Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 58

Marcus found himself pacing Cody Ling’s office the next morning. Cody was still in his morning meeting with the rest of the deputies on the force. He had left Eloise wrapped in their blanket fast asleep. Several times he tried to awaken her, but she’d grumble at him and roll away. Leaving a note on the bedside table he left for the station. He’d hoped Cody would have been immediately available to plan on how to handle William.

“Mr. Zephyr, do you want a cup of coffee while you wait?” Samantha the receptionist asked, she had light brown frizzy hair tucked away in a bun.

“Yes please,” he replied, he needed something to keep himself occupied.

We need to get back to our mate. His bear growled, he couldn’t agree more.

As soon as we talk with Cody, we will go home to our mate. He promised, his bear grumbled and paced within his chest. Something didn’t feel right but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He’d locked and reinforced every window and door to his home. Leaving Eloise in the house left her vulnerable to attack, but they’d only just come home. He was sure William would wait a day or two for them to get comfortable and think he was still in Washington.

“Here is your coffee,” Samantha said handing him a cup of black coffee. Marcus took a sip and tried to hide his disgust. The coffee was burnt, he wondered how old the coffee he was drinking was, but pretended to take another sip with Samantha watching him.

“It is okay?” she asked, he nodded not trusting his voice.

“Oh good, all the men say I make a lousy cup of coffee.” She gave him a bright smile and left him alone to his thoughts once again. She did make a lousy cup of coffee but he didn’t have the heart to tell her.

“Marcus, sorry to keep you waiting,” Cody said striding into the room. He was dressed in the traditional light brown uniform of a sheriff.

“No worries, I didn’t realize you would be in a meeting or I’d have come a little later,” he replied, shaking Cody’s hand. Cody noticed the cup of coffee and took it from him. Marcus watched in surprise as Cody dumped the coffee out in a plastic potted plant.

“Don’t drink that swill, I am trying to teach her how to make a decent cup of coffee. The others have taken to stopping at Ryn’s coffee shop and picking up a cup before coming to work,” Cody explained and Marcus laughed.

“Ryn must be enjoying all the added business, how is she?” Marcus remembered Ryn moving into town last year and quickly putting their chain coffee shop out of business.

“Doing well as far as I know,” Cody replied, he settled in his chair and interlocked his fingers.

“I assume you are here for more information about Jimmy Duggen’s death and William Forester?” Marcus nodded, leaned back in the chair he’d sat in.

“Well nothing new has come to light about Jimmy’s death. He was very drunk when he died, his blood alcohol levels were almost to the point of alcohol poisoning. He was killed by a fatal clawing of his carotid artery. It was a mountain lion who attacked him, but we don’t know who killed him. The killer left behind no evidence. We’ve found nothing and have searched the area multiple times. As to William, he came home the day after Christmas and has been minding his own business and working for the local school system. They are on break but he has been in all the schools working on their computers. I’ve had Michael tailing him in lynx form, he is able to keep out of sight and is virtually undetectable by smell.”

“Has he been in Eloise’s school?” Marcus had a bad feeling when Cody nodded.

“Yes, he has a card that gives him access to all the schools. His main job is to fix any technology not working. Michael reported seeing him enter her school yesterday, but was unable to confirm if he went into her classroom.” Cody rubbed his face and Marcus could see the days of stress wearing on his face.

“Where is William right now?” Marcus demanded, his bear was gnawing at his gut demanding he get home instantly.

“Let me get in touch with Michael.” Cody reached for his phone and putting it speaker he dialed his deputy. The phone rang and went straight to voicemail, Marcus’ heart clenched. Cody rang him again, again his voicemail answered.

“Royce, get a location on Officer Tennor!” Cody yelled out of his door. Instantly a young man with jet black hair began clicking away on a computer. Marcus watched as several officers rushed around the station gathering things getting ready to head out.

“Got it!” Royce yelled rushing over with the address.

“Officers Green and Munch go and find Officer Tennor now!” Cody ordered, Denny and Richie saluted and raced out of the station.

“Call Eloise,” Cody added turning to Marcus. Marcus was ahead of him and had his phone out and dialed her number. No answer. He called again, and still no answer.

“Let’s go,” Cody grabbed his coat and keys. Marcus followed him, his bear roaring that their mate was in danger. He never should have left her home alone. Jumping into his truck he and Cody sped down the roads to his home, thankfully Cody had his lights flashing and cars were diving out of their way. Pulling up to the house his heart sank, the front door had been smashed open and several of the first floor windows were broken. Stepping out of his car he smelled blood and ran into the house.

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