Protected by a Bear (Mate Me Book 2)

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Chapter 9

Eloise pulled into the parking lot of her apartment close to two-thirty in the morning. She had been relieved when spotting her car, she didn’t see the customary note she always had taped to her car window. Shakily she turned off the car, her heat was acting up and with December fully underway, she was freezing. Grabbing her school bag from the back seat she rushed inside, she never felt safe walking from her car to her apartment. Especially on nights when she worked at the club, she hated how eerie the dark walkway felt, the lights placed on the outside of the building were a dull yellow, not giving off any usable light. Her apartment was on the top floor, the steps exposed to the harsh night air. Wrapping her scarf closely around her face she darted for the stairs, taking them as quickly as her short legs would allow.

Pausing to catch her breath, she dug out her keys and walked up to her door. She caught sight of a piece of paper fluttering in the small amount of wind blowing and deflated. The reason her stalker hadn’t shown at the club, he had been waiting by her apartment. Since the incident at the beginning of October she hadn’t worked any of the Mate Me events, she worried other shifters might follow Jimmy’s example and try to drag her off. She snatched the note off her door once it was unlocked, and slammed it shut behind her. She turned the dead bolt, and set the two chains she had installed after the incident.

She had played off how scary the stalking had been for her when she was a teenager, everything turned out fine. William went back home and she moved on with her life having a few boyfriends while working her way through college. She missed life in Washington with her mom, but she hadn’t wanted to move back into the town William lived in. She felt it was giving the boy false hope and she didn’t want to encourage him. Her mom and her talked every Sunday morning, right before her mom went to church. Looking at her phone, she knew her mom would be calling in about four and a half hours. She wanted to get more grading done, but she wasn’t focused enough to not make mistakes. She decided when her mom called, she’d get up to grade, eat breakfast, and maybe go to the police.

The police were the last people Eloise felt would help. Her hometown police department had done nothing to stop the stalking. They looked at the notes and gifts and wrote up an analysis. They didn’t stop William from stalking her for two years, she had to do it and spend her own money to stop him. She had little faith in the small police station of White Valley, what could they do different than Kill Turn Falls? She wouldn’t be going to the police; she’d apologize to Marcus the next time she saw him at a Mate Me event. He was so sweet to her; he didn’t react when she’d swung a baseball bat at him. He’d caught it and wanted to know why she reacted the way she did. Her friends had been more demanding then he, he looked angry for her.

She climbed into her shower and thought about Marcus, he was one of the most handsome men she’d ever met. If she were to be honest with herself, she was jealous of Josie and Rhett. They were mates, Rhett doted on Josie, the minute they found out she was pregnant he was spoiling her rotten. She wanted to be taken care of, she wanted to be able to just focus on being a teacher and not having to worry about a second job to pay the rent. She wanted a home, not an apartment, out in the woods where she could be around nature. Her favorite activity was to walk the trails of the national park, she stopped once she received a note about watching her pumping ass cheeks marching along the trail. Her stalker knew every place she went, she changed her route to work, her normal coffee shop, she stopped going out to shop if she could help it. The stalker made her feel like a hermit, Josie had finally come by and demanded she come back to work at the Mate Me events.

“Ellie, I am making Rhett hire extra help. He is going to have Marcus Zephyr send some of his bodyguards to be at the event. You won’t ever have to worry about someone trying to take you or anyone else. I almost considered stopping the events but Rhett told me that wouldn’t change what happened to you,” Josie had told her, she felt better knowing more bouncers were going to be at the club. Tonight, she’d felt safe again, Marcus made her feel safe. When Lionel had been standing by the bar she was still on edge. The minute Marcus took over she’d felt her body relax.

Marcus had such big hands, she noticed when he took her school bag from her. They looked like hands that knew how to pleasure a woman. She wanted to know what it felt like to have his hands run down her body, pulling her clothes off. Massaging her breasts, tweaking nipples, dipping between her legs and pleasuring her at her very core. She was so turned on, a hand slipped down her belly and between her folds before she knew it, she was fingering herself. Eloise leaned against the shower wall and moaned loudly as she imagined Marcus’ fingers helping her find her pleasure and then her orgasm hit her. A shock passing through her body, her head falling back between her shoulders as she rode the wave of pleasure. It took her several minutes of standing under the spray of water to think again. When was the last time she pleasured herself thinking of another man?

Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped a large towel around herself and went about her evening skincare routine. She kept waffling back and forth on whether or not to go to the police, she’d been dead set on not going but she wanted to see Marcus. She didn’t want to bring attention to herself, but maybe it was time to try and deal with the stalker. She hadn’t told anyone, but she’d been getting the notes since before Jimmy tried to grab her. She realized she hadn’t actually looked at tonight’s note, walking out to her bedroom she picked up the note she’d dropped onto her desk.

My Dearest Ellie,

I am so happy to see you went back to your job at Club Cerulean, it means I can see you out and about again. You looked lovely in your red dress, it makes me want to pin you to a wall and strip you bare. I would bury my face between your boobs and nip and suck until you were crying from pleasure. Then I’d shove my hard cock between those beggin pussy lips and fuck you until you couldn’t see straight. I’d cum in your pussy and get you pregnant with my child. I cannot wait for the day you return my love and come to your senses about us.

Your loving mate.

She shuddered at the idea of this man ever getting his hands on her. This was the first time he threatened to pin her to a wall and rape her. The letter made her decision for her, even though she knew the cops wouldn’t do anything, she needed someone to know about this. Dressed in her favorite silk nightgown, she walked around the apartment one more time making sure all locks were locked and tried to go to bed.

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