Short stories (lesbian themed)

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Morning kiss

I turn of the fauset. In the mirror I see her enter, sleep still in her eyes and hair messy enough to compete with an 80's rocker if she wanted.
"Morning sunshine," I wipe my hands on the towel, but as I turn towards her she stops me halfway. Slowly, but with a firm hand she turns me back towards the sink. "No morning kiss then?"
She smiles in the mirror, placing a quick kiss on my neck. Her body pushes up against me, forcing me closer to the sink.
"Does it hurt?" her voice is gentle, but a bit morning hoarse.
"No," I take a deep breath, feeling excitement rush through my veins. She takes my hands, placing them on the edge of the cabinet.
"Good," her mouth is right by my ear. I close my eyes as I feel my breathing increase slightly. Her hands slide up my arms, over my shoulders and down in front. She brushes over my breasts, nipples responding immediatly by hardening. "Heavy breathingm hard nipples. I think someone is getting hot."
Teasingly she brushes over my breasts again, before she opens my bathrobe. A rush of cold air enteres as it opens, giving me goosebumps. Her hands are firm, as she lays her hands on my hip; pulling my lower body out just enough to get her hands between the cabinet and my legs.
"Is this a good enough morning kiss?" she looks at me in the mirror. Her body is close to mine, her arms resting around my stomach and her head on my shoulder. "Or maybe, if you prefer; I can stop now; turn you around and give you a morning kiss?"
"I would love a morning kiss, but would you love to stop right now?"
"Hmm," she sways me a bit back and forth. "After taking it into consideration: no."
She stops the swaying, one hand still around my stomach; the other gliding quickly down between my legs. I let out a sigh as she reaches her target. She push her body as close to mine as she can, biting my neck lightly. I tilt my head backwards, closing my eyes.
"This is much definitly the best morning kiss I have had in a while.."
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