Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 43

Marcus watched his mate, he knew having her mother here had made her very happy, but he could feel the stress coming off her in waves. He had hoped with her mother here and his family promising protection she would relax. He loved her and never wanted her to feel anything less than amazing. He remembered the phone call he made to Lola yesterday.

“Hi Ms. Martinez?” he asked, when she answered her phone. He had used Eloise’s phone to call her, he needed her to answer.

“Who is this and why do you have Ellie’s phone?” Lola demanded.

“I’m Marcus Zephyr, your daughter and I are mates,” he replied.

“Hi honey, how are you?”

“I am good, I wanted to call and ask if you would be willing to come to Texas for Christmas? Eloise mentioned she hadn’t seen you in three years and I know she misses you. She said you would be spending Christmas with your boyfriend. I would like to fly both of you here as a Christmas present for her,” he explained, his palms were sweaty and he could feel perspiration dripping down his forehead.

“Let me ask Joe,” she replied, he could hear the murmurs of a conversation.

“We would love to come. I want to see my baby and make sure she is okay. This stalker business has had me very worried. Do you have an idea of who it might be?” she asked.

“We have narrowed it down to William, her stalker from high school. The man who tried to abduct Eloise in September was found dead this morning,” he explained.

“Oh my gosh. I spoke with William’s mom, he is supposed to be flying home tomorrow morning.”

“Is there a way to confirm that he has indeed come home?” Marcus asked, if William went home, then they wouldn’t have to be on such high alert in their town.

“He is supposed to fly in on the eight am flight from DC. If you get us a flight out a little after that time I can confirm if he made it home,” she offered.

“Okay, can you text your email address to 555-8679? I will send the airline tickets to your email and you can print them out at home.”

“Sure thing. Marcus do you love my daughter?”

“More than life itself. I am determined to get rid of this stalker and marry your daughter as quickly as possible. I don’t like her having to work so many jobs to make ends meet and her apartment is in a slum,” he answered.

“Good, then you have my blessing to propose when you see fit,” she replied.

“Thank you, Ms. Martinez.”

“Call me Mom or Lola.”

“Thank you, Lola, I’ll get on the airline tickets immediately.” He hung up the phone and snuck into his dad’s office to buy the tickets.

“Ready to carol?” he asked, they were in their room changing into their required long-sleeved shirts. His mother had ordered them Zephyr family singer shirts in bright red for the ladies and holly green for the men.

“I am not a singer Marcus. There is a reason I played the piano, I didn’t sing,” she replied, pulling the bright red shirt over her black lace bra. He groaned as her beautiful breasts were covered.

“Don’t worry, none of us are trained singers. Quinn, Mom and Rita have the voices, none of the rest of us do. We let them take the lead and the guys sing the bass.” He straightened his shirt, walked over to where she was standing and caught her up in a passionate kiss. Forcing his tongue through her lips he dove in and tasted her. Her taste was addicting, sweet, a touch of the wine she had for dinner, and something more. His hands had a mind of their own and slipped under the hem of her shirt to caress her skin. It was smoother than silk, ripe for his kisses. He nipped at her neck, drawing out a breathy moan.

“I want you,” he growled, pushing her against the wall he pulled her shirt up, locking her arms above her head with the sleeves, and pulled one of her breasts out of her lace bra. His mouth sucked the nipple deep and he moaned, her breasts were perfect.

“Marcus,” she gasped, he smiled and pulled her other breast free. Massaging the one he’d just had in his mouth he sucked on the other one. Her nipple tightened into a small peak in his mouth, her caramel breasts and dusty pink nipples were calling his name.

“I love your breasts,” he murmured, using his teeth he tugged and she moaned. He felt her knees buckle and caught her. Tugging her shirt all the way off this time he pushed her down on the bed. Her hands went behind her back and freed herself from her bra. He kissed from her neck down her stomach to where the waistband of her jeans sat. Deftly undoing the button and zipper, he tugged until her jeans were on the floor. Taking a deep breath, he could smell her arousal.

“You smell fucking delicious,” he remarked. His mouth closed over her pussy still clothed in her underwear. Sucking gently, he felt her hips writhe underneath him.

“Can I have you?” he asked, he never wanted to push her into having sex with him.

“For fucks sake yes!” Eloise pulled his shirt over his head and pushed his pants off with ease. Grinning he could see the desperation in her eyes. He pulled her underwear off and slipped his tongue between her pussy lips. She tasted like ambrosia, an addicting taste he could never get enough of. Pushing her legs over his shoulders he bit down on her clit gently, earning him a squeeze of her thighs around his head.

“You taste delicious,” he told her, bending his head down he sucked and lapped at her pussy, until she was a moaning mess underneath him. Slipping two fingers into her sheath he felt how ready she was for his cock.

“Will you have my children?” he asked, she looked down at him and he caught her eye.

“I’m still on my birth control,” she replied. He shook his head and smiled.

“Birth control has a forty percent chance of stopping a shifter, we have more powerful semen because we feel the need to reproduce stronger than a human,” he explained. Pumping his fingers in and out he curled them hitting the spot he knew would make her sing. She did not disappoint, her head fell back, her eyes closed and she pushed up with her hips. He stroked her spot, licking her clit until she shattered in his arms. Not giving her any time to recover he slipped his cock deep into her pussy. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he held her hips as he pumped in and out of her tight sheath.

“You feel so tight and perfect,” he moaned, closing his eyes he let his bear take over. His hands gripped tighter, his hips pounded harder and he felt his cock swell. He was so close to his climax, wanting Eloise to feel the same way, he leaned down and pulled her nipple into his mouth. He sucked and nipped tugging until he felt her groan.

“That’s it baby, take all of me,” he whispered, reaching between their bodies he pressed on her clit. She screamed and jerked in his arms, her orgasm crashed over her, pulling him under. With a shout, his orgasm shook his entire body, pumping in and out of her contracting pussy was all he needed to spill his seed deep within her. He knew in his heart she would be pregnant, tonight was the night she smelled the most fertile.

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