Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 51

If you do that, I wouldn’t want us to stop at just you pleasuring me. I would have to return the favor. Unfortunately, you are not here and your mom needs me. I’ll text you when we are on our way home. Marcus stared at the last text he received from Eloise, he couldn’t believe what she was insinuating.

“Are you going into town?” Rob asked, he was sitting on the front porch texting on his phone.

“Yes, I am getting Eloise a gift.” He sat next to his brother and leaned back.

“How does it feel to have a mate?” Rob asked.


“Well Adam is my world, but his mom wasn’t my mate. In fact, my bear wasn’t thrilled we slept with her in the first place.”

“The second my bear saw her, he sat up and roared she was our mate. He wouldn’t leave me alone and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Having her in my life makes everything better, she is the love of my life,” he answered, thinking about her caramel skin, bright eyes and thick silky black hair. Her hips were perfectly round and supple, her breasts were a perfect handful.

“I want that. Adam deserves a mom who is going to be there for him.” Marcus turned to look at his brother and cocked his head to the side.

“Ever thought about moving? Eloise and I met through a Mate Me event her friend Josie hosts. You can move the business into our town, send Adam to the school Eloise teaches at and find your mate,” Marcus suggested.

“That’s not a terrible idea, but it is the middle of the school year.”

“Move at the end of June, that gives you the summer to move and settle him in. Adam will be a fourth grader and Eloise can help him get settled,” Marcus offered.

“I’ll think about it, I would have to talk to Matt about moving the business. He is supposed to take over being alpha once dad retires,” Rob replied, Marcus could see the wheels turning in his head.

“Eloise and I would be happy to have you and Adam with us until you get settled.” He clasped his brother on the shoulder and walked away to his car. He drove into town and stopped at Clifton Jewelry, walking in he saw Charles standing behind the counter talking with Wendy.

“I can clean these for you in five minutes hang tight. Marcus I’ll be with you in just a minute.” Charles disappeared into the back room and Wendy turned around to face him.

“Hello Marcus, where is your “mate’?” she asked, her eyes snapping at him.

“Out with my mom and sister-in-laws,” he replied, staying back from her, he could see the desire in her eyes.

“Why did you pick her? She is short, overweight and nothing like me.” Wendy glared at him and he leaned against a counter.

“Because my bear and I are happy around her. We love her and she is nothing like you.”

“Why couldn’t you come back home and start your business here? We could be so good together.” She walked over to him and ran a manicured nail down his arm.

“You rejected me at eighteen. You told me you didn’t want someone who would end up working their family farm, you didn’t like my bear,” he answered, moving away from her. His bear bristled when she had touched them.

“That was then, this is now. You are a successful business owner, you’ve grown into your shifter body,” she said, biting her lip. Why had he ever liked her? She was shallow and despicable.

“Does Andrew know you hit on me every time I come home?” he asked.

“He knows he is second best to you. He is happy just to be with me and take care of our children and me.” Marcus shuddered and giving her his best stare replied,

“You will never be more than a high school fancy to me. You cheated on me the whole time we were together. I have found my mate and won’t ever want another woman for as long as we are together.”

“Your rings are ready Mrs. Fields,” Charles announced coming out of the backroom. Wendy turned her fake smile on Charles and took her rings back. She made a show of putting them back on her hand and walked out of the store.

“Never happy with what she has, that one,” Charles remarked, Marcus nodded his agreement and leaned on the counter.

“What can I do you for?” Charles asked, Marcus smiled and replied,

“I am here for an engagement ring. I found my mate and plan on proposing as soon as the ring is ready.” Charles’ lifted surprised eyebrows but motioned him over to a case of beautiful rings.

“What is she like?”

“She is a teacher, so the ring can’t be something that will get caught on children or tables while she is teaching. She lives a simple life, but knows quality. Her clothing all matches, and is expensive but classic.” He closed his eyes remembering her clothing choices their past two weeks together.

“I’ve got just the ring for you,” Charles answered and pulled out a row of rings. One caught his eye three diamonds deep set on a white gold band. The band was tiny diamonds halfway down each side, but the underside sold gold. Marcus knew instantly that was the ring for Eloise.

“This one,” he said picking up the ring.

“Excellent choice, the deep set of the diamonds will keep them from coming out of the ring should she bang it on something. The middle diamond is two carats and the side ones are one carat. The ones on the band are all diamond chips, the band is solid white gold. Would you like to see the wedding band that matches?”

“Yes, she already mated with me, so I know she’ll say yes. I want to make it official and bind us lawfully too,” he explained. Charles pulled out the band, it matched the band on the engagement ring with diamond chips going down each side, leaving a small portion of the band without diamonds.

“That looks perfect, I need it a size six.”

“You are in luck, these are both a size six. That is the display size, I can also check in the back to see if we have a set that hasn’t been manhandled as much,” Charles offered.

“Can you check the back. It would make me feel better if the rings were newer,” Marcus replied, he knew after much handling the settings could come loose.

“Give me a minute.” Marcus watched him walk away and heard his phone ding.

Marcus, it’s Cody. William has booked a flight to come back from Kill Turn Falls in two days. Marcus inwardly swore, he and Eloise were planning on flying home on the twenty-eighth.

We are coming home the same day.

I’ll post officers at the airport, he is flying in around ten in the morning. What time are you arriving?

We should be home around four.

I’ll leave an officer there to meet you. No sense in not being safe. We will bring William in for questioning and let you know if anything more happens.

Thanks, see you in two days.

He tucked his phone away and watched Charles coming back with a small box in his hands.

“I found a set, are you interested in them today?”

“Yes, I’ll be paying with a card.” He handed him the card and felt a surge of excitement pass through his body. He would be asking Eloise to marry him tonight. He had it all set up, he would take her for a night under the stars on his family land and propose at the perfect time.

“Congratulations, I hope you’ll bring her by and pick out a wedding present from Ginny and me,” Charles told him, they shook hands and he tucked the box in his pocket.

“Thank you, Charles. We’ll be back for sure, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Marcus gave him a short wave and left the ring burning a hole in his pocket.

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