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Lesbian small stories collected together in one bundle.

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Tea and sweets

Kay pulled of her top and straddled across Mistys lap. She teasingly licked her lips, caressing the back of Mistys head.
"I`ve missed you," she whispered soft as only lovers can. "I`ve missed pulling my fingers through your long mane. Kissing your neck and drilling my fingers into your back"
The response of her body and her breath getting heavier encouraged Kay to continue. Slowly she pushed her lover parts towards her body, then back. Rocking slowly she closed her eyes and kissed Misty`s lips. Tension sparked between them as the temperature in the room rised with the heat of their bodies.
Misty pulled her closer, but Kay quickly responded by grabbing her hands.
"Who told you you were allowed to touch me?" she pushed Mistys hands down and moved slightly in her lap. "Maybe I`ll just get up and do the laundry that still needs to be done."Teasingly Kay bit Misty`s lip, raising from her lap. "Or maybe the dishes. You know we should have taken it yesterday. And the trash needs to be taken out." She let go of Misty hands, circling the bedroom floor. "The bathroom have not been cleaned in a while, and I guess the sink probably could do with a bit of you know cleaning out. Two girls with long hair. You know pipes to get blocked from time to time." Still circling she kept Misty in her eyesight sidewise. "Oh what else? Do you have any ideas honey?" Knowing she was pushing the limits she stopped, just close enough but not too close.
Quickly Misty grabbed the chance that opened and stood up from bed. She pushed Kay down onto the bed, and pinned her arms above her head. "You little delightfully teasing teacup."
"Teacup?" Kay laughed. "Then I quees you are a fine english lady ready for some afternoon tea? Oh and maybe some sweets? I think there are some in the drawers over there that will do just fine."
They tumbled for a bit, kissing and touching. Exploring eachothers bodies like a new land, every little bit of skin being caressed or kissed. When the tumble stopped, Kay had rewon her top position. A smirk pulled up from the right corner of her mouth. She positioned herself on her knees, legs spread over Misty`s tummy.
"So my Lady," she bowed gracefully with her uper body. "Are you ready for your snack?"
Misty bit her lip slightlyt, struggling to keep her hands down. But she knew that to get what she wanted she needed to stay still for a bit more. The pulsation through her body growing with every heartbeat. She nodded slowly, awaiting what Kay was to do next.
Kay bent down and kissed Misty`s neck, locking their hands together for a few seconds. She could feel how Misty was struggling, making it hard for her to hide her own struggles. She kept Misty down with one, while using the other to lift of her t-shirt. As she revealed the light skin underneath, she let a sigh leave her lips.
"Your lady is more then ready for her snack now, if the teacup may want to have some sweet company," the sigh that came from Kay had reveled that she was not the only one struggling.
Kay bent down and kissed the bare chest, following the middle line down to her tummy while shifting her body downwards. Approaching the lining of her pants she paused while unbuttoning it and pulling it down slowly making Misty turn a bit and make unhappy noises.
"For f`s sake," Misty mumbled under her breath bending her back and reaching for Kay`s head. She pulled her up towards her, locking her head between her heads. "You`re a tease, but if you know what`s best for you and your waiting dishes you better get your ass going."
Kay rolled away from her, grabbing magic from the drawer. Then retook the position between her legs. Misty arched her back as the sweet vibration started to hum along her pulsating body. She grabbed the sheets as she let go of the air she was holding inside.
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