time to let Eloise know, she was his mate and couldn’t run from their connection. Vincent’s eyes went wide and out of the corner of his eye, he could see Rita, Dana and Quinn smile.

“Do you love her?” Jill asked, leave it to his niece to pull out the hard hitting questions.

“I do,” he replied, he wouldn’t hide away what he felt in his heart. He loved Eloise and wasn’t afraid to say it.

“You do?” Eloise asked him, he looked into her chocolate brown eyes and nodded.

“If you all would excuse us, I’d like to talk with my mate.” He didn’t give anyone a chance to argue and carried Eloise away to the room they were sharing for the next week.

“Do you really love me?” she asked him, as he set her down on the queen-sized bed. His mom had pulled out the nice comforter and sheet set for their visit. Marcus could tell she was thrilled he’d found his mate. He recalled their conversation from earlier in the week. He’d called her before his call in the car with Eloise.

“Hi mom,”

“Marcus has something happened? You never call during the day.” Leave it to his mom to know all his habits.

“I met a woman and I want to bring her home for the holidays.” Jerking the phone away from his ear, he heard his mother’s scream of joy.

“That is such great news. Who is she? How did you meet? Is she your mate? You know how much I hated Wendy for leading you on.” Oh, how he knew she hated Wendy. His entire senior year he had worked hard to build a home for his supposed mate. While working two part time jobs to pay for the house he was building for Wendy, she was going behind his back and sleeping with any guy she wanted.

“Her name is Eloise and we met while I was working a job for Rhett Austin. He needed some extra security for his mate Josie’s matchmaking service.”

“Was she at the event?”

“No, she is a teacher and works as a bartender to make ends meet.”

“Is she your mate?” He heard the concern in her voice and gave a small smile.

“My bear is adamant she is my mate. I’ve never brought any of my other girlfriends home to meet everyone. Eloise is different, she is smart and a genuine person. She is nothing like Wendy in looks or personality.” It hit him just how different the two women were.

“I cannot wait to meet her then. You sound like you already love her. When did you meet?”

“Saturday, we’ve been together since Sunday afternoon.” Waiting, he was certain his mom would freak out with how fast they were moving.

“Sounds like your father and me. We mated two days after meeting.”

“Whoa, Clyde, Travis and Matt said it took them months to convince their mates.” He shuddered at the thought of waiting that long for Eloise to be his.

“Their mates also didn’t know they were shifters. It took them a while to be honest about their bears. Does Eloise know?”

“Yes, the matchmaking events are for shifters trying to find their mates. She is aware I am a bear,” he replied and could hear his mother’s sigh.

“Then I bet it won’t take long for you two to mate. Anything I need to know about what she eats?”

“No, she is an amazing cook and seems okay eating pretty much anything,” he answered.

“Perfect, so what time can we expect you two then?”

“Saturday after lunch, probably closer to dinner,” he said, he could smell Eloise coming down to see him.

“Okay, love you Marcus. Tell Eloise hello for me.”

“I will, love you too Mom. See you Saturday.” He hung up and waited for his mate to come through his office door.

“Yes, I love you, I’m sorry I didn’t plan a more romantic setting to tell you, but I couldn’t lie about my feelings,” he replied, crawling up the bed and caging her between his arms and body.

“I love you too,” she told him, leaning up her lips pressed to his. Her plump lips were soft and warm. He let her control the kiss curious to see where it would lead them. Her arms snaked around his neck and she pulled down until his chest was pressed against hers, never breaking their kiss. He felt her tongue pass over his lips, he opened to let her in, their tongues tangling in a mating dance. He could feel his cock hardening, pushing at his pants. She pressed her hips against him, cradling his cock between her soft thighs. Moaning into the kiss, he pressed against her, drawing out a soft moan from her lips.

“Be mine, let me make you my mate,” he begged, he wanted so badly to make her his in every sense of the word.

“Yes,” she replied with a soft smile, he caught her eyes and saw nothing but love for him.

“Are you sure? You can’t take it back later, mating is for life.” Marcus would be devastated if she decided later to leave.

“Yes, this past week has been amazing. I want to spend my life with you. I want more old movie nights by the fire, I want to cook in the kitchen with you, I want to have your cubs,” she said, his bear roared and took control. His hands were no longer passive, but rough stripping her out of her clothes in record time. Her hands were just as quick disrobing him. When their skin touched, he groaned.

“I don’t know if I can be gentle. It is taking all my control to keep my bear contained,” he revealed through gritted teeth.

“Don’t be then,” she answered, and leaned up to capture his lips in a deep passionate kiss. Their tongues dueled for control, his hands massaging her breasts.

“To mate I’m going to take you from behind,” he whispered into her ear, nipping it gently. He was rewarded with a moan and her hands grabbing his cock, stroking it. Kissing his way down her chest he left bites, hard enough to leave red marks. Stopping at the apex of her thighs, he took a deep breath. Her arousal was the best smell he’d ever encountered. It made him feel powerful, knowing he turned her on with only a touch or look.

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