Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 38

Marcus’ eyes roved his mate’s body. He loved every inch of her curvy body, intending to show her just how much he loved her Marcus pinned her to the wall. His mouth captured hers in a searing kiss, his tongue pushing in to explore her mouth. She melted against his body, her arms wrapping around his waist pressing her soft breasts against his chest.

“You are perfect,” he murmured into her mouth, his hands slid around her body down her back to cup her ass cheeks. He squeezed, pulling them apart, one of his fingers circling her hole.

“I love this fucking ass, perfect size for me to squeeze and smack.” To prove his point he landed a loud slap. She moaned against his neck, her teeth nipping sending lust rushing through his body. His cock pressed against her soft belly, straining to contain his reaction. He placed kisses down her neck, across her erratic pulse, and down to one of her round breasts. Nipping across the tops, he made his way to one straining nipple. Catching her eye, he slowly slipped one nipple into his mouth sucking until it hardened into a tight point. His hand slipped down her stomach to tangle in the curls protecting her very heat. Probing her folds, he found her slick heat ready for him, using two fingers he slid into her slick channel.

“You feel perfect, your tight pussy clenching around my fingers. I know just how much you love having my cock inside,” he whispered, moving his mouth to her neglected nipple, pumping his fingers in and out slowly. He felt her breath hitch as he hit a particularly sensitive spot, releasing her nipple with a pop he looked up. Her head had fallen back, her eyes squeezed shut, her hands gripping his arms hard enough her nails broke the skin. Her hand slipped down his chest and grasp his thick cock.

“You are always so big, I am amazed you fit inside of me,” she said in a soft voice. Moaning he closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of her soft hand wrapped around his cock. She pumped back and forth, changing the strength of her grip and twisting as she moved.

“That’s it baby, pump that cock, make it ready for you,” he growled, looking down at his tiny mate, he towered over her. She knelt and he sucked in a breath,

“You don’t have to…” he trailed off.

“I want too, you always make me feel good, I want to return the favor,” she replied, and dipped her face forward capturing the tip in her warm mouth. Her head dipped down taking him further, he gripped her hair wrapping the long locks around his hand. He wanted to see her gorgeous mouth taking him deeper with each pass. Her hands rested on his thighs as she bobbed back and forth.

“Your mouth is amazing.” He helped her move back and forth, one hand moved off his leg and gripped his balls. He jerked forward, his cock hitting the back of her throat. She hummed and the vibrations brought him close to his climax. Pulling out of her mouth he lifted her back to her feet.

“Do you want me?” he asked, he knew the answer but wanted to hear her say it.

“I need your massive cock inside of me, I want to be riding you bringing us both to an orgasm so hard we can’t stand,” she replied, his eyes widened, he had not expected her to reply in quite that way.

“As my mate commands,” he answered, lifting her effortlessly, he slammed his cock deep inside her waiting pussy. She gasped, arching her back wrapping her legs around his waist. He slammed her against the tile wall, knowing he was being rough, but unable to stop himself. He drove deep, bottoming out so his balls slammed into her ass. Groaning, he thrust inside her, each time he felt her pussy clench around his cock, it became so tight he had to work to get his cock out of her pussy.

“You are perfect, so fucking tight. You were made for me.” He closed his eyes, gripping her ass hard enough to leave fingerprint bruises. Thrusting, he used the wall to hold her up, his orgasm quickly building. Slipping a hand between their fiery bodies he pressed on her hard nub. Her moan was music to his ears, he pinched gently and she screamed as her orgasm rushed over her body. Her pussy clenched down hard on his cock, drawing out his own orgasm. His thrusts became jerky as his seed spilled deep inside of her womb. Pressing his lips to hers, he kissed her until his climax came to an end, still thrusting to extend her orgasm.

“I love you.” He leaned his forehead against hers, taking deep breaths to calm his ragged breathing. He set her on her feet, holding her around the waist until she was steady on her feet.

“I love you too,” Eloise replied, once she regained her ability to speak. Reaching around her, he grabbed the loofah and began to rub down her delicious body.

“I love touching you.” He kissed her shoulder, slipping his hands around, he cupped her breasts and rubbed the body wash until bubbles coated her perky nipples.

“Marcus,” she moaned, and he couldn’t help but turn her to face him, he knelt and slipped his tongue between her pussy lips sucking on her clit.

“I need a taste.” He pushed his tongue into her still slick heat, he could taste his seed on her, which only spurred on his own desire. Her hands found his shoulders and he pressed forward using his entire mouth to pleasure her. It didn’t take long before she was shouting his name and her juices were coating his tongue.

“You make me feel so good,” she said with a soft smile on her face.

“I live to make you feel amazing. I never want a day to go by and you think you are less than amazing.” He stood and turned off the water, scooping her up he set her down on the toilet to give her a towel.

“Thank you for being mine,” she said, he looked at her and shook his head.

“I should be saying that to you. You’ve come to Texas, been thrown into the middle of my family and became my mate today.” He bent down and gave her a gentle kiss, it wasn’t enough and he captured her mouth in a deeper kiss. His tongue tangled with hers, as she mewed softly into his mouth.

“Can I have you again?” he asked against her mouth. She responded by dropping her towel and pressing her naked body against his. Smiling into their kiss, he walked her out of the bathroom and onto their bed, where he made love to her well into the night.

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