Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 50

Christmas day came and went without incident, there were no more text messages sent to her phone and she was able to enjoy sharing gifts with Marcus’ family. She was shocked when his mom and dad gave her a gift card to her favorite craft store.

“Marcus told us you were thinking about taking a cake decorating class, use the gift card to get the supplies you need,” Beth had told her.

Today she was headed to the local spa with Beth, Rita, Quinn and Dana for a girls’ day.

“This is tradition, on the twenty-sixth all the women leave the men with the kids and we go shopping, get our nails done, get massages and have a grand time. I started this after Rita had Vincent and she looked exhausted,” Beth told her, they were all piled in Beth’s SUV driving for the city of Greenwich about an hour from their town.

“Sounds nice, I don’t remember the last time I have had my nails done,” she replied, the others had let her sit in the front seat since she was the newest sister-in-law.

“How come?” Quinn asked from the backseat, Eloise turned to look at her and explained,

“I am teacher poor, which means any free money I have goes back into my classroom buying books, supplies or other things needed. I also am paying back my student loans, I am almost done because I’ve been putting down extra.”

“Wow, I knew teachers weren’t paid well, but you go the extra mile for your students,” Rita commented.

“Someone has too, not all my kids come from loving homes,” she replied.

“We have that at home too, Travis tries to employ as many men in our town as he can.”

“Clyde does the same, anytime a new person moves into our town and is looking for work, people send them to Clyde,” Dana added.

“Marcus mentioned hiring ex-military so they don’t end up on the street,” Eloise remarked and all the women nodded in agreement.

“Quinn, what does Matt do?” she asked, she knew the older two worked in construction.

“He runs a graphic design company, he and Rob started it out of high school. He is also going to become alpha once Trip retires,” Quinn replied.

“And a wonderful alpha he is going to be,” Beth added, Eloise could hear the pride in her voice. All her boys were making a name for themselves with their own companies. Eloise was suitably impressed with their success.

“Here we are!” Beth announced, pulling into the parking lot of a celebrity named salon. Eloise inwardly groaned; this place was way out of her price range. How would she be able to afford everything they had planned for the day?


She looked down at her phone and saw a message from Marcus.

Check your wallet.

She opened her purse and pulled out her wallet, there was a note wrapped around a pile of bills.

I knew which spa they were going to, tell them your name and everything has been paid for. The cash is for the tip and lunch out with my family.



She pulled her phone back out and sent a text to Marcus.

You didn’t have to, but thank you. Love you more than anything.

I love you, cannot wait to see you tonight.

Miss you, see you in a couple of hours!

Love you and don’t let my family run you ragged.

She smiled down at her phone and jumped when Dana poked at her. She turned in her seat to see all three women in the back smirking at her.


“Texts from Marcus?” Rita asked with a smile.

“Yes, he is being amazing and paying for everything today,” she replied, the three gave surprised looks.

“He is?”

“Yes, he knows where my budget is and wanted to make sure I enjoy my day with you all,” she explained.

“That is so sweet,” Quinn remarked, they all hopped out of the car and walked into the spa.

“Welcome to Spa Greenwich, who is the reservation under?” a young lady dressed in a pink smock asked.

“Zephyr, reservation for five,” Beth replied.

“One more than your usual Beth,” the young lady remarked.

“We have a new daughter-in-law,” Beth answered, pointing to Eloise.

“Welcome to the family,” the young lady said with a smile, Eloise smiled back. She felt odd, all these women were nice and were going to be her family, but she hadn’t been in the family for long and they had so many memories all ready.

“Massages first, then manicures and pedicures, get undressed and go to massage room five,” the attendant announced, she pointed to the dressing room handing each of them a silk robe. Eloise followed everyone into the dressing room and stepped into her own stall to change.

Ding, Marcus sent her another text, she opened it and laughed.

Are you naked yet?

Stripping out of my clothes now. She replied with a winking face and proceeded to fold her clothing.

I wish I was there taking your clothes off.

If you were here, we wouldn’t be making it to the massage room. She smiled as she replied, she missed Marcus but was glad for the time apart. She was going to take the time today to think about their relationship and mentally prepare herself for living with someone again. Yes, she and Marcus had been together at his place for the week, but it would be different moving there full time.

Damn right, my mouth would be on your pussy so fast you wouldn’t be able to contain your moans. Eloise felt her cheeks turn bright red, he knew what to say to make her hot and bothered.

“Ellie, you ready?” Beth called.

“Coming,” she replied and quick shot a text back.

If you do that, I wouldn’t want us to stop at just you pleasuring me. I would have to return the favor. Unfortunately, you are not here and your mom needs me. I’ll text you when we are on our way home. Tucking her phone away, she went to join Beth, Rita, Dana and Quinn for a luxurious spa day.

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