Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 34

Bam, bam, bam

“Marcus, stop fucking your mate and come out to dinner,” Travis called, pounding on the door once more before walking away. Marcus flopped back onto the bed and groaned, leave it to his brother to be crude. Looking over at his new mate he saw her trying to hold back her laughter.

“Sorry, I’ve never had a brother yell through my door,” she replied, when she caught the look he was giving her.

“I just thought you’d be embarrassed,” he explained, she shook her head leaning over to give him a kiss.

“No, I’m proud to be your mate.” She stretched and he saw all the marks he had left on her body, his bear purred with pleasure. They did that to their mate, they had marked her and made her theirs for life. He hoped she got pregnant soon, he wanted to see her swell with his cubs.

“We should get dressed,” she said, he groaned rolling out of the bed. Bending over he put on his clothes slowly, he didn’t want to go down to all the noise. Knowing the second they walked down everyone would be able to tell they’d mated. His scent was all over her, along with the mark he left on her neck.

“Do you think this mark with make my stalker go away?” Her question caught him off guard.

“I don’t know to be honest. It could just make him angry, you promised yourself to someone else, when he is under the impression you two are mates,” he explained, her eyes dimmed and he hated himself for telling her. He never wanted to lie or withhold the truth from her, she needed to know.

“Don’t worry Eloise, you are my mate and no harm will come to you. My dad and I talked, before we came out here and we have a plan. He has his enforcers all over town to keep an eye on anyone new who comes into town. We are going out to meet my friends Nick and Jay for lunch, they are two of the enforcers for our clan. We are going to lure your stalker out and get rid of him for good,” he promised, walking over to her he pulled her in for a passionate kiss. He couldn’t stand the look of fear on her face when she spoke about her stalker. He wouldn’t let her be harmed and come hell or high water, when they left Texas, she was going to be stalker free.

“I love you,” she whispered, he smiled and tucked a stray strand of dark hair behind her ear. This beautiful woman was his, all his, now he needed to find the perfect time to propose. Granted he didn’t have a ring, he hadn’t had a chance to get out on his own. Maybe he could talk his mom into a girls day and slip out to find the perfect ring for Eloise. It would be simple, she wasn’t fussy and would need a ring that wouldn’t catch on anything at work. She spent her day with children, it needed to be one that wouldn’t get in the way. A simple three set of diamonds, the one in the middle is bigger than the other two. The setting low enough, the diamonds wouldn’t fall out. He wanted an intricate design on the band, maybe the date they met engraved on the inside. He absently finished dressing, lost in his own thoughts.

“Ready?” Her soft voice broke through his thoughts. He turned to see she’d slipped on her jeans and a new shirt, her old one wrinkled beyond repair without an iron. Her hair, she braided away from her face tying it with a dark hairband. He was awed with how quickly she righted her appearance. He’d once watched a girlfriend spend an hour putting herself back together after they’d on a whim gotten a hotel room in Japan.

“Do you want to travel internationally?” he asked, she looked up with a smile.

“I’d love to go to a beach, but not with a typical resort. I want to be in a hut out on the water away from all the normal everyday hustle and bustle. It doesn’t have to be international, it could just be to Hawaii.” She walked over to the door, unlocking and tugging it open to reveal Jill, Kelly and Hannah waiting outside.

“Hello,” she said, crouching to get on eye level.

“Our mamas say you two need to come down for dinner,” Jill the oldest of the three informed them.

“We are coming,” Marcus replied and scooped Hannah up in his arms. Kelly held her arms up for Eloise, she bent over and picked her up, holding Jill’s hand. He was struck with the vision of Eloise holding their children, he could see them with her dark skin and his green eyes. If they were girls, he didn’t think he’d be able to handle any boys interested in them. Their eyes connected and she softened, he bent over and kissed her forehead tenderly.

Walking into the dining room, Marcus passed Hannah over to Matt and Eloise led Jill and Kelly over to Dana.

“I see the girls were successful in bringing you two down to dinner,” his mom commented, he laughed and shook his head.

“Sort of, we opened the door and they were standing there,” Marcus replied. He guided Eloise over to two empty chairs, holding hers out he waited until she sat, helping her push it in. Once she was settled he grabbed two glasses of wine from the drink cart, white for her and red for him. His mom gave him a raised eyebrow, he shook his head letting her know not to make it a big deal he mated Eloise in her house. He had forgotten about them being in his parents house, all he could focus on was making her his for life.

“What are your plans for the new year?” Dana asked, he looked up to see her looking at the both of them. He turned to look at Eloise and she shrugged.

“I usually host my men who don’t have families in the White Valley area for a New Year party,” he replied.

“That sounds fun, would it be okay if I invited a few of my friends?” Eloise asked him, he smiled and squeezed her hand under the table.

“More the merrier, what about everyone else?” he asked, he let their talk wash over him, as food was passed around. He loved being with his family and wanted Eloise to love them just as much. Reaching over, he rubbed his hand up and down the top of her leg, settling between her thick thighs to brush against her pussy. He could smell her arousal and only wanted to take her back up to their room, to make love to her the whole night long. Her hand held onto his, stopping him from rubbing her pussy again. He caught her eye and she shook her head subtly, he could tell she was trying to tell him to wait. Leaning over he whispered,

“I can smell you want me, don’t deny it.”

“Yes, but I am pretty sure your mom is giving us the death stare right now.” He looked up to see his mother glaring, he immediately released Eloise and placed both hands on the table. Her face relaxed and she gave a nod, indicating he had done what she wanted.

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