Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 65

Eloise awoke to Marcus stroking her cheek, she opened her eyes and smiled up at her mate. He was still shirtless and covered in dried blood, but he was home and she was with him once again.

“How did we get home?” she asked sitting up in their bed, her hair fell into her eyes. She pushed it out of her face and over her shoulder. She was still in her dingy clothing from William’s home and was in desperate need of a shower.

“You were fast asleep when Peter came to tell us Troy is going to be fine. He needs to stay for a few days to make sure he heals without infection.” Marcus pulled her into his arms for a strong hug and she breathed in his earthy scent.

“I am so glad you are safe,” he whispered kissing her neck.

“Thank you for saving me,” she told him again, looking up into his eyes she smiled.

“Want to take a shower?” he asked and she nodded emphatically. Laughing he scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the bathroom. While they were waiting for the shower to warm up, Eloise took her time stripping out of her clothing. She could hear Marcus’ bear rumble his pleasure watching her slowly pull her shirt over her head and toss her bra to the side.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered and reached for her. She willingly went into his arms and he kissed her hard on the mouth. She melted into his touch, this was where she belonged. Reaching down she pushed on his shorts making them hit the floor. Her hand found his cock and gripped the steel member. She stroked and pressed her tongue into his mouth, their tongues danced in an erotic mating. Her need for him skyrocketed when his hands gripped her breasts and massaged her nipples. His calloused fingers pulled and tweaked on her nipples until she felt a puddle of need pool between her legs.

“Marcus,” she begged. He didn’t need any more encouragement. His hands deftly divested her of the rest of her clothes. Carrying her into the shower he pressed her against the cool tile wall his cock pressing at her pussy. She was slick with need and felt the tip slip in easily. Wrapping her legs around his waist she pushed forward with her hips pulling him deeper into her pussy. He was thick and hard with desire, and stretched her as he entered.

“You are so big,” she whispered and felt him chuckle against her neck.

“Only for you baby,” he told her and with one swift thrust dove deep into her. She screamed out in pleasure as shivers raced through her body. Gasping as his thumbs brushed over her sensitive nipples. She caught his mouth in a hot and heavy kiss, letting the electric current of desire rush over her body. She needed more, and to show him she dug her nails into his muscled shoulders demanding more from him. Thrust after thrust he took her higher and higher until her orgasm crashed over her body like a wave. Shuddering she held onto his body her limbs going weak.

“That was amazing,” she groaned, and heard him chuckle.

“I am just getting started,” he promised and set her on her feet pushing her chest against the tiles. He entered her from behind quickly, she gasped and bent to make his cock hit her deeper. His hands held onto her hips as he pulled back working his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Tell me how you like it,” he demanded, his nails biting into her hips.

“I love when you pound me. Don’t slow down,” she ordered and he growled. Bending over her, he picked up his speed and growled in her ear.

“I love how your pussy is sucking in my dick. You are so tight it makes me want to spill my seed and get you pregnant with my cubs.” His voice rumbled through her body and a fresh rush of desire settled in her pussy. She wanted so badly to have his babies.

“Yes please,” she begged. His hand slipped around her waist and between her legs. She jerked forward when his thumb pressed on her clit. A bolt of lightning spread through her body. She could feel another orgasm coming and this time she wanted Marcus to cum with her.

“I am so close,” she moaned, he pulled back and sank hip deep in her pussy, he did it again and again until she was screaming out her release. This time her orgasm blinded her, she couldn’t see anything. The tightness in her core unraveled and she moaned trying hard to stay upright. Her body was wracked with spasms as he pumped in and out of her. He bottomed out and snarled as his cum spurt from his cock. Her insides were branded with his seed, she prayed tonight was the night she would get pregnant with his babies.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal. Marcus held her in his arms, her head pressed against his chest. She could hear the frantic beat of his heart as they both came back from the high of their orgasms.

“I love you Eloise Rucker. Thank you for being my mate,” Marcus whispered, she looked up to see his green eyes full of love for her.

“Thank you for loving me Marcus Zephyr. I cannot wait to make you my husband come March,” she told him. He kissed her gently and they showered before crawling back into bed to make love through the entire night.

After their fourth time making love Marcus had gone down to get them food and drinks. Eloise took the time to text Josie and let her know all was well. Her phone had been blown up with texts from Josie, Roxie and Evvy. She promised them a tell all when they came over for the New Year’s Eve party she and Marcus were hosting.

“What are you doing?” Marcus asked, in his hands he held two deli meat sandwiches and two sodas.

“Just trying to put Josie, Roxie and Evvy at ease. I promised them I would tell them everything at our party,” she replied. He laughed and settled in the bed next to her. She took her plate and soda and smiled at him. He was the best man she’d ever had the pleasure of being with and he was all hers. Leaning back against the pillows she sighed and kissed his shoulder.

“You okay?”

“More than okay. I am so happy right now.” He smiled and kissed her gently.

“That is what I live for. I love you more than anything Eloise.”

“I love you more.” She kissed him and the food was quickly forgotten as their love for each other fanned the flames of desire.

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