Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 41

Eloise thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon walking around the mall hand in hand with Marcus. They ran into several other friends of Marcus’ while shopping and she was able to sneak one last piece for her gift. On their ride home they sat in a comfortable silence, Marcus continued to check his phone regularly. She wondered if he was waiting for more information on Jimmy Duggen, reaching over she slipped her hand into his. He squeezed and brought her knuckles up to his lips, leaving a gentle kiss she felt her panties dampen instantly.

“I love you,” she said, she couldn’t think of anything else to tell him, he was her mate and she was going to spend the rest of her life with him. He treated her like royalty, something she’d never had from a man. Almost all the men she dated made her feel like she should be grateful they were deciding to date her and to put up with their shit. As a plus sized woman she knew she wasn’t the media’s idea of an ideal woman, but who could live up to those standards? To Marcus she was perfect and instead of letting that little voice in her head tell her she wasn’t good enough, she ignored it and chose to believe Marcus. The look he gave her when he thought no one else was watching made her burn with a ferocious desire, making her want him to take her to bed any chance they were able.

“Your arousal smells so good, I promise tonight I will take you as many times as I can.” His voice came out as a deep growl and she shivered in anticipation.

“I am holding you to that promise, how late are we supposed to be with everyone before we can slip away to our room?” she asked, her lust consuming her body. Reaching over she made quick work of the button and zipper on his pants. Without asking permission she slipped her hand into his pants and pulled his cock free. He was semi hard and with a few strategic strokes, he became a steel rod in her hands.

“Eloise,” he groaned, his head falling back, trying to keep his eyes open and focused on the road.

“I couldn’t wait,” she replied, giving him a sweet smile. Her hand stroked up and down, changing the strength of her grip, her fingers found a bead of precum on the tip of his cock. She used it to coat his cock giving her a slick surface to work with.

“Baby,” he moaned, giving a breathy sigh he relaxed. She peered over the dash and saw they had parked in an alley hidden from view of the road. Laughing, she unbuckled and slipped his cock into her mouth, he filled her and then some. Taking her hand, she stroked what didn’t fit in her mouth and began to move up and down. Using the flat of her tongue, she stroked to the swollen tip. Looking into his bright eyes, she saw his bear push to the surface. Her favorite part of making love was watching him try to fight for control with his bear. She loved pushing him to the edge, just like he did to her. She scraped her teeth gently up the sides, earning herself a sharp inhaled gasp. His hands came to settle on her head, he wrapped her braid around his hand and helped set the pace for her sucking his cock.

“I love when you take my cock in your hot wet mouth,” he gasped, his hands pushed her head to take him deeper. Taking a deep breath, she deep throated him, that earned her a bark of pleasure and his hips jerking. Smiling, she moved faster, taking him deeper, her hand moved down to massage his balls. She could feel him getting closer to his orgasm, his thigh muscles clenched tightly, his hands tugging just hard enough on her hair for her to feel a twinge of pain.

“Eloise!” he roared, and spilled his seed deep in her throat. She held still until he stopped pumping into her mouth, swallowing the salty liquid. She released his still hard cock with a resounding pop and smiled up at him.

“That was fucking amazing!” He dropped his head back against the headrest and took deep breaths. She leaned back in her seat and laughed.

“Glad I could make you feel the way you do to me every night,” she replied, he pulled her into his lap kissing her hard.

“I need your pussy,” he demanded. Tugging on her jeans he pulled them off her legs in two seconds, her panties were ripped from her body.

“That is so hot,” she whispered, her slick pussy rubbed against his steel rod.

“I need you,” he begged, lifting her up he pushed his cock deep into her pussy. She moaned, sliding down to encase his cock with her tight heat. Once fully seated, she rocked back and forth his cock hitting her in places she hadn’t known were sensitive.

“Marcus,” she gasped, he held her hips and helped her move up and down slowly to build the tension of her orgasm. Wrapping her arms around his neck she captured his lips in a searing kiss. Her teeth tugged gently on his bottom lip pulling a moan from him.

“You were made for me.” Marcus kissed down her cheek, across her chest and nipped at her neck. He sucked until she felt the sharp prick of pain, he’d left a hickey where everyone could see it. She normally would have been angry with her boyfriend, but with Marcus she liked having his mark on her. She knew the bite mark on her shoulder was covered by her shirt, and in a few days would fade, his scent would remain. She sped up her bouncing on his cock, reaching down to finger her clit. She was so close to her release, she craved it.

“Please,” she moaned, begging for him to give her the orgasm she needed.

“As you wish,” he replied, tilting his seat back, he pushed Eloise into a new angle. This angle pushed his cock right against her G spot, her thigh muscles burned from her riding him completely. Her pussy tightened until she felt she would break, Marcus pressed his thumb against her clit and she shattered. His orgasm followed her own, she felt his cum coat her twitching walls.

“Amazing,” she whispered, once she came down from the high of her orgasm.

“You always surprise me. I didn’t think we’d be doing that in the rental.” Marcus gave her a wide grin, she couldn’t resist, leaning down she kissed him once, then climbed off his lap.

“I can’t let you get bored of me yet,” she joked.

“I’ll never get bored of you,” he promised, the look in his eyes told her as much.

“Let’s get home,” he added, she pulled her pants up, balling up her ripped panties and putting them in her purse. She would have to change pants as soon as they got home. She didn’t want to sit in cum all night.

“I need to change when we get home. I won’t feel comfortable being commando in my jeans,” she replied, he laughed.

“Sure, I’ll stall at dinner for you,” he offered.

“Okay.” Sitting back in her seat they finished their drive home.

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