Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 36

Marcus felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He looked down to see it was Greyson calling.

“If you’ll excuse me.” He kissed Eloise and walked out to the front porch.

“Marcus here,” he answered his phone. His body felt tense, Greyson wouldn’t be calling him if something didn’t happen.

“Jimmy is dead,” Greyson’s voice was devoid of emotion.

“What happened?” He paced the porch, if his suspicion was correct, Eloise’s stalker killed him.

“He was found an hour ago. It looks like a shifter killed him. Cody Ling said he would give me a copy of the toxicology report.”

“Was there a struggle? Who found him?”

“Xander found him in the woods behind his house, naked. It looked like he was coming back from a shift in the woods and was ambushed. Cody said it looked like a mountain lion killed him.”

“Where is William and Wilson?”

“Wilson has been with his family, I’ve been keeping an eye on him. William is AWOL. Could Ellie’s mom find out if he is home visiting for Christmas?” Greyson suggested, Marcus heard the hesitation in his voice. He was hesitant to get anyone else involved.

“I’ll talk to Eloise and find out. I think we can cross Jimmy off our list.” Marcus wanted to go back inside and tell Eloise.

“I agree, I’ll call you with an update once I have one.”

“Sounds good, bye.” He hung up and scrubbed a hand over his face. This complicated things, now her stalker was killing anyone who might want Eloise. He didn’t want her out of sight, maybe girls’ day should wait.

“Baby?” Eloise’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

“What happened?” she demanded, there was no hiding this from her.

“Jimmy was found dead in the woods behind his house.” He watched her face pale as she took in the news.

“What happened?” she asked, he reached out to pull her close. He needed to feel her against him, with a killer on the loose he didn’t feel comfortable being away from her.

“He was found with claw marks matching a mountain lion. I was told it looked like an ambush, I won’t know more until Sheriff Ling sends me the police report,” he explained, he felt and smelled her distress.

“Do you think my stalker may have…” she trailed off, she was such a soft heart, she couldn’t even say the word killed.

“It is very possible. Let’s go inside and talk, I want my dad’s opinion.” He kissed her, he needed to feel her body pressed against his, before bringing them both back inside. His father was waiting in the living room, his mom, brothers and sister-in-laws all settled in chairs.

“Who called?” his dad asked.

“My second in command Greyson. He informed me that one of our suspects is dead. Eloise can you tell us what happened with Jimmy?” Marcus asked, he rubbed her back and sat in the last chair available. He pulled Eloise onto his lap. He kept a hand around her waist offering his support. He needed to know what Jimmy did, so he could get into her stalker’s head.

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